Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring Cleaning and the Checking Off of Wishes Granted

Since TV season is good and over for all of our shows here on the blog, I wandered into the archives to see how far we've come. What's more, I was re-watching the season finale of Bones and was reminded that I should really go check "Booth calling her 'Bren'..." off of our OTP wish list.

I originally compiled the list on October 16th, 2008. Going back just now, it was thrilling to see how much I got to cross off because they had actually happened since then.

You should really go take a look: The Top 5 Tiny Wishes for Our Top 5 OTPs.

For the record, Jim/Pam and Jack/Kate really need to do better on fulfilling the wish list. Especially Jack/Kate. At least Jim/Pam bypassed the wish list altogether and gave their fans a surprise pregnancy instead. I can cut them some slack for that, wouldn't you say?

But seriously, it's way too much fun to see how well we did with our lists this year. Time to start compiling new wishes, kids! Let's get to it - we have so many new OTPs now, too, so leave us a comment with all the tiny wishes you'd most like to see for your fave couples next season!

One response to “Spring Cleaning and the Checking Off of Wishes Granted”

How I Met Your Mother -- Barney/Robin

5) Keeping "the beans" a secret from the rest of the group, a la Monica and Chandler in Season 5 of Friends. Hilarity ensues as setting Barney up with random blonde chicks doesn't work out well, and Robin doesn't pursue her weird tastes in men.

4) Barney's attempt at a "romantic" evening.

3) Ted finds out. And then one or both of them waaaay overshares to try to make him feel better.

2) Double date with Marshall and Lily, who are in full couple mode. Everyone realizes they miss Ted.

1) Somehow all of this directly impacts Ted's finally meeting the mother!