Friday, September 11, 2009

Supernatural is BACK BABY! It’s Apocalypse Now, and You’re All Invited!

Floods. Hurricanes. Swine flu. North Korea. And... fangirls?! THE END IS TRULY NIGH.

"Look Mr. Edlund. Yes I'm a fan, but I really don't appreciate being mocked." Well, I hate to tell you this Becky, but...

The season five premiere of Supernatural, 'Sympathy for the Devil', aired last night on the CW, and I might sound like a broken record at this point but why are you not yet watching this show?! The episode did not disappoint in ANY aspect: it had humor (oh, the postmodernism of it all!), drama, wtf moments, angst and everything else that makes Supernatural the best show no one's watching - and those who do watch it, well, they're crazy, as this episode establishes. SamLicker89, I'm looking at YOU.

NOTE: This post contains spoilers for SPN 5x01 'Sympathy for the Devil'. However, it also contains several MORE excellent reasons why you should give the show a try, aside from the ones I've already mentioned, so do keep reading and let yourself be convinced!


"What in the devil is your name?" "Little old Sammity-Sam!"

When season four ended, Sam and Dean were standing at the Boca del Inferno itself (oh wait no, that was Buffy), after Sammy accidentally set Lucifer free. Oops. Yeah, Dean's not going to be so quick to forgive and forget this one, and he spends most of the episode preparing us for the big angsty ending by telling Sam that his apologies aren't good enough. Very inappropriately this kept reminding me of a scene in Greek where Casey found out that Frannie is dating Evan. This upset her because Casey used to date Evan, but Evan cheated on her with Rebecca, who is now dating Cappie, who used to date Casey, who is Frannie's sorority sister, and Frannie told Casey to stay with Evan anyway, after which Casey slept with Cappie, but then Casey and Evan broke up and now Casey doesn't want to be friends with Frannie anymore, and then she... says her apologies aren't enough..... um, huh? What? This is SRS TELEVISION people, honest!

Basically it's all very angsty though. And see, as is the case of all good television friend-/ships, angst only serves to strengthen their relationship in the end. I KNOW this. But seeing Dean stand there and tell Sam that nothing could be like it was, that was a tough moment. I think honestly I only really like angst when I'm seeing it in retrospective so I know everything will be alright. And who knows what will happen to the Winchester brothers at the end of this season (which is in all likelihood going to be the last)? Even though my ideal ending for the show is the two brothers riding off into the sunset in the Impala, rock music blaring as they bicker, I just don't see it happening at this point. Sad smiley face.

Kodak moment!! Sort of. This is a random picture but it's one of the precious few smiles shared between any characters in this episode. Besides the crazy fangirl smiles of course.

As far as characters in this episode go, I must say Dean might have been a tad too emo, even for me. Of course the tense relationship between the brothers dampened any interaction they had with each other and other people, but he was just moping, and his voice was way deep, and was it just me or did his eyes seem smaller than usual? Don't get me wrong, if ever there was a time to be mopey this would be it, but even though we all love Harry Potter (right? RIGHT?!), we can all admit that he was a bit of a pain in Order of the Phoenix. This season definitely looks like it'll be darker than the rest, but then, we knew this. And in Supernatural, darker usually equals more absurd and black humor, so count me in. Ah the humor. I'll get to that in a moment. As for Sam in this episode, he was really a pleasant surprise. See, I've always been a Dean girl, it's never really been a question, but actually I was surprised by how much I understood and emphasized with Sam here. He's made some bad choices in the past year, but he's honestly had the best of intentions at any given time. He reminds me a lot of Jack Shephard when I really stop to examine it, and with all the crap he got this episode from fake!Bobby and Dean and the angels (indirectly), I think I'm actually on his side so far, loyalty-wise. I hope I won't have to take that any further though, because I prefer to just be on the Winchester side and leave it at that.

"You know your surrogate daddy's still awake. Screaming in there." Oh good... Meg is back. /sarcasm

Thank god Bobby was possessed. I mean, there's no way he couldn't have been but still!! He truly is their surrogate daddy, and unlike Dean, Bobby actually showed some compassion for Sam in this episode: "I ain't cutting you out boy. Not ever." I LOVE Bobby! He's my favorite non-main character and personally I think that he's a much healthier father figure than John ever was, and seeing him struggle against the demon possession because of his love for the boys (again, we've only ever seen John be able to do this, because of his love for Sam and Dean), and impale himself with the knife... Bobby is the anchor of Supernatural, I keep saying this, amongst all the deceit and bad blood Bobby has always been the one person who would never ever betray Sam and Dean (and implicitly us, the viewers). Him losing the use of his legs is horrible and I hate to see what it'll do to him, but I hope it'll only give him even more chances to be awesome. Kicking ass and taking names, wheelchair-bound – if anyone can do it, it's Bobby!

Before I continue though, I have to call out the writers. I'm sure other reviews will mention this too, but I just couldn't let it go. I mean I'll forgive the writers of Supernatural for just about anything because they're so over-the-top awesome, but how on earth do they justify Bobby ever getting possessed?! He was the one who gave Sam and Dean the charms to prevent possession, and if the boys were smart enough to get the tattoos surely a seasoned hunter like Bobby would have done it years ago! The only possibility would be if other demons grabbed him somewhere, ripped off his charm and held him down while he was being possessed...? I don't know. I'd like this cleared up. It seemed a bit rushed, but I suppose they had a lot to get through in this episode.

The Devil Wears Island. In a theater near you. SOON. *Muahaha*.

Oh, actually there is one more character who deserves a section of their own: Lucifer! Or rather, his pre-possessed (haha see what I did there?) vessel. It is, of course, our very own Jacob from Lost, and man... that's the best typecasting I have EVER seen. From THE Jacob to one of the most ambiguous figures ever, the fallen angel. I mean man, talk about irony. The episode was called 'Sympathy for the Devil', but honestly I don’t think we got to see a lot of that yet... I'm very intrigued by the way Lucifer will be portrayed on the show, because I don't doubt he will be interesting. We already know that Mark Pellegrino can bring the necessary depth to a character like this.

Now we're on the subject, did this remind anyone else of the scene with Ben and Jack in the church in '316'? Hmmm.

Speaking of vessels, Dean was informed that he is meant to serve as the vessel for Michael, the arch angel who is supposed to kill Lucifer. Eh. I'm sure fellow blogger Scarlett will agree with me that this wouldn't be... the best thing ever... exactly? I have a feeling that in the end, Dean will have to submit his body to Michael, and this will end up killing him/destroying his soul. And that would be a terrible thing to watch. Poor, tortured Dean's last minutes/scenes would not even be DEAN, it would be someone who possessed him, and the fight would indeed end up being bigger than the boys, but carry less emotional weight because of that fact. There is an alternative though: when Dean was talking about forgetting the angels and the demons and fighting to save the planet themselves, it might only have been empty words – but could they actually hold some promise of what's to come? They've got Cas (yay, btw!!) on their side it seems... so here's hoping!

Um... way to play into Becky's fanfictional assumptions there, Dean. OH COME ON everybody's thinking it!

Okay I think that's all the mythology stuff out of the way! Now I want to talk about the writers of the show, who are clearly on crack. Or something. EL-OH-effing-EL people!! Please do me a favor and watch the clip below. Even if you never want to watch another minute of this show you WILL want to see this. Basically someone's written a book series about the boys, and this girl is a fan. Like, a FAN...

*calms self* I have so much to say about this. First of all, the fact that the show exists within the show in the form of a cult book series with a group of "small, but dedicated followers" was first introduced in the season 4 episode 'The Monster At the End of This Book', and it builds on what I'm sure is a great inside joke within the writers' room responding to the fact that such an overwhelming portion of the real SPN fandom consists of screaming fangirls and Wincest shippers. In season 4, they took this joke as far as to make a few sarcastic comments ("Don't they know we're brothers?!" "That doesn't seem to matter."), but now apparently they've thrown out all pretenses and actually introduced a fangirl into the story! The writers have NO shame, and I love them to bits for it! What other franchise dares to take such royal piss out of their own fandom – and gets away with it?! I'm sure the "SamLicker89"s of the world realize that Wincest is bizarre, and honestly I think it's pretty neat that rather than condemning these fans' existence, the writers are actually incorporating it all into the story! Just like they're incorporating swine flu, and the hurricanes, and the other disasters. I like to believe that we're meant to associate crazy fangirls writing slash and coming out of the woodwork with the apocalypse. Oh my god you guys, SERIOUSLY, not just any show could get away with stuff like this! A character not only commenting on the show itself ("The demon stuff was getting kinda old") but writing honest to god pornographic incestual fanfiction about the main characters, on prime time network television! And this in the same episode as some of the most gripping, emotional material the show has yet produced. "Sam touched, no caressed, Dean's clavicle. 'This is wrong,' said Dean. 'Then I don't want to be right,' replied Sam, in a husky voice!"

This show is bat-shite crazy. I love it.

To finish off here, I could not have been more pleased with this premiere. I breezed through the show over the summer and after that I've rewatched a lot of it, and I only loved it more the second time around. The premieres have never stood out to me though, including the Pilot, so I wasn't expecting too much with this one. Also, I've never before experienced waiting for a single episode of the show before so I didn't know how much I would enjoy it as a weekly event rather than as a marathon show, but it's shaping up to be pretty epic! This episode had it all, including of course heaps of angst – which better be leading up to the hug of all hugs, and the SamLicker89s of the world better not have scared them off such showings of affection! I hope this is truly a sign that season five is going to be the BIGGEST, the BEST and the most BADASS (I couldn’t think of another b-word and I was on a roll. A BREAD-roll, omfg I’m so funny. They should really hire me on the show. For the lulz) season ever.

Score: 9/10. = IT WINS.

((Also this is the first post I've done where I succeeded in posting it correctly on the first try!! Yay me!))

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Anonymous said...

I'm still on season 3 of Supernatural, but this looks awesome - I can't wait!

Anonymous said...
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Scarlett Brooke said...
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Scarlett Brooke said...

So, Season Five is finally here.

Hmmmmm... ups and downs.
Sam and Dean relationship drama. This is exactly what we wanted - juicy angst but togetherness. Dean has finally accepted that Sam is an ADULT and must be held accountable for his poor decisions. I LOVED the fact Deqn did not make it about the Apocalypse as he himself was instrumental in bringing it as well. Dean did some terrible things in Hell, and he did them to save himself from torture. Sam mdid some horrible things due to his arrogance and underestimating Dean. Both made huge mistakes, but it is not the Lilith kill/Demon black eyes, as much as the BETRAYAL. Sam choose Ruby over Dean. This is what has hurt Dean. To borrow from Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair, it's Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam. Sam broke that sacred relationship - if there was a religion on this show, it would be the religion of family.
This was demonstrated through Bobby and his inability to kill Dean. His love was powerful enough to break through the possession.

Fangirl Becky aka SamLicker89.
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously I was wetting myself! I love how SPN can seamlessly weave meta, reality, and fantasy. We really needed the humour to break the gloom and doom.

Lady Lucifer. Fantastically acted! She had the force of personality one would expect from a master manipulator. Perfect blend of cunning, charisma, and most importantly empathy. She excuded real sadness and urge to see justice for 'Nick.' I loved the fact we didn't see some hideous beast kill and possess a 'meatsuit.' Lucifer is an angel therefore he needs permission, and I like how they have chosen not to 'physically' demonize him. It will be through his actions that he is ultimately judged. I also like how you had a real sense of a predator circling his prey with Lucifer's use of hallunicinations and other freaky shit. Let's hope MP can keep this up. I did like the idea of Lucifer being a beautiful woman though.

Because I am a woman, CASTIEL! That's all. You know what I'm talking about.

I can not reiterate this enough. I HATEHATEHATEHATE Dean-as-vessel. If possession does occur and Michael defeats Lucifer, it is just that - it is Michael not Dean that deserves the adulation and praise. It will not be Dean's triumph. How can there be any character development for Dean?? It's not him. I don't care how they defeat Lucifer - perhaps with the colt, but I want it to be Dean and Sam, not Dean and Sam angel condoms.

Pacing. SO much crammed in, I didn't know whether I was coming or going, or sitting or standing, or who the fuck I was??? Perhaps a 2-3hr premiere would have been better.

WhatTheFuckery? Bobby being possessed?? Really? The guy who buuilt an iron demon bunker in a weekend?? I smell Bullshit! Also, Bobby needed to say some of those things to Sam and I wish he had. Sam is not a child, things are not OK, and Bobby would do well to learn Spare the rod, Spoil the child, but he never would have cut Sam out of his life. Family is family, no matter what shit they pull. The colt of retcon. It kills everything!It's the only way! It's a used up storyline - please stop recycling.

Speaking of recycling - stop having lispy Megs please. Actress was substandard. Enough of the GCRuby reincarnations please. Hire someone who can emote or at least has some evilness. Smirking does not count. Nor is evil somehow personified by exotic-looking, long haired brunettes. Take note casting department.

Mystery of Anna... Let's have her back please.

Also, Jensen, I love you, but please stop using this ultra masculine DEAN voice. It's getting kinda annoying. Your normal one is good enough. Thanks

I think that's pretty much my thoughts...
AND as it can not be quoted enough
"Can you stop touching me?"

Scarlett Brooke said...

Ok, I have just found an amazing alternate Dean as Michael vessel theory that I think is awesome:

"The ever-popular (and my favorite) theory: Michael tore out his grace and dove to Earth, becoming the human we know as Dean Winchester. He chose to be born to two Hunters. He did this because he knew the only way to save humanity (and, in a way, his fellow angels---look at Dean's influence on Cas) was to lead by example and embrace humanity. If Michael imprisoned Lucifer, then presumably Michael set up the Seals; this is why Dean's time in Hell (and not John's) broke the first Seal.

Maybe the blood sigil spell only works for angels/ex-angels. Dean's love of food/sex/etc. definitely echoes the whole 'Anna fell for want of a chocolate and a cheeseburger' thing. He HATES flying--ironic if he once had wings. This show is very meta, and Dean would've been making fun of his own appearance tonight. His major role is that of 'big brother', and Michael would technically be the 'big brother' of all of Creation. Plus, if they go this route, they can avoid the whole 'it's not really 'Dean', but Michael who saves everyone' thing because Dean wouldn't be a vessel for Michael: he'd BE Michael, albeit with a few less memories. Personality-wise, Michael would be a person who feels responsible for all of Creation, who has severe daddy issues, and who is badass enough to take out the Devil; doesn't that fit Dean to a T?"

All credit to TZE at Twop.

Selina said...

HMM. I like it in theory.. but not really! I mean, would it be like Anna where he "woke up" and realised his true purpose?? It sure would be nice for his character and explain a lot, BUT Dean has always been SAM'S older brother, you know? A Winchester. If he was suddenly Michael... what then? He would defeat Lucifer and rise to angel status because he suddenly "knew" he had to?

Ah, it's a very possible theory and it would be a great twist, but I wouldn't like it I think! I mean it comes back to it ending up being bigger than the boys in the end... I don't want that. I want Sam and Dean Winchester to just be THAT, after everything at the end of the day that's who they are, and each other is the most important person they have. You know? :/

Scarlett Brooke said...

As soon as I posted it, I realised the MA-HOOS-IVE pitfalls of the theory and much of SPN histoty would NEED to be rewritten in order to support it.
Blame my sleep-addled brain (been staying up till ridiculous o'clock trying to wacth the US open - damn time difference) , I've had a nap now and re-read the theory and have duly dismissed it as a complete asshat idea.