Monday, May 25, 2009

The Office: Maybe I Misinterpreted the Phrase "Hysterical Pregnancy"

Not even two weeks ago, I discussed the likelihood of a Jam pregnancy.

Buy Some Onesies Because: According to TV Guide, Pam breaks her ankle and is rushed to the ER. Why is this storyline interesting (read: season finale material), except for the fact that Jam’ll be alone in the hospital--and Pam’s gonna need x-rays. Could this mean Pam also needs a pregnancy test?

Don’t Hold Your Breath Because: Man, that’d be random.

Likelihood: We’ll say 10%. But I’m glad it’s out there that I recognized the possibility.

Now, when I first saw that TV Guide synopsis, I called Mae laughing.

I was, like, "You know I have babies on the brain when I think even this screams pregnancy."

And then as the days ticked away, as the prospect of tiny Shephards and tiny Booths crumbled into Wednesday night, it became increasingly clear that, yes, I am that bad at predictions sometimes. And the only baby we were going to get (beyond those who exist solely in hallucinations) was the baby who I hadn't been spazzing about.

And it was so, so sweet, wasn't it?


I'll try to say something more coherent than ZOMG DADDY!JIM!

Yes, Pam's the one who's pregnant and everything, but it's her fiance who's the foreman at the cute factory. Maybe it's because I'm so partial to season two, but I think in a lot of ways I see The Office and Jam from Jim's perspective. I want to go back to "Casino Night" and tell that man that in three years, he'll be starting a family with Pam "I Can't" Beesly.

I think the sweetest part about this whole unplanned pregnancy thing is felt in light of Pam's speech in "The Job," where she laments that her and Jim's problem has always been timing.

And then a surprise brings tears to her eyes, a moment she shares only with the cameras.

Jim and Pam still can't get the timing right--but now, it's okay. Yeah, maybe in a perfect world, they'd be married and would have saved up a little more money, but they get through these bumps together now. And they're both really happy. I grinned like a fool after that scene aired, and when Mae paused Grey's to talk to me, I think she could hear the mirth in my voice when I told her how hysterically wrong I had been.

"Guess what?!" I asked, and she laughed. "I know what you're going to say. But tell me anyway."

Here's the thing about Jim and Pam. If we had found out in the Lost finale that Kate's pregnant, I would have been happy for me. But seeing Jim and Pam in that moment, I was happy for them.

This scene was also a beautiful bookend to the way they started the season, a distanced shot of a muffled moment.

A lot of people complain that Jim and Pam have gotten boring. I think they've just been underused. Their scenes in "Stress Relief" are the most poignant of the whole season, in my opinion. And not that every episode needs to be wraught with Jam angst, but they should have a solid B-story in at least two out of every three episodes. So hopefully the baby story will infuse a little excitement in the writer's room and encourage them to just write things for Jim and Pam. We know they can do it.

Obviously, this is what Jim and Pam have been planning all along, but it just happened in the wrong order. Watching them try to dodge concepts like "shotgun wedding" is bound to be hilarious. Watching Michael inappropriately say the word "bastard" is bound to be cringe-inducing.

Think about Creed's reaction. Angela's. Kevin's. KELLY'S! (I just did a little dance 'cause it was the first time I'd thought about Kelly's reaction and I'm sure i'ts going to be just delightful.) Toby's. Dwight's.

Yes, we've seen children and babies (Jan's, Stamford lady's) in the office before, but never when it was "one of their own." And even Jan's baby came practically full-term; pregnancy is going to be a fun and new topic to cover.

And at the end of the day, you're gonna get to see Jim Halpert holding a baby. If that's not enough to get excited about, then I don't know what is.

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mysticxf said...

A lot of people complain that Jim and Pam have gotten boring. I think they've just been underused.A-friggin-men. IMO, the show always feels more awkward when it's mostly about Michael, and the best when it's about everyone else... and bestest of the best when Jim/Pam are up to something. We haven't gotten a lot of that these past two seasons. I know this is going to be the best television pregnancy EVER.

Wedding before baby? Wedding at the hospital? And OMG YES, KELLY!

Imagine the fat jokes too...