Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bones: Hopes for Season Five

::waves:: Hi, I'm Kat. Long time watcher, first time writing. Blah blah blah blah.

Mostly I'll be commenting here on all things Joss Whedon, with some Neil Patrick Harris and Broadway celebrities thrown in. (Read: Dollhouse, How I Met Your Mother, Glee...and there may later be a 30 Rock drinking game for every Tony-nominated guest star that appears.)

But as a shared love of Bones brought me to this blog in the first place, I give you my inaugural post with 3 major plot points I hope to see in the early part of the upcoming season. I'm curious what others think of my ideas.

For the record, all of these assume that Booth has amnesia enough not to know who Brennan is. I do think it's feasible that he was just confused at the end of "The End in the Beginning," and either way I'm generally choosing to ignore the bizarre FOX summary for Season 5.


1) The return of Special Agent Tim "Sully" Sullivan.

It's been a while since we bid farewell to the other FBI agent we love and kind of love to look at. (My love for David Boreanaz knows no bounds, but Eddit McClintock isn't bad.) His world tour was meant to be for a year or so, bringing him back to D.C. sometime in Season 3. I think it's safe to assume, though, given how things ended with Brennan (and his and Angela's presumption that Booth had something to do with it), he wasn't about to drop by the lab for a quick hello.

If Booth is out of commission, as we've seen in the past, the FBI pairs Brennan up with another agent. I don't think she or anyone else is a particular fan of Perotta (especially after the events of "The Hero in the Hold"), so if they want to send someone familiar, Sully's a reasonable choice. This also presents a great opportunity for emotional exploration on Brennan's part. We can revisit her choice not to leave with Sully--even if the line about not wanting to lead a purposeless life checks out, partnering with Booth is a major part of that purpose, no? We can also see Sully questioning her on her personal life; I think he'd have moved on by now (though not, one hopes, directly into marriage and gloating a bit รก la Riley Finn on "Buffy") but would still care enough to be curious or encouraging, as the case may be. This opens up one of two doors: first, Brennan ends up inadvertently using him as an awkward emotional soundboard much as other squints (mostly Zack and the interns) have done. Second, a conversation with him leads mid-sentence to a major realization about her relationship with Booth.

I think the former is more likely, depending on Sully's brand of friendly interrogation, but either way his presence would both allow the procedural parts of the show to continue relatively unhindered while forcing Brennan to do some serious introspection. Either way, you know Angela will have a field day with the whole situation.

2) Brennan and Parker bonding.

In "The Critic in the Cabernet," no one mentioned alerting Parker (or at least Rebecca) of Booth's upcoming brain surgery. I can understand not alerting an eight-year-old of his father's possibly life-threatening situation, but don't hospitals usually ask about family in situations like this? Did anyone even call Jared?

If Booth's amnesia persists, though, Parker's going to have to find out eventually. We know he's close with his dad, and he's grown up a bit over the course of the series. Not to mention he has to be pretty tough, between meeting serial killers, finding human fingers in birds' nests, and having a father and an uncle with serious military backgrounds. I don't expect to see Rebecca, as I think she's hooking up with The Lady of the Lake Callie on "Grey's Anatomy" just now. But Parker should make an appearance--perhaps his presence could jog Booth's memory, at least in the minds of his doctors. If Booth can't recognize his own kid, prepare for a heartbreaking moment to end all heartbreakers--surely even amnesiac!Booth wants desperately to make this child happy and to grab onto any shreds of himself that he can.

If Booth really doesn't recognize Brennan, she and Parker have a very fundamental sadness over which to connect. We know they get along and Parker adores her (and is the only other person allowed to call her "Bones"). We also know Brennan was just planning to have Booth's baby--and here she is, presented with just that, but without Booth. She lost her parents once, too, and may know just what to say, like she did to the foster kids she's encountered in the past. It's also one more step toward her being with Booth romantically and more permanently--even if Parker lives primarily with Rebecca, he's still very much part of the Booth "package" (which gives me pause regarding Cam and her children hangups, but that's for another post).

It's also worth considering that Parker is presumably the most important person in Booth's life. Regardless of his feelings for Brennan, this is his only child (nicely paralleled in "Angel" with Connor and Buffy) and as much as I'd like her to be the revealing factor that miraculously brings back his memory, surely Parker will have some kind of role in the process.

3)A very un-Brennan Brennan speech.

This is in part a shipper-loving fangirl's trying to make a fanfiction-esque scene a reality, but given that it's Bones we're talking about, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Here's what I picture.

After an episode or two's worth of Booth not being Booth and Brennan crimefighting on her own or with a substitute agent (see above), Brennan gets fed up. She storms into Booth's room. He greets her as Temperance, or Dr. Brennan--nothing familiar. And now she's had enough and launches into a rant:

"It's Bones. You call me always call me Bones, whether I like it or not, and you have to call me Bones. And you have to come back. Because Parker wants to grow up to be just like you, and he can't if you're not you. And Sweets is still writing his book, and Jared will still need a big brother after India, and Cam misses you, and Sully doesn't...I can't be Bones if you're not Booth. I can't be Bones without you, and I want to be Bones again."

It's more emotive than she is normally, but extreme times call for extreme measures.

As an alternative, I will accept a variation on a sequence from "Angel." (Spoilers follow.) Angel/Cordelia as a pairing makes my insides curdle, but they do have a poignant moment when she reappears after a mysterious abduction sans memory, just when she and Angel were about to meet and confess feelings (at least on her part). She sees myriad pictures of them together and asks, "Were we in love?" He replies, "All I know is you were my dearest friend." When she gets her memory back, he asks her the same question, and she says, "We were." Of course, a number of other things proceed to get in the way of any consummation, she turns way evil, has sex with his son, and then dies in a mystical coma. But the exchange is a good one.

And if Booth--with the events of "The End in the Beginning," whatever innate instincts he has, and anything that anyone relates to him about his relationship with Brennan--has reason to think they may have been in love, it's a worthy question.

* * * * *

However all of this shakes out, though, I think we'll see some emotional evolution on Brennan's part next season. She needs to take more of a leap than Booth for them to happen as a couple; really facing a future without him will bring out some of that. And I'm sure we can all agree it'll make damn good television.

We officially have 103 days until we find out.

5 Responses to “Bones: Hopes for Season Five”

Hannah said...

Welcome! Great blog!!

I really like your ideas. One thing that I've been thinking about lately is the return of the Gravedigger. Depending on who gets taken this time, I think we might get something resembling the third item on your list. If you can't already tell- I'm all for a combined b&b abduction that leads to near death confessions of love. Similar to season 3 episode of Alias when Syd and Vaughn were going to be killed in Korea.

Do I actually think something like this might happen? Maybe. I think some more spoilers would help us out a little!!

I really enjoyed your ideas. I think that they would bring good excellent character development and bring b&b closer, which is all we really want in the end, right? ;)

Ella said...

i love your ideas. and just realised that your un-brennan-like speech sounded ALOT like something from greys anatomy. seriously haha.

Anonymous said...

Love the speech.

Also, @Hannah: Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Gravedigger was arrested, non? I highly doubt she's coming back...

Elena said...

Katherine, great blog...and welcome! I definitely like your ideas, especially your thinking that Brennan has to take a significant emotional leap of faith before any progress can be made with her and Booth. Though I am not crazy about an amnesia storyline, mainly if it stretches out for more than a couple of episodes, I think it could be a catalyst for Brennan to WAKE UP already. No, take that back...she has woken up, she recognizes her feelings for Booth, but she is still not emotionally ready to go for it. So, maybe the aftermath of the brain surgery and possible amnesia will help stir things up a bit inside her...of course, it won't be enough to have her say, what the hell, and just go for it because that would be too easy. However, it might make her internal struggle all the more difficult to rationalize and reconcile.

Now, about that pesky amnesia issue... Hart Hanson has mentioned that it isn't amnesia. So, unless he's fibbing/blurring the truth once again, I suspect the whole "Who are you?" thing isn't a sign of amnesia, but of Booth's confusion regarding who he is talking to: Bones, his partner/best friend/secret love, or Brennan, his wife and mother of his unborn child. As far as Bones knows, however, it seems he doesn't know who she is. She doesn't know about his "dream," after all, now does she? I don't know if that confusion, if that is all this is, will be resolved right away or will something happen like Booth falls asleep or gets whisked away for a test before he gains the clarity of mind to explain himself to Bones, leaving her in a panic over what he has said to her. That alone could be enough to make her rethink hitting that delete button, you know.

I have been rewatching Bones from S1 ep 1 onward these past few weeks. I hadn't seen some of the earlier episodes on so long and I had kinda forgotten about how many awesome moments there have been between those two. I love the small, blush-inducing moments, such as Bones slyly suggesting she would sleep with Booth and Booth stuttering and blushing until Angela and Hodgins interrupted things (The Truth in the Lye, s2), or when Booth told Bones that she is "well-structured" in The Curl in the Girl. I love the big heartthrob moments like when Booth saved Bones from being murdered by the crooked FBI agent in Two Bodies in the Lab, and when Bones flipped out in a state of panic when she realized Booth was missing in Spaceman in a Crater...that was the most unhinged I have ever seen was good to see her lose control like that. I would like to see her lose control a little more, especially when it comes to Booth. Maybe we will see a bit more of that this coming season given where we left off.

Anyway, I know that was bit off topic there, but I have those moments on my mind and wanted to share them.

I read somewhere that there are 99 more days until the least we're in the double-digit range, now...better than 3 digits, right? =)

Hannah said...

@Anonymous I think it was mentioned a few weeks ago by HH in his twitter that we haven't seen the last of the gravedigger. And that Brennan shouldn't have smacked her with that briefcase. I might be remembering it wrong, but I'm pretty sure something about it was mentioned recently.

Personally, in addition to providing a GREAT episode, it would help to clear up some of the inconsistencies from HitH. Such as how such a small woman was able to get Booth through a window...??

I'm sooo excited for Season 5!! (And 6!)