Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bones: Some of Us Are Patient. Some of Us Are Not.

Now that Booth and Brennan seem like they're finally at least on the getting-together path (however long that path may be), Bones has become somewhat of a waiting game. And while the fandom seems content--at least for now--to wait this one out, they're not quite so patient in other respects. Right now, for instance, I'm sitting here at my computer watching the Bones fandom flail around me as the ladies wait--perhaps in vain--for the elusive illegal Canadian upload links.

It's an interesting phenomenon, this Bones-from-Canada thing. It could be argued that this activity is hurting the show in the long run, as potential Thursday night viewers are tuning in to commercial-free streaming video online the night before; it could also be argued that the Canadian preview night is helping sneak-peekers promote the show on Thursday, before it airs in America to presumably more viewers.

I will admit that I usually watch the night before, and have thus far not watched or DVRed the show on Fox. But many fangirls do not fall into this category. Indeed, it must be true that most of the people willing to hit refresh, refresh, refresh after 11:00 eastern time just to watch the episode 20 hours in advance are probably going to want to see it on their larger screen and DVR it for posterity ... or just freeze-framing a Booth/Brennan brush-pass.

For me, the benefit of watching the night before is simple--I don't like other people knowing things before I do. I am a knowledge control freak. And anyway, you're bound to get spoiled on Twitter at some point on Thursday, so it's also a preventative measure. Thirdly, my Thursday nights are effing crowded, so getting Bones out of the way on Wednesdays is pretty much the only reason why I'm actually watching Bones at all.

3 Responses to “Bones: Some of Us Are Patient. Some of Us Are Not.”

one_day_ill_be said...

anychance where you found the online video - coz I can never find it until it had actually screened in the us. and I'm definitely one of those who cannot wait!! haha thanx

Victoria said...

I'm in Australia so love the Canadian Episode as I get to watch it on a Thursday night like everyone else. Can't find ep 3 of s5 yet though :(

Waiting Canuck said...

Hi, I'm a Canadian stuck in the UK who's also glad the homeland shows it a day earlier than our fine neighbours to the south. However, seems like it didn't actually air last night (just checked Global TV's schedule and it's listed next week's ep for next week).

By the way, love your reviews of Bones on here, which is why I like to tune in!

Waiting with the rest of Fandom