Sunday, January 10, 2010

When Romance Goes Right

Long time no see! I'm back from my self-imposed srs bsns time hiatus, yayy... ok, it's still srs bsns time. Shipping is not for suckers, people. I want to take a moment away from lamenting about ships gone wrong (which happens way too often) and worrying about ships that might go wrong (we all know which one that is) to talk a bit about three television romances that went well in 2009. While none of the shows are over yet and the table might yet turn, for now my ships actually worked out as I wished they would; the triangles tilted the right way, and the joy I felt at each realization was overwhelming... it's amazing how these shows touch us!

1. Cappie and Casey, Greek.

This isn't a particularly mainstream show, and it might not mean much to a lot of you, but trust me when I say that the love triangle in this show is highly engaging, and ambiguous enough to have shippers on both sides (although I daresay the Cappie/Casey shippers largely outnumber the Evan/Casey shippers) clamouring for their ship to come out on top, because it's "clearly" the right choice. In my case I saw on one hand Casey's true, first love, the good guy who always did the right thing despite being labeled a failure and a flake, who through the series displayed unwavering affection for Casey, and only hesitated to be with her because of fears of letting her down again, and on another hand who Casey thought more societally acceptable; the rich, proper guy who she could make herself love because she needed security, despite the fact that he cheated on her in the first episode of the show. The choice was clear, and if she ended up with Evan, if such a type was validated by mainstream media, I might have to move to Mars. But in the mid-season finale last year, Cappie and Casey finally, finally overcame the obstacles and admitted how they felt. Casey had actually realized it at the end of last season, but the writers decided to prolong the suspense a little further… causing the big moment to be slightly anticlimactic in retrospect, but no less beautiful and emotional. I cried, in my living room, sitting under a blanket and feeling generally sorry for myself anyway, and it was great.

2. Lucas and Peyton, One Tree Hill.

Unless they pull a 90210 and mess with Happily Ever After-sealed classic pairings in crappy spin-offs, Lucas and Peyton sealed their bond with their departure from the show at the end of season 6 last year: married, with baby girl Sawyer Brooke (Albus Severus, you have a competitor for the most-awkward-double-name-ever title), Lucas and Peyton defied all odds. I know a lot of diehard Lucas/Brooke shippers and I'm not going to say that wasn't sometimes the clearer choice... when Lucas threw the basketball through the hoop with closed eyes, when he was so fixated on being with Brooke... it was a bit random how they suddenly turned it around to Lucas/Peyton (no doubt real life played a part in this), but I was happy none the less because Leyton was the first and original pairing; whatever Brooke later became she was first and foremost an obstacle to be overcome in order for Lucas and Peyton to be together... and like with most shows I always think that the producers want us to believe in the couple first introduced as the "right", point of view, sympathetic option, and when the romance suddenly goes in a different direction I always feel a little betrayed, so Leyton as endgame was extremely gratifying for me, and come on, after everything poor Peyton went through it was only fair that she got her prince – as indecisive and fluffy as that prince was at times, cough-Lindsay-cough. Brooke is way too awesome for Luke anyway.

3. Will and Emma, Glee.

Ahhhh Glee. I want to write lots of lots about the epicness of this show, but it seems to be a common theme so I'll stick to this little gem of a pairing. There was little doubt that their epic romance would eventually take off, yet the worrier in me still feared that Will's integrity and denial or Terri's persistence would get in the way (and it still might, according to Jessalyn Gilsig in a recent interview). It was so obvious that Terri was selfish, manipulative and decidedly not good enough for our singing sensation, yet Will seemed so fully devoted to her that I worried that perhaps she would get pregnant after all. But she didn't, and he's leaving her, and Will/Emma finally got their show-stopping musical finale. It's not the end though, and who knows what will happen – the producers seem way too keen on trying to live up to what they think the fans want that they might turn around tomorrow and change their minds – but for now, can I just say PAYOFF! How about a round of applause? Standing ovation? Take A Bow writers, you deserve it!

So that's it guys, let's hope more romances go our way in 2010.......!

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3 Responses to “When Romance Goes Right”

Sophie Shephard said...

Man, do I love Casey and Cappie.

I didn't realize there were real Casey/Evan fans out there. :P

Selina said...

I know, it's hard to believe. They're few and far between and usually really polite, but... some people really think Casey would be better off with Evan. I do like Evan though, just not with Casey, they were so bad for each other.

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such stories. I love to read articles like that. BTW add more pics :)