Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When Fandoms Collide

One of the most fun things about fandom is when two (or more!) of them collide. Sometimes this happens in-canon, like when Lost shockingly married Kate Austen off to Mal Reynolds/Captain Hammer/Johnny from Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place.

And sometimes, you have to use your imagination.

Like when Addison Montgomery and Temperance Brennan shared the cover of TV Guide last year. An inquisitive fangirl imagines how ridiculous such a crossover would look if it really happened. As I said then, "It always gets me in a good mood seeing my favorite characters from different television universes get together for one fantastic adventure or just a TV Guide photo shoot."

So one can imagine how sillyface I find this breast cancer awareness PSA from Funny or Die:

Because that's basically Bones, Lily Aldrin, and Lila Garrity feeling each other up.

I'm just waiting for the icons.

3 Responses to “When Fandoms Collide”

Carrie said...

I giggled a lot from the feeling up.

Heh. I think we've all now seen more of Bones than Booth has so far.

Unknown said...

haha ..that was funny. Especially the pictures.. and then the feel a tit,save a tit!