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The Office: Finale Twist-a-Mania 09 Predictions

Now when I first heard that The Office finale episode was entitled "Company Picnic",  I couldn't have been more excited.   It smashes together some of my favorite things, employees in casual dress, the reintroduction of lovers and enemies, and Michael's shenanigans.  However, there were no hints at all about what the finale twist might  be, and as we well know, there is always some finale twist.   Let's explore some possibilities, shall we?

More...Now, not only do we have the traditional Office characters, as Jim and Pam always have some big news in the finales, but now in contention for Twist-a-Mania 09 is Holly, the long lost love interest all fans have been waiting for since she left. So through some major speculation, and I do mean, major, this is what I have managed to come up with.

1. Pam is pregnant.

Not too much of a stretch for this one. With all the talk of babies and our favorite couples finally getting it on, this could actually fit in to the finale trend quite nicely. Jim and Pam have had a nice relationship this season but they've been a little bit less of the focus. The proposal in the premiere was one of the only major event this season. In this past episode, they were going to get married, however, due to the fact that they obviously need to have an actual wedding, they held off. Seriously, how disappointed would the fans have been if Jim and Pam didn't have a wedding. Now, other than that, I feel like PB&J need a little bit of action. They've had an average relationship this season, jut happy to be, which has been nice, but when hasn't there been something huge about PB&J in the finale.

Also, in the same vein of pregnancy speculation, this could cause more than one conflict for PB&J. Pam had the longest engagement ever with Roy, and it has been made clear that it's not something that she wants again. A baby could do one of two things - speed the wedding along, or put it on the back burner until the baby is born, and either could cause a good deal of interesting conflict. Wedding stress is never fun. I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding this summer, and I can attest to that. Brides get a little crazy, and add in a dash of pregnancy hormones, it's just comedy waiting to happen. That's not to mention the pregnancy jokes from Michael, advice from Dwight and disapproving glares from Angela. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this one will take the cake.

2. Angela and Dwight get back together

Despite my reservations, Dwight and Angela are actually a couple I grew to love. Unconventional, yes, awkward, extremely, but somehow they made a perfect match. When they broke up, I understood. Sprinkles was Angela's favorite cat, she was upset, I get it. But when she was with Andy, she cheated on him with Dwight - something that I never thought she would do. Despite the duel for her affections, I feel like the two of them added a really interesting dynamic to the show that took the relationship focus off of PB&J.

Another interesting aspect of this dynamic is the newly found friendship between Dwight and Andy. I never thought that I would love Dwight and Andy as friends, but omg that scene of them goofing off in "Heavy Competition" proved me so wrong. I think they're so adorable. However, he rivalry between them is much more dynamic. If Dwight and Angela were to reunite, the friendship they had built would be destroyed. I'm not sure yet whether I would be okay with that.

3. Angela and Andy get back together

Yeah, it's all about Angela with relationships this season. My only prompting for this theory came from last week's episode, "Cafe Disco". As Andy was dancing with Kelly, Angela was giving him a look of longing. Or at least I interpreted it as longing. I may be wrong. let me know. The downside is also about Andy's relationship with Dwight (see above)

4. Michael & Holly reunite!

The reunion that all Office fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Michael and Holly will finally see each other again! It's been quite some time since Holly left for the Nashua branch. ( I still find that episode hilarious, by the way. I'm going to school in New Hampshire, and I can verify, there really is nothing between Scranton and Nashua.) Although Holly has a boyfriend, I thoroughly believe that she and Michael are absolutely perfect for each other. It would make my day if they could be together. However, according to Ausiello, Amy Ryan has other commitments, so Holly returning long term is unlikely. Eh, the romantic in me is going to hold onto that one anyway.

5.What if it's not that twistful, and that's what makes it the twist?

This idea was suggested by my friend Kayla. We were chit chatting and she mentioned that it was, in fact, possible to have a happy ending for a finale, without shocking the hell out of people. I tend to disagree, however, she is poking me incessantly as I write this, so I had to give it a mention. :)

I think that the finale twist may have something do do with PB&J, or Angela and [insert chosen male counterpart here]. My only doubts come from Ausiello, who said none of the guesses we have come up with even come close to the actual twist, but we shall see.

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Oh my God, as soon as they wheeled her off at the hospital I gasped aloud and whispered to the empty room, "Oh my God, those girls were right!"

Also, I left a comment on Facebook but never got a response...if y'all want someone to cover Dollhouse should it get renewed next year, I'd love to.

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Sorry, I never check the Facebook page! Send me an email at carolinejanecarter[at]gmail[dot]com and we'll talk!