Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bones: The Anvils Yet to Fall

Bones loves anvils hard core.

Mistletoe kiss? Check.

Pretending to be married? Double-check.

Taking care of a baby? Pwned.

For those of you unfamiliar with the lingo, an anvil is a device (a quote, a scenario, a love triangle) used exclusively and obviously to advance another plot. Forcing Booth and Brennan to care for a baby was a convenient and heavy-handed way to spend an hour with the partners as Mom and Dad. Booth saying "Everything happens eventually" was a convenient and heavy-handed way to say that Booth and Brennan's hookup is going to happen eventually.

Some anvils are particularly prevalent in primetime television. I mean, really, how often in real life have you had to pretend to be married to one of your colleagues?

Bones likes to partake of as many anvils as possible. They use them often and the anvils land hard. But there are a few of these devices that they've yet to utilize--and we're wondering why.

Could this be the year that Bones crosses the last few off the list?

#1. The whole just-plain-sleeping together deal. One bed, two sides, but by morning they're allllll snuggly. We assume something similar happened in "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" (Cam even noted the single-bed situation in Buck and Wanda's trailer), but we've never actually seen this situation happen. And it seems like something that could actually make its way from the annals of fan fiction to the screen. Plus it'd be freaking adorable. You just know that Booth would be so good at spoony hands.

#2. Undercover in the suburbs. Duh. EVERYONE does this. Mulder and Scully, Sydney and Vaughn, Chuck and Sarah. If you're a government agent, it's what you do. It's a television rite of passage. I'm majorly crossing my fingers that Booth and Bones's yearly undercover op is to investigate a murder in the seedy underbelly of suburban America. Watch Bones pwn the obligatory barbeque/dinner party/cocktail party watch Booth like it a little too much. Then watch me die of squee.

#3. Real, legit formal dancing. COME ON. They've gotten close a couple of times before, including in "Hero in the Hold," where Booth and Brennan were due to a formal event where there would have inevitably been dancing. But yeah, they're really due for dressed-up dancing, complete with hands-holding, back-touching, twirling, whispers, and a decidedly heavy moment as they pull away. Would it be too much to ask for Booth and Brennan to have to go to a prom? High school murder?

#4. A solid locked-up-together situation. This is a weird one to ask for, because technically we have seen this a couple of times on Bones. There's the quarantine in "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" and there's the resonance chamber in "The Science in the Physicist," but never has this anvil been used for its primary purpose: to force feelings out in the open. Locking couples in small places, in elevators, or on rooftops can often force our folks to talk about things they've been thinking about for a long time. Bones should take an opportunity to do this properly.

24 Responses to “Bones: The Anvils Yet to Fall”

liesandsmiles said...

Well now that Cam has Michelle, perhaps a prom plot wouldn't be too out of the question. Cam promises to chaperone but has to back out for whatever reason so Booth and Brennan fill in. A bit contrived but the writers could do better than that.

Undercover suburbs sounds very interesting and now that you've brought it up, I wanna see it.

As for number one, I'd love to see Brennan be the snuggling type and Booth be all WTF. But then maybe get into it. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'd be happy with any of these.

Anonymous said...

yes to all four!!

Anonymous said...

i love all these situations, but i think i'd most like to see the falling asleep one, which could conveniently happen during the undercover-in-the-suburbs one. ;] that may be asking a lot, but i think it could work. plus, it would be adorable!

Unknown said...

Absolutely yes to all four. I don't care if contrived as long as the lines, acting and moments are good and squee worthy!

Elena said...

How about this: Booth and Brennan go undercover as happy husband and wife in Suburbia to solev a string of murders happening at HS dances. While there they volunteer to chaperone a HS prom (in order to catch the killer, of course) during which they get locked in the nurse's office and, after a revealing chit chat, fall asleep snuggled together on the nurse's cot. Is that too much to ask for, Hanson?

Get on it, writers!

BonesLover said...

@Elena- *claps and woos* I would love that! It fits all we hope for, and just might tie up some loose ends.

I have a wish, though. In seasons 1 & 2, we had an episode where Booth saved Brennan from the clutches of some psycotic killer and all was happy. What about seasons 3 and 4, Hart?! We want action, we want thrills, WE WANT MORE PSYCOS! *sighs* I really just want another 'Booth-Hero' Episode. Maybe a 2 part? That would be awesome. I will not be silenced until we have another one to fill the gaps. DON'T LET ME DOWN HART! *wags finger at him*


P.S. Check out my URL, it's a Bones site I made.

Elena said...

@BonesLover Yes, we need more psychos this season. I heard a rumor that Gravedigger will be if that means she will escape or there will be an apprentice/copycat, I don't know. So maybe we'll hit pay dirt with that storyline (if it happens). I do love those episodes where either Brennan or Booth are in danger and one has to rescue the other. When Booth rescued Brennan from the baaaad FBI guy in Two Bodies in the Lab (S1) and she was clinging on to him for dear life...sigh...I love how she snuggled as close up against him as possible in the end to watch tv with him in his hospital room. When Brennan had to save Booth in Hero in the Hold and previously in The Killer in the Concrete her feelings for him really came through clearly. I have never seen her act with more passion and dire than she did when she knew his life was on the line. I hope we see more of those episodes this season because those two need some motivation to get those feelings out in the open. DON'T SCREW IT UP, HANSON!

BonesLover said...

@Elena- Yeah, I hope there's another Gravedigger episode sooner or later, I mean seriously. She's an awesome bad guy, and an apprentice woulds soooooo be what we all want. And the snuggly-ness always makes me squee! :) We need more snugglyness! We need more heros, we need more almost-died-but-you-saved-me thingys! XD Brennan really acts with passion, I agree fully, when Booth's been kidnapped/injured/etc....We need them together in a situation, one where there is only one way out- trusting each other- and letting those feelings into the open. Yes, the Science in the Physicist had somthing like that, but their was only some type of wailing and it ACTUALLY sounded more like a dyng animal than lovey-dovey. #4 is what I hope to see, and wasn't there some episode where they danced for #3? She was wearing a tan blouse, he was wearing a blue button down...but I can't remember the episode name! But I wouldn't count that as 'real' because they weren't enjoying it....just look at his face. lol. If anyone knows the name of that episode I'd love to hear it! Over all, all 4 I want to see sooooooo bad. Hanson, DO IT!

Elena said...

@BonesLover I think the episode they danced in was waaaaay back in S1...The Man in the Bear. I agree that that time doesn't really take care of #3 bc it was way in the beginning of the show before their attraction and deep connection had developed. They need another episode wherein they get to do some close slow dancing. Hart Hanson really needs to stop screwing around and drop all those anvils and more this season. Like I said in an earlier post, I totally understand that he is hesitant to allow them to be together bc of the whole "Moonlighting" theory: once the 2 main characters, who you know are meant to be together, actually do get together, it can be the kiss of death for the show. While I agree that CAN be the case, it doesn't HAVE to be if the relationship is handled correctly. It can be all sunshine and puppy dogs once they finally get together...especially not for Brennan and Booth. It would be so great to see them together but fumbling around and trying to figure each other out within the parameters of their new relationship. I know that isn't in the cards for this season (according to HH), but I do think it's about time they make some progress. I would love to see them have some private moments that don't get interrupted by someone else for once. Let something happen (a kiss, a comment, SOMETHING) and don't have someone kill the moment...force them to deal with things for once. I have such high hopes for them this season...hope we're not disappointed. Are you listening, Hanson???

Elena said...

Sorry, I mean it can't be all sunshine and puppy dogs once they finally get together...having it be simple would be booooring and not at all true to their relationship. =)

BonesLover said...

@Elena- I agree fully! It has to be slippy and slidey, fumblely and odd! We need it to be awkward. Moonlight went down the TV toilet when they mushed together like PB and J. We need it to be like a hard puzzle, one piece at a time.

I hope SOMEBODY is listening....*stares at Hart*

Elena said...

@BonesLover Yes, one piece at a time! I feel like they made a little bit of progress in S4 but now, considering the aftermath of the season finale, I think the writers need to step things up and allow them to move forward with their relationship. Their kiss in "Santa in the Slush" was HOT and I would love them to have more moments like that...except I'd like them to be private and not spurred on by what was essentially blackmail, you know. I love the idea of this passionate kiss exploding between them during the season premiere after Booth rescues Brennan because it will be something pure and genuine...something that will force them to acknowledge this thing between them...something that will be undeniable tangible evidence of their intense feelings and deep emotional bond. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I really think it's about time things start to happen between them that they can't just brush off and ignore. The meaningful looks, longing and deep gazes, sweet comments...those are all lovely...and I LOVE them...but they aren't enough anymore. This is the FIFTH SEASON!!! The most they have done is get into some suggestive conversations/engage in deep gazes that are always interrupted and never followed up on and share a smokin hot kiss spurred on by blackmail!!! Come on, Hanson! Throw us a bone, man.

BonesLover said...

@Elena- Waaaaaaait a sec, he rescues her in the season 5 premiere?! OMG now I'm really impaitent for it!!! I just hope Hanson can pull through, now that I'm all full of squee I need to let it out! And yeah, the kiss in Santa in the Slush was amazing, especially the gum. :) But it was blackmail, only for Caroline, not them. Bur it was almost like she wanted it to happen....I mean, he opened his eyes TWICE! And had the GUM! But it was total crap since it was all for that Christmas cheer made under the mattress. Emotional bond is what we realllllly need, and yes, gazes and comments are nice, but now we need kisses, deeper connections, forced-out feelings....THIS REALLY IS THE FIFTH SEASON! Hanson, make us NOT want to kill you for once. I will never, ever hate you again if you can make this work! LISTEN TO THE CRIES OF FANS NEAR AND FAR!

Elena said...

@BonesLover Oh, crap, I forgot that the whole rescue/kiss thing was a spoiler!!! SORRY!! Then again, it is just a RUMOR...some of the actors' sides from the premiere eppy script were leaked and the kiss is scripted in those pages. HOWEVER, HH was quoted as saying that though the kiss was scripted it might have been a plant to detect any leaks and that he can't confirm or deny it's veracity. So, this might be HH toying with us AGAIN. I am hoping against hope that the kiss really happens bc it just makes sense that it does. These two have just been through a traumatic event...the kind that makes you reevaluate what you have and don't want to would be ridiculous if they didn't share this kiss even if they spend the next few episodes trying to deny what it meant. I think that, for Booth, the kiss will just open the floodgates and there will be no turning back. For Brennan...well, it will make it that much harder for her to deny her feelings once this FOR REAL kiss happens. HH really needs to allow this kiss to be for real.

Oh, and I do love that kiss from Santa in the Slush. I think Brennan's face going into the kiss is priceless and just so revealing. She looks like a moth attracted to a flame, a kid in a candy store...just eyes wide open, moving in for the kill. I think it's great how Booth says he'll just talk to Caroline and clear up the kiss blackmail and Brennan blurts out "NO!" Ha ha it's great...she is waaaay too eager...even though she says she thinks they have to do it so her dad can have Christmas, we all know the truth. The extended kiss that you see on the DVDs (or on YouTube) is even better bc you see her grab his lapels and just really give him the business. Plus, the gum exchange is brilliant. Have you watched that episode on the DVD with the commentary from David and Emily? It makes it even better!

Good Lord, it's been a long summer. Is it Sept. 17 yet?

Elena said...

Correction: The Emily/David stuff surrounding the kiss isn't on the DVD...I swear, I don't know where my head is at...they have the behind the scenes stuff involving THE KISS on's really funny if you haven't already seen it. =)

BonesLover said...

Yeah, I've seen the Behind the scenes. She starts laughing at some point and can't stop for at least 30 seconds! It's hillairious.

And yes, I knew the kiss was a spoiler. But I had no idea it involved a rescue! I seriously need to catch up on my sides. -_-

The rescue/kiss really does need to happen, I mean the only other way for them to get that ultra-snuggly-ness will cause them to go down the TV toilet. Just looks at her face is Two Bodiues in the Lab! She hystairical bc of the shot in the brain, (causing the crazy screaming) yes, but she's choked with emotion on how even though this is S1, he really cares!

Hero in the Hold, too! Parker asks about the 'I Love You', and he wants to know if Booth hasn't said it to someone. EPIC SILENCE ON HIS PART! You totally know he's thinking 'Bones, Bones, BONES!'.

So we really need that kiss/resuce, or at least #4, Hart!

And No, not Sept. 17th yet... *slaps calender* Why can't September be sooner?

BonesLover said...

Ok, signed up for blogger. :) Go me, etc etc. Will be using this from now on!

Elena said...

@BonesLover Hey, do you remember when Bones and Hodgins were buried by Gravedigger and Hodgins asked her if she wanted to write a note to anyone in case they didn't make it? She, of course, did but we never got to know to whom she wrote that note and what it said. I've Twittered HH about that a couple of times (not that he ever answers my mad at him about that, btw =0P) and, apparently, so have a good amount of others. He Twittered today that the contents of that letter COULD be revealed during the Gravedigger's upcoming trial. On a related topic, I read recently that Brennan and Booth's relationship is taking center stage this season and by the end of the season they will have made some major strides towards being together. It's rumored that a BIG story arc that all comes together in time for November sweeps will force them to deal with this thing between them. Considering HH's info about the note, I'm wondering if the trial is the major story arc and Brennan's note comes to light during the trial. Assuming the note is to Booth and is some admission of her feelings for him, perhaps this is the catalyst we have all been waiting for. Just a thought...maybe a wish...or a bit of both. =)

BonesLover said...

@Elena- Yeah, I remember- I think we all wondering what she wrote. I believed that she said goodbye mainly to Booth, and maybe some smaller goodbyes to the other people in the Jeffersonian, mainly Angela and Zach. But, of course, It would be amazing to have a trial and the contents of their notes revealed to the public! Maybe, just maybe, If Angela hears the contents of Hodgins letter.....and this is just a thought.....the spark it creates might start a fire! Same with Booth and Brennan! I mean, if Angela and Hodgins get together in bed again, it's not an extreme story changer- it's a happy turn of events- but not an extreme story changer. But we all HAVE to wonder......what DID she write?

I'm also going to be happy to see all of their emotional status during the trial- I mean, did you see Hodgins afterwards? And Brennan, she might not have showed it in the episode, but she MUST be crushed inside....right? And Booth...Will his true feelings for Brennan leak out during his testimony? I mean, he got the text, freaked out, called the squints get the picture. He was worried. Not because Brennan was a 'valuable asset' to him, the FBI, and the Jeffersonian- but because he loves her. WE KNOW THAT!

So....this trial will be the thing we all have been waiting for.

Hart, we know *cough* that you can pull through! We want that note revealed, we want the season 5 premeire to include a rescue/kiss between b&b, we want the trial! It's not much to ask, really!

BonesLover said...

Hey Elena- I started a Bones Blog...would you be interested in joining as You seem really good at blogging (at least by what I've seen during this convo) and I would love for you to help me. :)

Elena said...

Yeah, definitely! That would be great. Do you need an email address to contact me? It's I'm excited!! Yay!

BonesLover said...

I'll email you now, the topic will read 'BonesLover', so you'll know its me.

Psychic much? The Bones slow dance, high school murder, reunion post kind of hit the spot.