Thursday, July 23, 2009

A New Fangirl

Hey everybody, we have a new writer here, to cover some shows we don't usually talk much about! (She also has some interesting ship ideas that some of us around here are boggled by.) Click under the cut and check her out!

Dollhouse: Ballard and Mellie, Boyd and Dr. Saunders, Victor and Sierra

Fringe: Peter and Astrid

Gossip Girl: Chuck and Blair

Grey's Anatomy: Alex and Izzie, Meredith and Derek, Mark and Callie, Christina and Owen, Nurse Olivia with someone - perhaps a new McSexy surgeon.

Heroes: HRG and Angela, Sylar and Elle, Peter and Elle

House: House and Cameron, House and Cuddy

One Tree Hill
: Brooke and Lucas, Brooke and Julian, Nathan and Haley

Private Practice: Violet and Cooper, Violet and Pete

Smallville: Clark and Chloe, Tess and Oliver, Lex and Lionel

Bones: Booth and Brennan, Booth and Angela

Chuck: Chuck and Sarah, Chuck and Lisa (the sandwich girl played by Summer, oops Rachel Bilson)

And.... I think that's it. Feel free to boggle at some of these unorthodox ship pairings. What can I say? I love the underdog and am prepared to drown with ships that will never ever ever set sail.

My favourite ship of all time : Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara. Be prepared for some serious gushing.

So I think that's all there is about me. For those that wanted to know.

15 Responses to “A New Fangirl”

YES to Dollhouse pairings! And *yay* for another Whedon fan around here :)

Jenna said...

I totally love that you love a lot of the same pairings as me(House/Cameron, Nathan/Haley, Booth/Bones, and Chuck/Sarah)

Mae Vaughan said...

Caroline said it was okay to boggle at your ship preferences, so: *boggles*

Mind you, I agree with you on a lot of them. And then there are some that I don't agree with, but also don't really disagree either because they're the "This is never going to actually happen and therefore isn't a threat" kind of thing.

But then there are a few that make my skin crawl. Okay, from your list, one in particular. I'm (as if it isn't obvious on the blog) a hardcore Chase/Cameron fangirl, and the House/Cameron thing just... yeah. It's all good though, that's the fun of this place - state our opinions and engage in (hopefully) civilized debates that can be pretty enjoyable!

I'll say this, though -- I've never really understood multi-shippers, and so I'm really going to be interested in hearing/reading your perspective on things. I don't get, for instance, how a person can be a fan of House/Cameron and House/Cuddy at the very same time. It's one thing to like both Chuck/Blair and Dan/Serena (whom I know of, but don't watch the show), but it's another to like two pairings that are clearly each others nemesis in fandom and in canon. I know lots of people who do it, and I'm not judging so much as simply saying I don't get how that split-loyalty system works. Very much look forward to the perspectives of someone like you here on our blog!

Welcome to the team! Can't wait to see what you have to say once TV starts up again :)

Lucid said...

Nice to the House/Cuddy thing! *high 5's*(Which is what I am in support of) Also, I find it extremely interesting you ship Booth/Angela because for a while, I was all for Hodgins/Brennan.

Hmm, Peter and Astrid on Fringe. I never thought of that one either. It's good to have new perspective! =)

Scarlett Brooke said...

Katherine Summers : Yep, absolutely am bowled over by the cuteness of Victor/Sierra. Though the classic Whedon dialogue has been patchy throughout Dollhouse but have watched Epitaph One and let's just say it's going to be a hell of a ride in S2

Jenna : I feel your love and pain - especially with House/Cameron. But nice to know a few of our couples are endgame. Looking forward to new storylines for Naley next season.

Mae : Yeah, I never really understood multi-ship shipping until I watched House, but Cameron and Cuddy just bring such different aspects to their relationship with House that I just love. I think my main reason why I ship a couple is for the changes they bring to each other and what they learn from being together/in love/caring for someone. This is why House is so interesting to me from a fangirl perspective - all the main characters just have such an interesting dynamic with each other. Thanks for the welcome. True Blood is still running so might be blogging about that once I get some inspiration.

Lucid: Yeah, Booth/Angela is kinda my 'dirty little secret' ship. I know that they'll never be together but phew, would they be sizzling like a prime rack on a barbie.
Hodgins/Brennan - I see where you're coming from especially the first seasons and when they're trapped in the car. They both have very different backgrounds but enough similarities and differences for some friction and excitement.
Yeah, I'm not really feeling the 'main' ship Peter/Olivia. Mainly it's my view of Olivia's character so far, but interested to see where they go from here.

Scarlett--how did you see Epitaph One??

Scarlett Brooke said...

Katherine : Shhhh... I watched it illegally... The link has been taken down but there are still some active links on youtube.
Do you want to know anything about it? Or trying to stay spoiler free?

Trying mostly to stay spoiler-free, although I give into Whedonesque linkage sometimes, so I know what the basic-ish premise of it is. And more Felicia Day and Amy Acker than Eliza Dushku is in no way bad.

Too ba I'm about to go out of the country in the next hour...otherwise I'd be all over tHe YouTube searching.

Anonymous said...

You have some nice ship choices here with Chuck/Blair, Sylar/Elle and House/Cameron. Looking forward to your blogs. Oh, and Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler are awesome.

Scarlett Brooke said...

Rhett and Scarlett are my OTP. Always keep the book by my bedside. I just love their chemistry.

Mae Vaughan said...

@Scarlett: I get what you're saying, and I do also love character relationships that bring out the best in each other. I just think there's a way to do that without it always meaning they're right for each other romantically, you know? Cameron may definitely bring out the best in House a lot of times, but they aren't suited romantically at all. He doesn't bring out the best in her by any means - I see her as a much weaker, naive and pathetic characterization when she's mooning over him in that way. However, I very much *do* love their dynamic. The House/Cameron dynamic is one of my favorites on the show, it's just that I think they make absolutely excellent friends as opposed to romantic partners. I love watching them spar and trade barbs; seeing them go toe to toe over medical issues; giving each other crazy advice about or sticking their noses into each other's romances with other people, etc. I think they're EXCELLENT together in that respect. So, in that sense, I 'ship them as a great friendly relationship... but when we start toeing the line of pairing them up romantically, I get squicky ;-)

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Scarlett Brooke said...

Please stop leaving comments that are nothing to do with this post.

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