Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Office: Game On, Folks, It's Wedding Time

If you were standing outside my apartment right now, you'd think there was a small animal dying in here. In reality, it's just me having a freakout on this lovely Sunday morning.

Under the cut are some spoilerific Office pictures.


Jim and Pam are getting married, y'all!

Between Jim's fancy new haircut and Pam's barely-there baby bump, I am just about dead with all of the excitement. (Also, what's going on with Jim's tie? Did he have a run-in with Abbey Bartlet?)

Aside from the fact that it's been a long time since I've been this excited about a TV wedding, I'm thrilled to see that the show seems to be doing this the right way. I was frustrated last year by the lack of Jim and Pam storylines, and it seemed that a lot of viewers translated the inattention paid to them as "Jam is boring." Now, though, it appears the show is putting the focus on the Halperts, with both their wedding and the February birth of their daughter baby constituting hour-long episodes. And with the fourth episode of the season chronicling their wedding day, we're told to expect to meet more of their family members, which I love.

Okay, side note. There's nothing weirder than seeing the wedding of the people you love and not recognizing anyone in the bridal party. But it's also strange when they have only their coworkers in their wedding. Like, seriously? Angela and Hodgins don't have any friends or family outside of the lab?

So it's nice to see that The Office might try to find a middle ground by introducing us to Jim's parents (you know, the ones with the bad taste in clown art) and other assorted relatives.

I spent a good part of my evening last night on the phone with Leigh, lamenting how shows are so reluctant to resolve "will they or won't they" that they wait far too long to get the OTP together. I get frustrated when ninety-minute movies don't have epilogues; when I've invested years into a television show and its respective relationships, they need to pay off in spades, not in a series-finale conclusion that ultimately doesn't resolve anything (*coughFriendscough*).

And really, God bless The Office for showing that it can be done. We're starting season six of The Office, and I think it's safe to assume it'll probably go to seven. We've got at least two more seasons to go, and yet the central couple is about to get married and have a baby. We're going to get to see their daughter child as a toddler. (Oh my God, you guys, imagine Jim playing pat-a-cake with a baby.)

And it really does sound like they're going to put the spotlight back on Jim and Pam this year. Paul Lieberstein specifically said, "Jim's cool and he's fun, but he's a goof-off, not a super-hard worker and not very ambitious. He's been very adolescent. He's going to try to step up. We feel like Jim is a big part of what we're focusing on this year."

Of all the fall premieres, this is the one I'm most looking forward to. I can't wait to see what's coming for this couple, can't wait to see their precious little daughter baby ... God, I can't even wait see a freaking promo, for crying out loud.

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