Friday, August 28, 2009

The Office: Double the Fun?

I am so confused.

We've got so many conflicting and confusing set reports from The Office that some fans are beginning to wonder if we're being supremely messed with. While I highly doubt the show has the time, budget, or the need to film decoy scenes (especially ones that involve flying across the country), the reports and visual evidence I've seen are highly confusing.

So I thought we'd take a little time this afternoon to analyze what we've got here and try to make some sense out of it. Ready? Spoilers under the cut.


Jim and Pam get married in the fourth episode of The Office.

Jim and Pam have a rehearsal dinner (so sayeth Jenna) and a church wedding, complete with Halpert family members, Beesly family members, and the entire Office staff.

Jim and Pam get married in Niagara Falls, so sayeth Randy Cordray, a producer: "All I can really say is that the wedding does happen in Niagara Falls, and Jim and Pam decide that they would really like to get closer to the waterfall, and so to do that, they take a ride on the Maid of the Mist."

Jim and Pam are in their wedding clothes on the boat ride (including Jim's chopped tie, indicating it's the same day as the church wedding), and some local news outlets have said that they get married on board.

We know that at some point in the episode, Jim and Pam arrive in Niagara Falls; he's shown carrying an overnight bag, while she's carrying her wedding dress:

We also know Jim and Pam. In "Cafe Disco," they agreed that although the idea of eloping was nice, they wanted a "wedding wedding."

We know that Pam wants her parents to be at her wedding. (Duh.)

We also know they're kind of overwhelmed at the idea of a wedding wedding. Jenna said at the TCAs that "It's going to be a destination wedding, probably in Niagara Falls. By making it a destination wedding, the hope is that nobody from the office will come."

We know that, at their wedding, they're still trying to hide the pregnancy.

Sidebar: This never turns out looking good.

Okay, so this is what I've put together from all of these things.

The church wedding takes place in Buffalo. Perhaps they will retcon something and say that Pam is from there. (We know from "Job Fair" that she went to high school in Scranton, but perhaps her family is originally from upstate New York. Obviously, we know that Jim grew up in Scranton, in the house that he and Pam now own.)

Maybe they choose that location because the minister knows Pam's family and they can invite the entire office and hope that they don't all decide to make the four-and-a-half-hour drive (thanks, Google maps!). And, of course, Jim and Pam are shocked when the whole office does make the trip. (I wouldn't be. Who wouldn't want to go to that wedding?)

So, basically, between Michael making a toast and Pam's parents fighting, maybe the day doesn't turn out so perfect for Jim and Pam. I'm hoping that Michael manages to do one of his classic moves where he acts like an ass all day but then ends up saying something really sweet--like his "never ever ever ever give up" to Jim in "Booze Cruise." (And I'm hoping Pam's mom tells a story about a certain late-night phone call.)

Plus, they'll have to keep their biggest excitement--their daughter baby--under wraps all day, and that's gotta be hard. I mean, you can't tell me that the show's going to spend the entire Jim and Pam wedding episode without some precious acknowledgment of the fact that Halpert's marrying his daughter's child's mother, can you?

Enter act five: Jim and Pam sneak out of their own wedding reception to go on a little boat ride. They don't actually get married on the boat, I bet, they're just still in their wedding clothes because they snuck out of the reception. And this is where things get almost too precious to handle. They're alone (except for obviously the camera crew), they're married, and they can talk about how happy they are to be starting their family, etc. etc. etc. Romantic, precious, my dog perplexed at seeing me lose my shit...

That's my take on how all of this could fit together. They could also pull a Marshall and Lily and get married quietly before the ceremony. Only glitches there are that (A) Um, Marshall and Lily did that recently and (B) Jim and Pam obviously get super-drenched on the boat, yet in the shots from the church, they look fresh as spring meadow. So that doesn't seem very likely.

I'd say it was just an early start to their honeymoon, but they're in the same clothes, so it's gotta be the same day.

So, yeah, I'm betting it's a reception skip-out. Did I convince you?

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