Monday, August 17, 2009

Bones: Premiere Promo Partytime

It's finally mid-August, which means we're officially (give or take) five short weeks from the glorious start of yet another TV season. Spoilers are starting to slowly trickle out, but what's even more fun? Promos are finally airing again! Bones has already released several different variations promoting the September 17th premiere of it's fifth season, and, let's be honest - there's really not much else to do in response to them other than flail and squee.

Despite what all of us may or may not have felt about last season's shocking finale, it's looking as if season five is going to deliver exactly what's necessary to fix what's been broken. I personally really enjoyed the finale last season, but I was apathetic over almost every other episode that came before it. In my opinion, something needed to shift regardless of whether or not it was done to placate fans after the finale, and it's finally looking as though we're going to make some real progress.

Follow me behind the cut and we'll take a look at what's in store!

The first truly exciting promo to come our way was little gem:

Booth is precious, you guys. Just precious. I can't help but giggle at his excitement and the sense of joy he exudes just at being back to work/around Brennan again. I find it not only funny but also really interesting that he's apparently lost certain minor details of his personality. He remembers who he is, everything about the people around him, how to do his job, etc - but the eccentricities that made him distinctly Booth, and the particular processes by which he used to approach work situations, have seemingly been lost. We hear from spoilers that he's no longer wearing his colorful socks (and the ties are back to boring black, too), and you can see from the promo that he's the one lacking total professionalism at crime scenes and having to be reminded of his own rules by Bones.

I really, really think I'm going to love the total shift that this season will bring. Booth and Brennan are going to be forced to almost get to know each other all over again in a sense, even though it's not as if he's actually forgotten anything about her. But he does remember what he felt for her in his "dream," and he's not going to have the easiest time maintaining the line that he himself drew all those years ago.

Add to that the fact that Cam is flat-out telling him he's in love with Brennan, which is another thing that I love about this show. Caroline used to say that Bones was great at hitting you over the head with exactly what messages it wanted you to pick up on, and the constant intervening into Booth/Brennan's relationship by both Cam and Angela (not to mention Sweets) is one of my favorite ways to be hit over the head. If Booth can't manage to admit it to himself, or at least out loud, then Cam will say it for him: he's in love with Dr. Brennan.

Thing is, as the next promo shows us, Booth doesn't actually have that much trouble admitting it out loud at all:

So Booth loves Brennan and tells her so, the Cyndi Lauper psychic is all up in their romantic/spiritual connection, Angela is sticking her nose into it again (yay!), and Booth/Bones are just generally adorable together at all times.

This is where it really gets fun, though. Booth admits to Brennan that he loves her, and that he's been wanting to tell her this since the moment he woke up. And then he almost immediately covers with his " an 'atta girl' kind of way" tag-on the second Brennan gives him her look of awkward discomfort and confusion. Plus, look at his face during that hug! I think the hug is my favorite part of the promo. He looks like he's simultaneously existing in both heaven and hell at that very moment, so happy to be holding her but so tortured that it can't be how he really wants it. Angela is surely correct in her claim that things are very, very awkward, and I think it's going to make it all the more delicious.

Can't you just imagine how much fun it's going to be? Booth, completely aware of his love for Brennan and longing to be with her, is going to force himself to fight against those feelings to keep from causing more tension in their partnership. But he can only fight it for so long, and Brennan is totally in denial anyway. The angst-to-fluff ratio is going to be outstanding, you guys! And it's my favorite type of angst, where they're not really fighting and falling apart -- they're just achingly struggling with warring emotions as they attempt to keep things platonic for even longer.

Me? I already love it. Who knows if it will end up going at all the way I hope it goes, but I'm extremely anxious to see it all unfold. I feel like this may be exactly the type of shift in their relationship that I was craving for last season. Things had gotten too "same plot, different week" with every passing episode, and I really felt like the show was losing sight of how to properly focus on angst/drama instead of their need to be goofy/comedic. I have high hopes for this plot to bring things back to an even balance all around, and I can't wait to get the journey started.

What are your thoughts on the promos and what they hint at for the new season? Do they give you hope and reignite your love for the show, or is the sting of the finale just too painful to move past?

(P.S. I have to point out how much I love the adorable David/Emily shot they keep using at the beginning and/or end of these promos. Seriously, y'all, those two are just ridiculous. But that's another blog for another day, perhaps.)

11 Responses to “Bones: Premiere Promo Partytime”

ninirific said...

Frist off, awesome post! I'm dying for the new season and the way you put everything together made me all the more excited. Also, I agree with what you said. He definitely is going to struggle and I for one, am thrilled about it and how it will unfold. I think it will put a lot of kinks into Brennan's way of seeing their partnership and that is always a good thing.

I most definitely flailed and squeed for minutes (or hours, but ssh!) on end about each and every second of those promos!

tina said...


this post made me so happy! you described exactly what i have been thinking after seeing these promos. i am all about the angst, and i totally agree - i think the show was starting to get stale because it was like the same things and same emotions, just rehashed, every episode; the only things that were different were the cases. and like you, i am also really looking forward to this season - it looks fresh and i too really like the idea of booth having to be reminded of his little quirks and eccentricities(hopefully by the always honest and perceptive dr. brennan - how sweet would it be to know that she noticed all the little things about him?!). it seems like all the things we've been frustrating with the show/characters for not doing/saying are finally going to bubble to the surface and make a little bit of a mess. and that is the kind of mess i like to see - i cannot wait!!

brb more squeeing! :D

BonesLover said...

Let me just first get this out-


*coughs* Ok, I'm done. Now onto business.

Mae, I gotta say, amazing post! Loved it. The promos have been so teasing, I wish that Sept 17 was sooner! Yeah, it means school; *boooo* but it also means the great escape after school. :)

The first promo I saw after watching a re-run. Let me sum up my reaction in one word-


I laughed for 5 minutes minimum. :)

I don't think I even saw the 2nd one, but it's awesome! It's a real step into the future.

Also, did you all hear from the Comic-Con that the Gravedigger trial is going to be the 5th or 6th episode in the new season? SQUEE ATTACK! And even better, they also said that Brennan's note will most likely be revealed in the trial as evidence, seeing as most of it went booooom in the last Gravedigger episode.

So, we have alot of reasons to be happy about the new season!

Just hoping the brennan-knife-to-throat-is-saved-by-booth-then-kiss scenario happens.

We have less than a month to find out!


onebreath said...

First of all, BRILLIANT POST! You have pretty much summed up my thoughts/hopes for season five.

I was one of the fans who REALLY liked season four. So much so that it's actually my favourite season. I just thought we got some of the best Booth/Brennan moments in it, which just made it for me. So these promos only further induce my sheer and utter love for the show and make this wait for season five almost painful!

The hug is, by far, my favourite moment from the promos. The look on his face, just... GUH. Makes me want to melt into a big puddle of goo. Also, the way in which she hugs him... it's different from how she's ever hugged him before.

Again, wonderful post! Is it September 17th, yet?

nora said...

YEAH to all what you said!!!
You pulled out words from my mouth.... :D
Can't wait and hope all our thoughts will happen...

Patchy said...

For some reason, I enjoyed the promos at first but now I have misgivings about continuing to watch the series. I watched the entire series this summer, which I guess makes me view the series as a whole differently. I personally LOVED the season 4 finale as it was something different and I couldn't stop laughing. But overall season 4 was lacking and I can't watch it over again like I have been doing with seasons 1-3. Don't misunderstand me: I still enjoy the series as a whole, and though I have not been watching since the beginning (hello... university? Sleeping time takes precedent) I am still deciding to see if I will continue watching the series or not.

I feel like Bones lost that spark after season one, and it has nothing to due with the inherent increases in goofy/comedic scenes. There is something else missing, and I don't know what it is. It doesn't help that I miss Zack's character, as he brought a social naivity and hilarity to each scene that he was in, adding to the dynamic of the group. Don't get me wrong, the revolving assistants are great but they don't fill in the gap that was left behind in regards to group dynamics.

People may criticise me because I am not a "devoted" fan and that I do not understand the show as a whole, but to me a show is not just about the dynamics between the primary characters, but the group as a whole. The dynamics changed, and it is difficult to adjust to because it just doesn't seem plausible or cohesive enough. Change is good, yes, but if through a whole season I still can't get used to it I think something is "rotten in the state of Denmark". Or as Booth may say "it stinks".

I always finish a season or start a series during the summer holiday, as I focus on school first. I watch Supernatural during the summer when I have time, and have not found another series to interest me in a LONG time (well... I also watch some Asian dramas but those only last one season for 17 episodes. And I just watch for the sheer cheese-factor/laughs). I know the acting in Supernatural isn't that great, but the storyline is interesting which had me watching in the first place. Bones was the first in several years, which says something. I love sitcoms, from Golden Girls, Designing Women, and even Will & Grace, so for me finding something other than reruns of older shows is difficult. Because it is so difficult to find a show that is remotely interesting (and that has SOME intellectual capacity) these days, I will watch season 5 hoping that it has improved or I will stop watching. Crossing my fingers!!

Unknown said...

I am totally addicted to the show Bones, and love everything everyone has posted! I hope that Booth's new'attitude/spunk' with add even more laughter to this show. I wish it was September 17th already, and have been wishing for that day since the season finale. I'm so glad Booth is ok! I am a totally loyal fan and will watch every episode possible!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the spoilers and the promos! This is a totally awesome post!

Selby said...

omg i TOTALLY agree about the hug in the promo being one of the best moments so far we'e seen. yeah, booths face is like, meltworthy(yeah, i know thats not a word), but brennans, omg, she has such a huge smile one her face, and it kinda looks like shes the one who initiated it.. wow i should stop before this becomes an essay lol :D
fantastic post by the way, pretty much summed up all my thoughts, i so cant wait for sep 17!!!!

Unknown said...

Very true. Booth is definitely enjoying that hug. He almost always is. Brennan as the look of happiness when they hug. Like she fells she belongs with him all the time.

BonesLover said...

I agree with everything people have commented. But.....

@Patchy- Yes, I agree the series has been lacking. There's a hole, a fairly big one, in the show's storyline, something is missing. Oh gosh, now I have that song from Annie in my head. Urgh.

I hope things will be resolved in the new season. They say the Gravedigger trial will be the 5th or 6th episode in S5, so maybe the action and drama will sum up the missing pieces to the puzzle.

The released episode titles are EXTREMELY confusing!

(1) "Harbingers In the Fountain" September 17, 2009

(2) "The Bond in the Boot" September 24, 2009

(3) "The Plain in the Prodigy" October 1, 2009

(4) "Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" October 8, 2009

(5) "A Night at the Bones Museum" October 15, 2009


Overall, this season seems to be full of surprises.

We'll have to wait and see....


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