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Supernatural: Our Hopes and Fears for Season 5

Hello fellow Supernatural fans! *crickets chirp* Just us then? Well at least there's two of us! The 5th and Final season is looming very close and so we (Scarlett and Selina) decided to join forces to bring you the ultimate HOPES AND FEARS roundup post! Because there is so much to say, we've divided our points into five categories, and we'll address them individually below.


The end of season 4 saw Sam and Dean as far apart as they've ever been emotionally, yet when the world was ending they still held on to each other, and this gives us hope for their reconciliation. However, making up isn't fun without some angst first, so hopefully this reconciliation doesn't come too soon! Too often, TV depicts people having an argument and making up straight away. We need to see the tension, not just for the beautiful man tears of Jensen and Jared, but for the progression of the characters and the brothers' relationship. Sam and Dean *literally* went to hell and back and their relationship has never been under such strain. We have seen the lengths each has gone to protect the other and this desperate need to save each other is what effectively caused the apolcalypse - Sam wanting to protect Dean from getting himself killed fighting Lilith, and Dean wanting to protect Sam from his foretold dark future. Ultimately however, we want the brothers to continue being a team because the show is always at its best when Sam and Dean are working together and bantering as they go. They are THE WINCHESTER BROTHERS and even though things are going to be mighty tense and awkward in the Metallicar, their loyalty and love for one another would never waiver while fighting the evil forces, especially against the most evil evillest evil the world has ever seen. There are many issues they have to resolve and we want them BOTH to work towards bridging the gap between them. Sure, Dean will probably go off with Castiel and Sam needs his moping time with his emo bangs, but this show is ultimately about Sam and Dean vs. The World. Kripke has talked about revisiting S1 themes so we sincerely hope this is one of the things he was talking about. Yes, the stakes have been raised and Sam and Dean are pawns in a game far bigger than them but Supernatural is not about angels and demons, Supernatural is about family, friendship and belonging, and we need our mushy moments! More epic hugs please!


Plea to the CW - Please please please give SPN a decent budget. Why? We hear you ask, things seem to be pretty good. Ok, we'll tell you why. Are you sitting comfortably? We're going to tell you a story of what a poor budget can do to a show. We call the show, let's say, Smallville. Now producers had been bigging up the 'Greatest Fight' between Superman and his oldest and most deadly adversary Doomsday - "It's going to be AMAZING", "The best thing you've ever seen", "You won't be able to sleep because of the nightmares about this horrifying monster". What happened was, Doomsday turned out to be a relatively tall man in a rubber suit fighting for about 30 seconds with Superman. That's it. Seriously. So please, CW, heed us when we say we will not be impressed if all we get in the season premier is Sam and Dean in a burning field, wiping their sweaty brows saying "Phew, what a fight." We do not want the apocalyspe to happen in offscreeenville, we want to see it unfold before our very eyes. We want Sam and Dean and their band of merry men to FIGHT the good fight. We want to see the action - preferably with Sam and Dean in torn shirts.... Yes we know we're demanding but here's one other thing we want: no more vessels! We do not want to see Sam-as-Lucifer, Dean-as-Michael (to clarify, Michael is the archangel who defeated Lucifer, and possibly what Zacariah is hinting at when talking to Dean about his destiny of defeating Lucifer). We want to see Sam and Dean as themselves fighting Lucifer and the Angels. It's clearly been established through Castiel/Jimmy Novak that humans do not keep their personality when possessed. If Lucifer is a fully-formed evil spirit/demon/angel/thing, we want to see Sam and Dean take him on in an epic battle scene, punches, fire, powers, hordes of angels, hordes of demons - basically a Lord of the Rings style war.


Even though the show is mainly about Sam and Dean, there are a lot of side characters rumoured to be coming back this season! Castiel, of course, will be a regular, and we anticipate lots of awkward incomprehensive-angel-amongst-humans situations... imagine Castiel trying to pick up a girl! What we DON'T want to happen though is to see him divide the brothers' time too much. Obviously he's mostly concerned with Dean and doesn't seem to have much time for Sam, and what with the brothers' current lukewarm feelings for each other, Castiel might hinder their reconciliation. We like the guy, but not even John could tear these guys apart... let's keep it that way! As for the others, well Bobby has obviously been a key player since season 2, acting as a substitute father for the boys, and here's hoping that this will be his role in season 5! Jim Beaver teased some big changes for Bobby... uh oh. It's always been such a relief amongst the possessions and backstabbing that Sam and Dean could always trust Bobby to have their best interests at heart - it would feel wrong to lose that. Oh and one last thing? Ruby needs to be GONE from our TV screens FOR GOOD. kthanx.


Ghostfacers: They've appeared in every season since they were introduced in season 2, and these characters (especially Ed and Harry) deserve one last hurrah, especially if this is to be the final season. The Ghostfacers have become an integral part of the cult fandom, with their website and their involvements in the last two Comic-Cons, and seeing as the last time they appeared they were unwittingly instructing Sam and Dean in how to do their job (4x17 'It's a Terrible Life'), perhaps this time when they show up they'll actually end up helping Sam and Dean again rather than hindering... of course with the hilarious commentary self-referential banter they always bring to the screen!

General: When Supernatural was named #37 on TV Ate My Brain's list of the top 100 Sci-Fi shows (OH YEAH!), the show was described as "often terrifying, often hilarious", and we couldn't agree more! It's the show's perfect balance of horror, angst and comedy that makes it stand out to us, and with the impending End of the World we worry that this means an upping of the angst and a downtoning of the fun. But knowing Kripke and his writing team, most likely MORE DEATH just equals MORE INAPPROPRIATE JOKES, so we're excited! Upping the scales of action is sure to bring us some hilarious moments! Also, more self-aware episodes please, ala 'Hollywood Babylon' and 'Ghostfacers': episodes where we're being made aware that we're watching a TV show and where the premise of the whole show is ridiculed, yet at the end we're still as invested in the story and the characters as we ever were... because that's what makes the show brilliant!


Shipping and Supernatural is an odd combination, however we suppose we HAVE to tolerate that there is some romance... *sigh*. In this blog we'd like to address two more or less canon pairings and our hopes for them this season!

While Sam was being indecent with the devil, Dean very symbolically found solace in an angel. Anna was supposedly destroyed towards the end of the season, but surely she's too kickass to really be gone! It's hard to ship Dean with anyone, but Anna seems to be one of the few exceptions - their relationship would definitely be interesting, seeing as she's an angel and all (but still feels human emotions as far as we know), and it's better than the string of no-name small-town single mothers he tends to go for. At least Anna is a character in her own right and can fend for herself, which makes shipping the two so much more interesting! Bring back Anna!

Ahh. See, we don't ship Wincest, so kudos to us, but Dean/Castiel is fair game as far as we're concerned! Their long looks... their smoldering sexual chemistry... the fact that Dean's siren was a dude... the evidence is overwhelming! "I'm the one that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" "Yeah, thanks for that." See, see *looks around to see nodding* ....Okay, right, yeah, maybe not so much in canon. But girls can dream right?? (And we do *ahem*) We know that Dean and Castiel will have more scenes this year, and while these are almost certain to be of the heterosexual variety, but there's nothing wrong with Dean/Castiel, and it would add a whole new dimension to the show. 4 srs.

So that's it, our hopes and fears for season 5! It premieres next Wednesday, we could not be more excited! Hopefully a few of you readers have taken more interest in the show at this point, so we'll have some readers for our posts on the show during the season. Look for our post on the ideal ending for the show soon! Thanks for reading!

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