Friday, September 4, 2009

House: To Ship or Not to Ship

I was brought on board sometime last year toward the middle/end of the season to write on my thoughts in relation to House/Cuddy and managed to pump out two blogs before the end of the year and that finale. I italicized “that” because at the time, I had a little bit of contempt for David Shore and Company that night in May. But now that some time has elapsed and a little under a month is left until the Season 6 premier, I believe it was high time to write something.

I started out this piece with the full intention of addressing spoilers and making a few predictions on the season. Due to some highly controversial stuff floating around in the fandom with regards to the premier, I decided to deviate from my original thought and pose a question to all of you.


It's inevitable really. You turned on your television set, plopped down on your couch, and decided to become invested with a show. You're a fangirl. (Or boy.)

I admit, I can be a fairly rabid one at times and the last few days, I have come to question my sanity. Do others experience the same heated emotions I do? Do some feel the overwhelming need to punch out their screens from anger or buy a lifetime supply of mood stabilizers?

I suppose all of this stems from the crazy atmosphere surrounding my favorite show, House. (Although Bones runs a close second.) I am a House/Cuddy shipper, which is probably painfully obvious to all of the four people who read what I wrote down last season. It's a roller-coaster relationship. What makes the two of them sexy together is the fact that they were miserable and weren't afraid to admit it or hide it from one another. It was flawed which made it an almost train wreck, yet oddly compelling and lovely. To know someone for the span of twenty years, to have a draw to them, yet never act on it for fear of getting hurt. The finale sort of put a wrench in the two of them starting anything up.

But if these two get together, the rest of the fans are up in arms. Well, what about the House/Wilson shipper? They make valid arguments on their side. Wilson is an excellent friend and has even forgiven House for being involved in the death of his girlfriend. They've known each other years and House relies on Wilson when he is in trouble. Wilson even serves as his relaxant, someone he can just kick back with and enjoy the company of.

On another side, there's Cameron. She was a loyal student of his, taking his way of solving cases into her own repertoire as head of the ER. House seems pretty resistant to change but Cameron's heart was in the right place when she did want to save him because he was broken. If we care about someone, don't we naturally hate to see them suffer? But alas, now she is married to Chase.

Many of us take up our paddles and get on our ships, manning cannons to aim at the other boats in the House Sea. At times though, I hate to think that we are all aiming at one another, destined to blow ourselves up from the inside. All in all, I suppose I am wondering if all of this just is what shipping is about. It's the tears, the laughter, the heartache, the fury. It's hugging your virtual and actual friends when the going is great and passing them a pillow to punch when all seems for naught. I am sure there are many more factions this pertains to out there (who don't “yell” as loudly, so I am not as aware).

It seems that whichever direction House turns, a “love interest” could be in his view if he would allow himself the indulgence. But...does it help to root? Is House "incurably himself" like the new promo suggests, destined to be alone?

Which leaves me to my ultimate question, the one I am posing to all of you. Does “shipping” affect the way you view a show or does it simply exist in your psyches as an added bonus interest? Are we just a bunch of collective “idiots” for having faith in our ships?

Alright, alright. That turned in to more than one ultimate question. But I am just as curious to see what all of you think and have to say. Sound off below!

2 Responses to “House: To Ship or Not to Ship”

Sandra said...

I have always been (and will always be) a Hameron shipper, from the very beginning a couple of years ago (episode 3 or 4 got me totally hooked). The chemistry between them is simply amazing, and there will always be a special relationship between them.
To me House and Cuddy have a hilarious non-friendship-friendship (they are friends but neither of them would really say they are), I enjoy a lot. They might have some attraction to each other but giving into it and making a romance out of it is a killer for the show. It wouldn't be interesting anymore.
In general, I think - despite the fact I ship House and Cameron - it is mistake to fully give into one ship (yes, also Hameron). None of the fan groups are big enough (I think the fandom is pretty equally split up into the shipper groups) to keep the show alive once authors turn the show into one big fanfiction (like season 5 often looked like to me). TPTB seemed to have realize that as well, look at the massive marketing campaign, there was no need for something like that in former seasons. They are actually afraid of losing more audience.
I like what they did in the former seasons, every ship had its moments, there was a balance, and that's what they should restore. House is not really a relationship guy anyway, he's a loner, that's what they've always been using to promote the show. And many people who don't ship at all love that about him. A bit more focus onto the medical mysteries (and clinic duty!) would be nice indeed.
Well, just my two cents... ;-)

BonesLover said...

I'm aboard 2 ships.

First off, I'm a Wilson/House shipper. I mean, them growing their relationship is just plain funny to watch. I want to see them get closer. Of course, not in a gay lover way. Ew. *shivers at the thought*

Second, I'm a House/Cuddy shipper. Yes, the sex was a hallucination, (a sexy hallucintion XD), but it shows how deeply he cares about her! Otherwise he never would have dreamt the sex. Why would you dream sex with someone you don't love?

And about shooting ships...

Foreman and Thirteen.

Meh. -_-

I just don't see them getting together. I can't.

I know there are still some Foreman/Thirteen supporters out there, but I disagree. Foreman is a stone cold determined man, and Thirteen is a caring, brave doctor. That doesn't mix.


You know what crew I'm in, and you know where my cannon's aimed. Hate me, like me, whatever. :) This is how I feel.