Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gossip Girl: Van der Humphreys: Imminent

So. In my fandom closet, I have a long history with soap operas. And right at the top of that list is Jake and Vicky on Another World. You know, before AW got cancelled and their characters were moved to another show, where they were both eventually killed off.

How, you ask, is this remotely relevant? Because back in the day, their big, splashy, on-location wedding was shot at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

So, naturally, when I saw the paparazzi pictures of the Gossip Girl cast filming at the Botanic Garden, my brain went, “Ooooh! Wedding!” Which I then realized was ridiculous, because the GG cast filming somewhere in fancy clothes is proof of absolutely nothing.

But lo and behold, the title for episode 3x05 is “Rufus Getting Married.” Yay!

I’m always surprised when I read comments online that people don’t care about Rufus and Lily. Really? Because I think they’re adorable. Maybe there’s less story potential for them now that they’re getting married, but I love them together. When they’re not having the same fight over and over. I don’t even care that their wedding squickily makes OTP Dan and Serena step-siblings.

Here’s a thought: Does the Van der Humphrey union mean the end of the Brooklyn loft? Or, more importantly, the end of those absurdly quick and convenient trips back and forth between Brooklyn and the Upper East Side?

The Stepdad Rufus potential looks to be really sweet, too. I love that he wants to be a real dad in the string of Lily’s husbands. I don’t read many GG spoilers beyond these set pictures. But I can only hope that Papa Van der Woodsen will surface soon, leading to all kinds of chaos, drama, and fatherhood smackdowns.

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