Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bones: New Sides Are First Spoilers of the Season--and Hopefully Harbingers of A Good '09-'10!

The casting sides for "Harbingers in a Fountain" were released today, and there are a couple of spoilery doozies to be had.

But first, can we just rejoice for a moment at the wonder that is the first day of spoilers? I love it. June sucks for TV fans, as it's pretty much a dead zone for news and material. But July--ah, July! Not only are sides starting to trickle in, but we'll also start getting good scoop from Comic-Con and the TCA tour and the accompanying parties. (TCA time is one of Mae's and my favorite times of the year.) Not to mention Emmy nominations come out very soon, and before you know it, it'll be premiere time, and everything will be back to normal and HOORAY.

Okay, onto the goods.

More...Y'all. If we are to believe these sides, Booth and Brennan totes make out at a crime scene.

Reasons to Believe These Sides:
1. In my time reading Bones spoilers, I've never seen fake sides. (Apparently there were doctored sides for "Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House," but that's one out of 83 episodes.)
2. Everything else is intricate and seems to track. Very unlike the fakeout we saw on April Fool's.
3. They were on Showfax. Actors are getting these sides, y'all.

Reasons Not to Believe These Sides:
1. Hart Hanson is a tool.
2. Really? Booth and Brennan make out at a crime scene?
3. Hart Hanson is a tool.

So we're gonna go with cautious optimism, and since this is the first day of spoilers, we're gonna talk about 'em like it's true.

Honestly? This is a good idea, Hart.

I felt, as any of you who've read my previous Bones posts know, like we were owed something at the end of last season. There was a payoff I thought we (and Booth and Brennan) were promised as season four progressed, and they ultimately didn't make good on that promise. Even though I don't expect them to full-on have sex/get together/get beyond first base in this episode, a really good, line-crossing kiss would be an excellent way to start the season.

Because, of course, it's gonna have to be tempered with a big fat "not yet."

In that official synopsis from the network, it said that Booth is going to want to figure things out with Brennan, while Brennan's going to throw herself back into work. Makes sense. Booth's just spent four days imagining he's married to her and expecting a baby with her. (And having lots of sex with her.) That may be all he needs to try and push their relationship to the next level. And Brennan, well, even if she spent the last four days imagining the same thing, she wasn't inside it.

She was writing it for the same reason I sometimes design me and Josh Groban's wedding invitations on Photoshop. 'Cause it ain't never gonna happen. Brennan spent those four days knowing he might never wake up. She knows what it's like to lose him.

I think it'd be great if, in this episode, they're allowed to be confused about each other. And if that manifests itself in making out at a crime scene.

Because I think it sets up a great final scene wherein she says, in not so many words, not yet. Knowing how painful it is to lose Booth at this level, why would she want to move to another level, where it's just going to hurt even worse? What she hasn't figured out yet is that there isn't another level. Booth is everything to Bones.

And personally, I love the idea of ramping up the tension by giving Booth the option of grabbing and kissing her. I love the idea of watching him try and figure out how to pursue her--'cause the wooing of Dr. Brennan is different than the wooing of any other woman. (Hint: Bones has never Photoshopped her wedding invitations.) I love the idea of him getting frustrated and, having just had a near-death experience, deciding to move on and get himself a proper love interest. (And, of course, this lasts for three episodes in May sweeps before Brennan gets as frustrated as we do and puts a stop to that crap.)

In any case, we gotta build the tension. I've been saying this for months. A forbidden, angsty, just-until-the-ambulance-gets-here kiss is a good way to do that.

But it's Hart Hanson and he's probably screwing around with us. And if it turns out he purposefully added that to the sides to intentionally murder the emotions of the fangirls? It's over. Really, really over.

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Hannah said...

I've been going back and forth about whether the sides are real. I'm pretty sure they are, but the jury's still out on the infamous page 44. There is no casting needed for that page. It's ONLY b&b! What's the point of including it?

However, like we were talking about earlier, a b&b kiss during a high pressure moment as that's sure to be, would be made of greatness. Yes, I'm still thinking about Phase One, Caroline.

Other than the kiss, there isn't too much to talk about with these sides. It seems like a pretty normal case, accompanied by Cyndi Lauper's introduction to Bones-verse.

By the way, what is/are the TCA?

Anonymous said...

There is no casting needed for that page. It's ONLY b&b! What's the point of including it?

I wondered that myself. I imagine it's either a fakeout (in which case, I will hurt someone) or their way of throwing us a bone so all the people who were so pissed at the finale will come back for S5.

Anonymous said...

But it's Hart Hanson and he's probably screwing around with us. And if it turns out he purposefully added that to the sides to intentionally murder the emotions of the fangirls? It's over. Really, really over.

I'd love to be excited about this but I'm still feeling the aftermath of the screwing I got in the finale in May. I definitely wouldn't put it past HH to put fake sides out there in an attempt to insure those of us that were so pissed off want to tune in to the premiere. I'm still not sold and I honestly haven't made up my mind if I'm gonna watch again come September. I don't like being lied to and I rarely give someone a second chance to make a fool out of me.

Unknown said...

@Hannah TCA is the Television Critics Association, and every July they go on "press tour." (They do the same thing in winter, too.) In the span of four days, there are panels with all the EPs and usually some of the cast (David and Emily *should* be there). Then the networks throw parties and everyone gets drunk and David and Emily make out in the corner. (No? That doesn't happen? Damn.)

Okay, as for the whole page 44 thing... The guest may not have lines, but he does have critical action (AKA getting stabbed in the throat). It's pretty important for agents to know they need somebody who can take a fake scalpel to the throat. But what you'd usually see in situations like that is a big "FYI" written in big black marker.

And @southrnbygrace, I like hearing from people who were less than thrilled by the finale. Because I was (am?) full of anger about it, and it seems like the fandom was very quick to accept it all. Not to get into Hart Hanson's psychology too much, but here's a question:

If he put fake sides out to get the pissed-off fangirls to tune in, doesn't he know that if he doesn't come through on what's in those sides, that he's going to have some really upset fangirls on his hands? Like, more upset than they already were? If anything, I think he did it to hurt spoiler fiends. In which case, I ask...why? Why not just black out B&B's lines? If you're going to go to the trouble of writing fake pages, can't you go to the trouble of blacking out irrelevant-to-the-guest-star material?

Danielle said...

I said I wasn't going to read sides this season, but then I held out all of about five seconds.

I'm dubious about the sides, but I think I'm going to be suspicious about anything coming from HH from now on. But if they're fake sides, that's a really stupid move on his part. People were pissed off about the content of the finale, but even people who liked the finale (like me) were mad about being lied to, and fake sides would just compound that.

If they're real, I'm cautiously optimistic. It seems like a nice way to build emotionally on the finale and set up for a more tension filled season, but having Booth totally recovered and back in the field by the middle of the first episode seems to be falling into the regular Bones trap of rushing over the big issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of uncertain. Has Brennan ever said she's from the FBI before? I noticed that when she went to talk to the doctor alone, and it kind of makes me think somethings up...

...which is sad, because I love Bones, and wish they wouldn't take such drastic measures to prevent spoilers, and/or crush the hearts of fangirls everywhere. I mean, who doesn't want that to happen? ;]

Elena said...

I am really hoping this kiss is real in "Harbingers" bc I think, as Caroline said, that Booth and Bones should be confused about each other in this episode (as well as others to follow). I mean, hello, each one of them has just come off of days of imagining a life with each other. Bones actually allowed herself to put some of her feelings for Booth in print...deleted or not, she feels these things for him and now we all know it.

Though I, like all of you, want these two to get together I again agree with Caroline in that I don't expect them to make any HUGE leaps in this first episode of the season, a passionate line-crossing kiss is definitely called for and would be completely natural here. Their already intense feelings for each other have been brought closer to the surface than ever before. I would be really disappointed in HH and disillusioned if they just kind of move past the events of the season finale with nothing but more denial and longing gazes at one another. I mean, come on, it's season 5 already. The most these two have done is engage in a "dare" kiss, you know.

I understand that having them get together for good would put a big dent in the sexual tension between them but I think this is the point in the show and their relationship where more HAS to happen besides the close moments, subtext, and meaningful looks. I think it makes sense for them to cross the line more than ever this season bc of what each of them experienced in the season finale.

I am hoping that the floodgates have been opened for Booth and there is no turning back on his end. I would love to see him attempt to woo Bones and convince her to open herself up to him completely. We know from what she wrote that she WANTS to do just that but that she is just too afraid to lose someone else she loves. Once again I agree with Caroline that it would be great to see Booth try to move things along with her, get frustrated, and then attempt to find himself someone else. Of course, it can't work out, but maybe, just maybe that would be enough to wake Bones the hell up already and light a fire underneath her, you know.

The bottom line is that we know, as Booth as prophesied, that they will get together eventually. The road to them living happily ever after has to be bumpy or else it wouldn't make for good television...plus it would be out of character for those two to make anything easy on each other, themselves, or us fangirls (and boys). There NEEDS TO BE a slow (but not stagnant) build up to them getting together and it needs to really pick up some steam this season. My fear is that Hart Hanson won't allow them to make any progress this season so as to keep the tension going. I know Bones has been renewed for Season 6...I wonder if he is planning on ending it after that (I HOPE NOT)...and if he is I also wonder if he plans on kinda cramming them getting together into the last bit of that last season. That's pretty much what happened with Ross and Rachel on Friends and I HATED that the writers did that. It wasn't fair to the characters, their history, or the fans. IT SUCKED. I hope HH doesn't pull that on us.

Ok, I've gone on long enough. Can't wait to read more comments from all of you!!!

Elena said...


HH has been quoted as saying that though the kiss has been "scripted" he cannot confirm or deny whether it will really happen or whether putting that in the script was a way to detect a leak. I already have mixed feelings about him bc of the season 4 finale LIE (bc that's what it was, Hanson), so he is skating on thin ice right now. I'm trying to trust his vision for the show bc what do I know about writing a tv show, after all, you know...but still...I WANT THAT KISS, DAMMIT! Throw us a bone, Hart! Plus, I bet Emily and David love to make out...do it for them, Hart! =0P


I have a question to throw out there. Do you guys think that Brennan has given Booth openings before to take that next step? There have been moments where I have thought that is what she was doing...testing him, perhaps...and I have seen her be frustrated and even angry that he hasn't taken the bait. For example, when Jared asks Booth if he minds if he takes Bones to his military affair and Booth says something like "No, of course not. Why would I mind?' Bones' face says it all: she listens to Booth react to Jared's question with her face all wrinkled up and lips puckered. Then she just glares at him with her mouth open, jaw jutted out in such a way that says, "I wish I could punch you in the face right now." I feel like she was exasperated with him bc she wanted him to say no, to show her a little something, you know. Bones needs that reassurance that he feels for her what she feels for him. What do you all think about that? Am I imagining it or is that for real?


Danielle said...

If Bones is definitely going to finish after six seasons, the advantage should be that they should be able to pace these emotional story arcs better: they know where they are going, and now they know how long they have to get there. The overall pacing of Bones has been a weakness before, but if they've got a definite schedule they should be able to work with it rather than making it up as they go along.

(Though I think ideally I would like to see a seven season arc: 5 - getting together, 6 - tensions with getting used to being in a relationship, 7 - setting up the happy ever after.)