Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Office: The Wedding Countdown Begins!

Watch this post--we'll keep updating it--for all the info from now on involving Jim and Pam's wedding. Last things first? We've got a lot to catch up on!

Updated 10/1: Here's a new promo showing Pam getting all giddy about cashing a check.

Previously posted info under the cut.


First of all, here's a non-spoilery promo guaranteed to tug your heartstrings without spilling the beans:

Kristin's minions put a video up this evening of behind-the-scenes Jam wedding goodness:

There's also the small matter of THE COVER OF ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, BITCHES!

The cover story of EW this week is about the wedding, and it's pretty spoilery. We learn that Jim gives a very touching speech at the rehearsal dinner, one that would be flawlessly romantic if it weren't for the fact that he apparently spills the beans about the baby about one day too soon. To make matters worse, looks like Michael is the one who tries to save Jim from total epic fail territory--but of course, this is only going to get The Most Awesome TV Groom Ever in even hotter water. Since we know one of the lines from his speech is, "People told me it was crazy to wait that long for a date with a girl I worked with, but I think even then, I knew I was waiting for my wife," I think we (and Pam!) will probably be willing to let him and his loose lips off the hook. There are also some pretty terrific behind-the-scenes videos of John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer at their EW photoshoot--you can watch those here.

We know the details now about their bridal attire, which you can read about here.

We also know that after the wedding, it's looking pretty likely that Michael's going to be hooking up with Pam's mom, so, y'know, cringe and wait for the "your baby will be my grandchild" jokes. (Yeah, if the old watchword was bastard--thanks, Angela!--then the new watchword is Grandpa.)

What's even more exciting is that, for Jim and Pam, the wedding is only the first in what's bound to be a season full of juicy Jam stories, as we anticipate the birth of their baby in February. (Oh, and PS, I'm reminding Mindy Kaling via Twitter just about every day that said baby has to be a girl. Join in on the harassment if you wish.)

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