Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lost & Sesame Street: Brought to You By the Numbers...

My Google Alerts went nutso yesterday when a press release went out stating that Matthew Fox will be a guest on this season of Sesame Street. There's really not much to say here, expect that it's going to be pretty freaking exciting. Though we hardly think that Sesame Street will tackle Lost's complex themes, many of which are geared toward audiences older than pre-schoolers, it's always interesting and amusing to see how the children's show simplifies the concepts of grown-up dramas for its young viewers. It probably goes straight over the kids' heads, but at least their parents--and the fangirls watching mid-morning PBS--will be entertained.

For instance, here's their recent parody of Mad Men, in which the titled is translated quite literally as the muppets explore different emotions, including mad:

"Good work, sycophants," also cracks me the hell up.

So what will Foxy's appearance include? Maybe he will literally be lost on Sesame Street, and it can be a lesson in what to do if you get separated from your mommy. Maybe he'll play doctor and show the kids how to put on Band-Aids.

Or maybe Big Bird will be conned by Oscar the Grouch to climb to the rooftop of Mr. Hooper's Store. (Oscar would do it himself but he can't leave the can.) And of course Big Bird will fall off the roof into a crumpled heap of feathers on the sidewalk of Sesame Street. Somehow, Oscar will get Big Bird to Jack, who will do his best to save Big Bird, even going so far as to transfuse him with his own blood. (The episode could be brought to you by the letter O Negative.) Just before Jack goes to amputate Big Bird's leg, Big Bird decides to let Doc off the hook. He dies, tragically; his dying words are, "Tell Snuffy..."

Unfortunately, Snuffleupagus is off having a sexy picnic with Sayid.


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