Tuesday, May 12, 2009

House: What A Mind Trip

Another season is wrapped and now many House fans are left reeling from last night's events. Under the cut are my own thoughts and ponderings, along with speculation as to where we fans can find ourselves and House next year.

Perhaps it is best to break this all down into categories. Without further adieu, let's begin:

The Good

-Carl Reiner, for me, garnered a lot more sympathy than the PotW. Here is this man thinking that he only has a ridiculous squawking problem but in the end, it is something far more serious. He delivered the one bright comedic moment in this whole episode, when he handed Cuddy his stool sample while she was in a meeting. Two “gifts” at the same time.

-Apparently, I miss Kal Penn's Dr. Kutner more than I thought I did. Seeing him last night made my heart sink a little and reminded me that he is truly gone.

-The vicodin bottle/lipstick metaphor is both confusing and somewhat brilliant. Was Doris Egan trying to write it so that fans are lead to believe Cuddy is House's new version of a high? Or is this a case of showing us that he depends too much on something/someone that cannot save him? I have my own idea of what it all means, but I am curious to hear what the rest of you think.

-The House/Wilson friendship is, by far, one of more stable relationships of the show. This season, we are shown a parallel that brings back a sense of deja vu from last season's “House's Head/Wilson's Heart.” This time, Wilson is at House's side in one of his darkest hours. He is there for emotional support and truly shows what a dedicated friend he is. Many wondered why Cuddy did not accompany him as well, which was my initial reaction too. In the end, it makes sense for Wilson to be the one taking him if the writers are truly trying to show some tie between last seasons end and this one. Only this time, the relationship that needs mended is that between House and Cuddy.

-Cameron and Chase: This pairing seems to be a juxtaposition of every other relationship on the show. They have been through a lot over the past few seasons, with Cameron still holding on to a bit of her past and with Chase questioning her bond to him. I am honestly glad the marriage between these two came to fruition. If David Shore and Co. are staunchly against happiness for any of our Princeton-Plainsboro employees, it is saying a lot that these two have come together. And for once, I must say that seeing them work is refreshing.

-The House/Cuddy angle: I'm biased. Sad, but true. So anything I write will inevitably have a House/Cuddy slant on it. I am trying to find something positive to type right now in relation to this. Being emotionally invested in this pairing is very difficult, so like many other fans, I was blindsided by the events that unfolded. But, on to the “good.” If anything can be taken away from this, we know that somewhere in House's head, he is capable of being happy and that vision contains Cuddy. As far as that spilling over into the real world? It's hard to say at this point. Regardless of the events that have transpired, it is quite clear that House deeply cares for her and maybe is even in love with her. (A point I would have argued against before) Of course, there is always a “but” though....

The Bad

-Hallucination again. Really? Unless this is some adverse affect stemming from last seasons trauma, I must admit disappointment. I am still having trouble processing which parts of the last two episodes were real and which parts weren't. Anyway, I am not sure what happened this season, but it seems the writers all took a class and everyone is cheating off one another's notes.

-Not only is poor House hallucinating and being sent to a psychiatric facility, he is also jobless. The double whammy seems a bit too much for an already broken character.

-I am still wondering about how Cameron and Chase's roles will be utilized more next season. It was really a hit and miss this season where the two of them were concerned. Jennifer Morrison had a few story lines that let her stretch her acting skills as Dr. Allison Cameron. She had a large role in “The Itch” and when she stepped in for Cuddy during her leave of absence. Sadly, the same can not be said for Jesse Spencer's Robert Chase. He had very little to do this season outside of surgeries and trying to salvage his relationship with Cameron. Hopefully for Cameron and Chase fans, next season will be show more of these characters.

-As a supporter of House/Cuddy, I must say that the least of my issues are with the admission that the supposed sexual coupling was a figment of House's imagination. (Although the UMich story would have been nice to have in place.) It is clear that he is in no state for a relationship with Cuddy or to even attempt one. My main problem is that a lot of the focus this season was used to highlight their feelings for one another and that, in the end, no advancement was made between them. This is equally disconcerting to supporters and those against them as well. Whether you mark yourself as a “Huddy” or not, I think we can all agree that some sort of decision needs to be made. They either need to let them have an honest to God attempt somewhere down the line or they need to drop the prospect of romance between them. I can only hope for the first possibility.

The Ugly

-I know that House has often used a loose construction for basing its stories off of reality. At this point though, fans are left wondering: Where can House go from here? Things are a huge knotted mess right now, a feat I am not envious of the writers having to unravel in Season 6. Even if House can deal with his issues, does that make him fit to practice medicine again? Moreover, could he even get his job back? Where does that leave his fellows? They are now without a leader, which I speculate will leave Foreman to head diagnostics for a while. In the end, this finale seemed to create more questions than even the most talented writing staff can attempt to answer.

-The whole back and forth fan jerk is getting somewhat tiring. I understand the element of surprise and shock, but if I'm doing the same dance over and over, I am going to get off of the floor eventually.

-This season has been a fairly volatile one in terms of House fans clashing over differences. “Shipper Wars” have been raging throughout the season between the various factions of the fan base, sometimes becoming overly heated. Lets face it though: shipping is an inevitability. True enough, the show does deal with medical issues, but many of us feel personally invested in these characters and how they influence one another. As a fellow shipper, I know we have to wade through a lot of criticism. I stand by the fact that if not for these investments, David Shore would have a lot smaller fan following for his show than he does. It's what sells his dvds, what pushes his merchandise, and what keeps fans rewinding the episodes. That being said, it is still an often ugly thing to deal with or admit.


As I have stated, love or hate, I suspect many of us are secretly glad that the summer hiatus is upon us. Maybe we can all step back and contemplate what has transpired over this season. If you are feeling disappointment and anger, maybe the wait period will give you some semblance of peace and forgiveness. If you are pleased with the end, then the summer can be used as a introspective look back on a great season.

Thus begins the four month wait to see how this seasons events will be handled. I am apparently a glutton for punishment and like to feel like I have been punched in the heart or something. Or maybe it is my undying love for Lisa Edelstein. I am not sure. Anyway, I suspect I will be back in front of my television some September night at 8/7c, seeing where they begin to tear apart this rubber band ball they have created.

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