Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bones: The Finale On The Brain

Since it feels like I've been speculating about this episode since -- August, it's time for me to purge my brain and share some of the things that are actually relevant.

What's In A Name?

Very rarely, in fact almost never, do I find myself searching for a deeper meaning in a Bones episode title. It's always the same, comforting format. "Headless Witch In The Woods." "Man In The Outhouse." "The Man In The Bear." I mean, they are nothing if not consistently on the nose. However, once or twice a season the titles actually have meaning. "The Woman In Limbo," "The Pain In The Heart" and tonight/tomorrow's "The End In The Beginning." I had sucked all the meaning I could out of it but after reaching my limit on the real sex vs. dream sex debate, I decided to dust it off and revisit it last week. I started to think that the clip of them all adorable in bed together is what we see in the beginning. We're all taken off guard and treated to a little pre-sessy time. Then, by the end of the episode, it's ACTUALLY happening. Thus, the END in the BEGINNING.

Here's why...

Someone, whom I thank for this even though I can't remember their name, said that the image of what we assume is Brennan sliding off her heels, looks like it belongs in an opening sequence. Agreed. We could follow her feet through the doorway and up to the side of the bed, a la the beginning of The Truth In The Lye, but this time, you know, with Brennan and without the "sleeping with the exes" nonsense. She slips into bed, climbs on top of Booth, they kill me for a few seconds but -- no sexing.

If you're like me and haven't been able to take your eyes off the promo photos, you can see that Boothie has a niiiiice scar near his left eye. Not sure why -- but that's irrelevant. In the promo clip -- I can't see a scar. So, that bedroom exchange must come fairly early on because I don't think it's too long before he gets it. "Fairly early on" being another term for "beginning."

Then, in a sneak peek released yesterday, Booth and Brennan are called down to The Lab by local law enforcement, Cam and Jared, to look at a murdered body in the bathroom. Brennan says she was in her office from midnight until 4am and then went home. So, I'm making a leap and assuming he was already in bed when she got home and decided to give him some 4am lovin.

Plus? It would also explain why he looks half asleep in that promo. His face does not look like that of a man who's about to get his groove on.

Despite all the other meanings the title could have about old relationships ending in the beginning of new ones, if my meaning is correct, I will run out of my house and shout. Full. On. Shout.

"...You were right."

One thing that I'm almost demanding is a scene where Booth wakes up in the hospital to find Brennan at his bedside. I have this ongoing fantasy that Booth and Brennan will be canoodling on the railing in The Lab and it will end with her telling him he has to wake up. His surgery is done. It's time to wake up. He'll question what she's talking about and why she's telling him this. He may even sweetly protest it a little, "...I own a club...we're getting married...I like it here." With a smile she says, "I know you do -- but the Brennan you really want is waiting for you to wake up." Dream!Brennan continues to whisper in his ear to wake up as we transition into real!Brennan by his side.

...You were right.

Right about what?

You said that the -- that you would see me in recovery.

That sound? That's my heart deflating inside my body.

"WHAT is that NOISE?"

Since most of us assume all of this takes place in Booth's head while he's recovering from surgery, I kept thinking how funny it would be if at random times during the episode, there's a beeping noise in the background. He's looking around and asking where it's coming from and everyone is like -- wtf, Booth? because they don't hear it. Finally he breaks and just shouts, "What the hell is that noise???" Or they find a clever way to believably weave the beeping into the scenes. Either way, it ends up being the beeping of his heart monitor that has crept into his subconscious.

I think we've all experienced dreams where sounds from "reality" make their way into our dreams and become a part of what's going on. I realized that the hard way when I used to think my alarm was some other random noise in my dreams and NOT the buzzer telling me I needed to get up and go to work. Oops.

Depending on how creative they want to be, there are a lot of chances to explore Booth's sensory perception while he's recovering. Jumping back and forth between dream and reality would help to make a better connection between the two but that might require more time than we have. Brennan could be by his bedside holding his hand as we crossover into a scene of dream!Brennan holding his hand or kissing him on the forehead or doing any number of surrogate relationshippy things.

Although -- I'm not quite sure how they would tie dream and reality together when she's on top of him.

Maybe they'll just skip that one.

3 Responses to “Bones: The Finale On The Brain”

Hannah said...

Oh my gosh. That finale.

No words.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see what you say AFTER you watch it!!! Its.... both predicatable and unexpected - it that can mean anything... anyway cant wait for your next update on this!!!

mysticxf said...

Oh My God! That is adorable!! I love when dogs (and cats) react to their counterparts on television. Hee. And wow, she's gotten BIG.