Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lost: I Believe I Heard Something About Jack and Kate?

So the Lost season six news is finally picking up, and there's excitement to be had! Of course, if you know me, you also know that that could only mean one thing...

Jate's back, people!

Yes, Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly have been spotted several times on set together--including once to film a touchy-feeling kind of scene:

"Jack and Kate appear to hug/kiss or something and hold hands but it was hard to make out all the detail," says one of DarkUFO's sources. Forget how excited I am about the possibility of hugging and kissing--HAND-HOLDING??!!?

As we all know, Jack and Kate are the rulers of tactile romance. Who could forget the epic glass!hands scene in "I Do," which is TOTALLY the most romantic scene in that episode, amirite?

Or how about the even more epic graspy!hands scene in "The Man From Tallahassee," which is basically as close as two people can come to saying "I love you" without actually using the words?

And, y'know, there's always the classic grabby!hands scenes in "There's No Place Like Home," where Jack refuses to let Kate get left behind by the chopper.

So, yeah, I'm jazzed about the possibility of adding one of those to the list. Hugging-slash-kissing doesn't hurt, either.

All in all, we still have no idea what to expect from Lost's sixth and final season. Spoilers seem to indicate now that rather than a standalone "course correction" premiere showing what would have happened had Oceanic 815 not crashed, we'll instead be seeing a full-on alternate timeline--or three. It appears that the premiere will pick up in three separate years: in 2007 with Sun, Fake Locke, Ben, and the new people; in 1977 with the aftermath of the Jughead explosion; and in 2004 with the safe arrival of Flight 815 to LAX. The photo shown above suggests that Jack and Kate share screentime at the airport in Los Angeles (notice their crashwear). Whether this is a casual brush-pass as they gather their stuff at baggage claim or an epic aiding-and-abetting situation has yet to be determined. Either way, I'm excited.

Some shippers, including myself, are fearful of the possibility of Kate ending up with Sawyer in one timeline and Jack in the other. However, I remain optimistic for two reasons. One is that the timelines will eventually have to converge and she'll still have to end up picking one. Second, I'm still hopeful that they'll use the alternate universe to further pursue the concept of fate, ultimately giving Jaters (of course, Jaters) the satisfaction of knowing that our OTP is, in fact, totally fate. Like in that Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Sliding Doors, where she ends up with John Hannah in both timelines. Except the epic Lost version.

In other unrelated-to-Jate Lost fandom news, check out the bitchin' cookie cutters I just bought:

I am imagining a party in which I serve airplane cookies decorated to look like Oceanic 815 (and, of course, broken in half). And look how easy it would be to slice off that thumb with a knife and make a perfect four-toed foot cookie. WHO WOULDN'T WANT A FOUR-TOED FOOT COOKIE?

5 Responses to “Lost: I Believe I Heard Something About Jack and Kate?”

Carrie said...

That scene from 3x13 is one of my favorites. You're getting me stoked for my year-end series re-watch before the final season.

Sophie Shephard said...

I can't even put into words how much I love the hand-grasps in The Man from Tallahassee. And how it drives me completely nuts how when Juliet comes in, you see their hands together on the left for just a second.

I'm kind of fuzzy on it right now, but I think there's a similar thing in The Incident, right after Jack gets Kate to say she's with him, where there's contact between them, but it's out of frame, so you can't really see it. Argh.

Anonymous said...

Uh...these two are the worst things about Lost, bar none.

Anonymous said...

And can I just say how it skeeves me out how you people find that grotty handcuff scene to be hot, let alone loving? He left her there in freaking handcuffs! In what kind of sado-maso world is that love?

Unknown said...

Well, first of all, I don't think I ever used the word "hot."

And second of all, I find it very loving how, despite the fact that Jack may have made a poor judgment in trusting The Others, he feels it is his job to make the best out of this crappy situation and get himself out of there--but with the all-important qualifier that he's going to come back for Kate. And in the moment where she's just made a huge sacrifice to come back and get him from New Otherton, it's a really nice Jatey moment demonstrating how much they care for each other.

How you personally feel about their characters is your business, but I just wanted to clarify why I feel the way I do about that scene.