Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doctor Who: A Message to Lead Myself Here (Plus a General Message to Lead Y'all Here)

Hello, everybody! Yes, we know, we've been way too quiet this season. We have a couple of decent reasons--one is that I think we've all taken on a lot of TV this season ... [crickets] Just me, then? With all the watching I've been doing, I barely have time to digest it, let alone discuss it coherently. By the time I can even get the words, "Oh, my God, why didn't they use 'Bones and Booth fix the plumbing' as an excuse to throw a wet T-shirt contest?" out of my mouth, it's time to move on to, "Holy crap, Fringe really is using the same house as in "Home.'"

The other reason is Twitter. It's so easy to have a squee freakout in 140 characters! I can spaz about Jim's Office promotion and then move seamlessly into a brief analysis of Derek and Meredith's Grey's sexcapades.

(You can follow me on Twitter here, by the way.)

Anyway, from now on, I'm going to try to post very regularly, expanding upon my tweets of glee and bringing the fangirl flailing back where it belongs -- Chaos in General.

Our first piece of excitement comes, shockingly, from my real life. The University I attended for my Bachelor's is not my favorite place in the world. I could write a dictionary-length diatribe about my hatred of the school and the people who work there--and often, the people who attend there, too. See, my opinion of the student body is that they're selfish, overprivileged, and paying way too much for both their crappy education and their designer leggings.

And then today, I look out the window of a classroom and I see this:

Oh my gosh, when did this school get witty nerds!?!

For those unfamiliar with the awesome signified by Bad Wolf, it refers to an important part of Doctor Who, most often associated with Rose Tyler. The Bad Wolf loomed large over the first season of the modern series, with the words showing up all over the adventures of The Doctor and Rose. It was only in the first season finale that the true meaning became apparent--Rose herself was the Bad Wolf, scattering the words throughout the universe to lead her and The Doctor to that moment: "I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. I scatter them ... in time, and space. A message to lead myself here."

The words continued to appear randomly throughout the next few seasons, a consistent if not constant reminder of the connection between Rose and The Doctor--and always a nice throwback to the sacrifices made in "The Parting of the Ways." Putting up the words "Bad Wolf" in huge letters on the wall of the Academic Center (and seriously, that had to take a good long while) is not only a nod to Doctor Who, but it's a deeper, more clever reference, since it used it in a way the canon would have used it to signify something important, as if Rose Tyler herself had actually scattered the phrase onto the campus. What I'm saying is if they had just thrown up the word "Dalek," I would have chuckled, but I probably wouldn't have felt the need to pull out my Blackberry and take a picture.

So not only did I "Oh, my God!" in an otherwise quiet room, my faith was restored that there actually are, as I said, witty nerds in my presence.

This witty nerd will be back tomorrow with quick updates about more stuff in need of a good flail. (Like The Office.)

4 Responses to “Doctor Who: A Message to Lead Myself Here (Plus a General Message to Lead Y'all Here)”

Sarah said...

I didn't know that you go to GW -- I'm an undergrad there! (And I happen to agree with you about pretty much everything you said about our fellow students.) I have no idea who's responsible for that, but now I really should start watching Dr. Who... it's been on my long list of shows I should watch but don't have time for.

(smile952 on livejournal, which is how I found out about this blog and where I've been reading it for a while!)

Unknown said...

LOL I was rereading this this morning and realized how harsh I had been in the dark of night. Then I thought, eh, whatever, it's still basically true. I am SO CLOSE to being done with GW forever--this is my last semester of graduate coursework--and then I will forget alllll about it.

And you should definitely try Doctor Who--it's not for everyone, but I love it like whoa. Email me or PM me on LJ and we should get coffee sometime (Gelman Starbucks--they may never get your order right but at least they're open 24 hours a day)--I love meeting fandom people in the real world!

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