Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scrubs: Reality & Storylines Collide? Yes, Please!

First of all, let me just say that I am not actually two days behind on the news. I was out of town and incapable of instantly blogging my glee over this news, but better late than never, right?

As most of you have probably already heard, Scrubs star (or ex-star, I suppose) Sarah Chalke is officially pregnant.

Now, not only am I bouncy with joy simply because of my love of celebrity babies, but you have to admit -- the timing of this is absurdly perfect. Even though Chalke isn't officially part of the Scrubs cast anymore, she and Zach Braff (and others) are set to due several guest appearances during the remaining run of the show.

And maybe it's just me, but I personally think Chalke's new pregnancy just raised the bar for awesome guest spot appearance storylines so much higher.

Before we do anything else, I think it's hugely important that we all rewatch the flash-forward sequence that aired at the end of Zach Braff's (and, really, Sarah Chalke's) final episode of last season -- because this is where it all starts perfectly coming together:

The first thing that's really important to notice is that neither JD nor Elliot is wearing a wedding ring during the pregnancy moments. In fact, they're not wearing them in any of the flash-forward moments at all until the actual scenes from their wedding. What this implies to me is that their precious baby girl comes along way before they actually walk down any aisle to make it official.

And considering that JD/Elliot had only been back together for less than an entire season by the time "My Finale" aired, that fits perfectly with Sarah Chalke being pregnant right now. If Elliot shows up pregnant in a guest spot early next season, we're on the perfect track toward fulfilling every exact detail of that flash-forward.

You know what else makes it all totally perfect? Carla was already pregnant with Baby Turk #2 when the season ended last year, and - oh yeah - Judy Reyes is currently pregnant right now, too. She's due in November, so the show could easily get in a scene or two of Carla showing off the immensely pregnant baby belly before Reyes actually gives birth. Plus, Carla & Turk's baby boy in that flash-forward is practically the same age as JD & Elliot's baby girl; they're no more than mere months apart, which again fits the timing of the actresses' pregnancies just splendidly.

I'm not really sure how they'd fulfill the whole Christmas gathering prophecy that includes both babies, as that'd be cutting it really close, but, really, this is TV and that's what time lapses are for, right? I'm not going to worry myself over that tiny detail, really. Besides, if Carla was already pregnant at the end of last season and her baby isn't that much bigger than Elliot's by Christmastime anyway, then it kind of follows that Elliot would have to be pregnant by now after all. Yay!

All in all, I'm giddy with excitement at the prospect of actually seeing that flash-forward fulfilled in real time. I realize that it doesn't matter all that much since the characters aren't even series regulars anymore, but it's not as if they'll never be in another episode ever again. They will be. And now we can all bounce around in anticipation of the adorable things that could easily happen during those guest spots.

You know, unless the writers/producers completely fail to take advantage of the awesome opportunity reality has presented them.

Which would just be, at least in my opinion, entirely irresponsible.

Gosh, I'm just so excited! There's nothing I love more than a good baby plot!

5 Responses to “Scrubs: Reality & Storylines Collide? Yes, Please!”

Anonymous said... - Interview with Scrubs Created Bill Lawrence

Quote: Alan Sepinwall
Getting back to Judy and Sarah being pregnant, and the fantasy that JD watched in the finale -- the cool thing was, you could interpret it as either what he wishes happens, or what actually happened. So you could certainly do a story where Elliot's pregnant.

Quote: Bill Lawrence
And we will. Because to us, it'll be nice that the show hasn't been on for a year. When we come in after "Dancing with the Stars," we'll imply that a year went by, and that JD is off working. It works for us. I'm way too nerdy about this show, you know, I love "Scrubs," and I couldn't just imply that JD left his wallet back there, or I'd be such a whore.

Mae Vaughan said...

Oh, sweet! See, this is what happens when you're taking an intensive summer session of Anatomy & Physiology - you have zero time to actually stay up to date on your TV news. Thanks for bringing that over, it could have taken me another several days before I actually stumbled across it on my own whilst trying to catch up on everything I've missed, LOL :)

Anonymous said...

No problem Mae.

I weirdly feel happy for a TV character, but I feel I know these characters and am happy for Elliot and J.D.

Elliot's always wanted a family and she is getting one.

I am indifferent to Sarah's real life pregnancy because I don't know her.


Carrie said...

Oh. My. That clip had me crying and I don't even watch Scrubs! Maybe I will have to add it to the list...

Also, excellent song choice by the people at Scrubs. I was obsessed Book of Love a few years ago. Was it in anything else besides Shall We Dance?

Mae Vaughan said...

You totally have to watch it, Carrie! I put it off for YEARS because I got quickly frustrated with the lack of JD/Elliot development early on, but when I went back and caught up recently I realized there was a lot of them on again/off again over the years that I missed out on.

Plus? I suppose it depends on your sense of humor, but it's actually I ridiculously funny show. Dr. Cox is my favorite and Jordan comes in a close second, but all of the characters have their own hilarious sense about them.

If you want, you can do like I did and just skip most of the series, instead watching the important JD/Elliot episodes first, LOL. I got caught up on them and made sure they were worth falling in love with again, then I went back and started watching the entire series as a whole :)