Monday, May 4, 2009

House: Dr. Cranky to Dr. Feelgood?

Yes, the bells are chiming in the heads of the House and Cuddy fan base. Celebrations started on April 30 due to the fantastically wonderful “Huddy” promo posted on the Official Fox site and have come into full swing as Monday 8/7c fast approaches.

It is the D-Day of sorts, the storming of uncharted ground in the world of House. In essence, it is five years in the making for some die-hard House and Cuddy fans, the culmination of hours spent in front of the television doing scene by scene analysis, general fan girl squeeing, and writing fanfiction that had plot lines only in the realm of dreams.

What can the fans expect in terms of this epic hookup? A “wham, bam, thank you ma'am” or something much deeper? It seems to be the million dollar question as season five comes to a close. In the remaining two episodes, not only are House and Cuddy doing the deed but House must deal with the constant presence of the Ghost of Differentials Past (Amber), kick the vicodin addiction in the tail, and solve the case of the shedding ballerina.

Predictions: Yes, there is something even more fascinating than the actual deed going down in House's apartment. Shocking, I know. So let the speculation begin.

Any House and Cuddy fan knows the road is always difficult and frustrating. It's the foundation this 'ship' was built upon. From the verbal tug of war to the metaphorical child's play in the sandbox, “The course of true love never did run smooth” for our duo.

In “Under My Skin,” the tale is no different. We find Cuddy coming to aide the ailing and troubled House. Much like last season's two parter, she is there for our favorite curmudgeon when the times are tough, once again offering a hand. (and well, let's be honest: A little more than that this go around.)

House is going through detoxing from vicodin, often the most hot love affair on the show. Perhaps it is his last ditch effort to get rid of Cutthroat Bitch, giving up the one thing he seems to enjoy most.

In order to help help him through his pain, Cuddy offers to stay the night and watch over him while he is at the height of his detox. I suspect the bathroom struggle will be over him caving in to the pain and he will spit out some terrible things to Cuddy once she tries to get his medication away from him. The angst and drama will be unquenchable, but our girl will win the battle and walk away a bit verbally abused.

House makes it through the night because, well, he is House. He can kick anything. And to be honest, he is probably aware of the fact that he would have had a pretty rough time of things if Cuddy hadn't come over. That leads us to the door scene where we have her asking, “You want to kiss me, don't you?”

The response is somewhat shocking, so much so that I had to stop and make sure I hadn't gone deaf. In a rather uncharacteristic move, House announces, “I always want to kiss you.” For a man who loves his games, this seems like the most forthright and honest thing he has ever said to someone. (But those of you with a better memory will surely counter me on this.)

What better response is there to this, other than to close that gaping chasm and lock lips? Cuddy will initiate a rather innocent peck at first, which in turn becomes something much more hot and heavy. This will lead to the christening of every surface of House's apartment and the coinciding of clothe removal. I highly expect the credits to roll with House carrying Cuddy into his bedroom.

Of course, there is all of that talk about hallucinations. It seems a ridiculous thing to ponder but eventually, one must. The line between reality and fiction remains small, so it leaves fans to wonder if House imagines being with Cuddy. To combat this theory, let's look back: Most of House's visions have contained only Amber. He seems to have a pretty decent grasp on the fact that she is the only one he is seeing. If the writers were going to take the hallucination route as far as House and Cuddy are concerned, it would only seem appropriate to lay some groundwork for that before the fact, none of which has been introduced thus far.

The finale will begin with the aftershock of the previous days events, leaving House and Cuddy to wonder if they can even attempt something resembling a normal relationship or if they are one beautiful train wreck, slamming in to one another out of pain and solace from a life of self inflicted misery. And in House's case, a life of physical pain.

Due to the emotional gut wrenching of “House's Head”/”Wilson's Heart,” I suspect that this season will go out with no less of a fireworks display. House will ultimately become entangled in an emotional or physical battle, leaving him with a bleak outlook and feeling even more alone than he did when he momentarily lost Wilson's friendship due to Amber's death. It will be a dark place for even Cuddy to pull him out of. As David Shore has said, Cuddy isn't the magical cure-all for House.

If any comfort can be derived from all of the dimness that seems to permeate any speculation, let's turn to the wise words of Dr. Cuddy herself in response to the unfolding (or unraveling?) relationship of House and Cuddy: "It's not a passing thing. It's been going on a long time whether they've acted out on it or not. (Cuddy) has a complicated relationship with men it seems," Lisa Edelstein said. "She likes the screwed up ones.”

It seems that hope is not too much of a vain thing to wish for in terms of this pairing. The path will be bumpy though, as is any true to life relationship. Regardless of the future, today is our day “Huddies”. Let us rejoice. I know I will be.

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Anonymous said...

I squeeed at the promo

Anonymous said...

I don't get how all you Huddies can be so excited when clearly the sex is only happening cause House is going crazy. I would have been disgusted if I actually wanted it to happen. But since I don't I can only laugh.

Lucid said...

I know that the pairing of House/Cuddy is one subject to much debate and many a heated argument. It's almost as volatile as the Foreman/13 pairing. As far as being a fan of this duo, I will say it hasn't always been easy. There have been some things I have groaned about when I saw them transpire. So, like you Anonymous, I'm not always happy with what goes down or how it goes down. At this point though, I have come to expect anything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whats with all the hallucinations lately (House, Izzy, Booth etc etc) cant we stick to reality?