Friday, July 24, 2009

True Blood: The Ick Factor

Ok, so we all know True Blood was a show about vampires and on HBO so there was going to be some nudity and nastiness. But, seriously this show has had moments that have gone above and beyond the ‘Ick’, or, as the French would say, ‘Eek.’


#5 The Obligatory Jason Stackhouse Sex.
I’m not above shameless male nudity but seriously, Jason Stackhouse PUT SOME CLOTHES ON AND KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS! Ryan has an amazing body, but frankly the Jason porno show went from ‘Oooh la la’ to ‘Please not again.’ The final straw for me was when they put him in Old Grampa Joe Y-Fronts.

#4 Lafayette and the Hip Bone.This was just gross. The ripped off limb, the squelching sound, and what looked like rubbery bloody tubes of muscles and tendons. Put me right off spaghetti bolognese.

#3 Human Vibrators.No, I’m not talking about a girl’s best friend. I’m talking about some freaky messed-up human vibration. Liam’s (the vamp with the bald head and tattoos) flickering tongue –which you think might be a good thing until you actually see it- and Maryann’s quivering sex pose which was extra creepy when coupled with the quasi-underage-rape situation.

#2 Graveyard Sex.I’m expecting backlash for picking this scene, but all the way through all I could think was ‘Ooh, there’s going to be dirt where it’s going to be mighty uncomfortable’ and ‘I really need a shower.’

#1 The Kiss of Blood. Seriously ICK ICK ICK ICK ICK ICK! That was just plain UGH! It was just a whole mouth full of blood – so much blood it overfilled and ran down her neck. ICK ICK ICK.

An honourable mention: Pam’s poor pumps. How could Eric let her ruin her shoes like that?!

4 Responses to “True Blood: The Ick Factor”

Unknown said...

I like vamp stuff but I was turned off from this show from the first ep after the pointless sex scene.. found it distracting to the rest of the plot.

Scarlett Brooke said...

I hear ya! I would stick with it though, and have the fast forward button at the ready.

Phoebe said...

I highly recommend the books. The show is based on the books, but a lot has been changed.

The only reason I'm still watching the show is because of that deliciously tall blond viking, Alexander Skarsgard (a.k.a Eric). I've read the books, and I can honestly say, that Eric is the most enigmatic character of the book series, and after book 2, becomes the lead vampire and focus of Sookie's attentions. In fact, he is not the scheming, evil, bastard that he has been made out to "seem" so far in the series. But Alexander Skarsgard plays Eric perfectly, I think.

As for all the icky stuff on the show...I think my biggest ICK factor would have to be Bill (SM) and Sookie(AP) constantly doing the nasty nasty.

I don't know where the creator of the show will take the television series, but I hope he stays true to the spirit and story told in the books. (Bill and Sookie's coupledom is short lived. Book 3 is the downfall of Bill due to secrets (alluded to in True Blood) and missteps he himself makes.)

Lucid said...

Yes to your number 2. I just watched that episode today (just recently got into the show) and could only sit there and think "Um, wtf?" In fact, yes to your number 5 and 3 as well. I have yet to see the other two.