Monday, May 11, 2009

Finale Week: The Possibility of Procreation

As we move into finale week, there are big events on the horizon for all of our couples. This year, especially, there seems to be a lot at stake. Whereas last year was all about hooking up, this year seems to be about making commitments and moving forward. You know what that means, folks: babies.

Under the cut, you'll find analyses of four potential offspring: why they might happen, why they might not, and, you know, what we suggest they name them.

Baby Shephard (AKA “Lucy”), Lost

As the potential offspring of my OTOTP, the daughter of Jack and Kate would bring with her a freighterload of mythology, as the third generation of island-bound Shephards. With her parents’ combined mommy/daddy issues, Lucy is the real redemption we’re meant to see for Jate. Having weathered some truly heinous situations with their own parents (and, for Kate, with her temporary son), healthy parenthood has to be one of the ultimate outcomes for this couple. Plus, she’d be freaking adorable.

Buy Some Onesies Because: Mom and Dad had really convenient unprotected sex the night before heading back to the island in “316.” It’s timely. It’s been a couple weeks since that fateful night, meaning Kate might start feeling the symptoms of pregnancy right about now. It’s also season finale time, which means time to ramp up the drama. And, it sets up the final season. If Kate’s not pregnant now, there may never be time. Also, this look:

Hey, Dad, do you know something I don’t?

Don’t Hold Your Breath Because: Mom threw back some brewskies with Roger Linus. (That’s okay, Lucy, I’ll still love you even if you have fetal alcohol syndrome.) Mom also time-traveled, gave a ton of blood, went traipsing through Hostiles territory, got knocked around (but not nearly as much as Dad, which could be a clue in the pro category!), and generally did some things that pregnant women aren’t supposed to do. If she’s even born, Lucy Shephard will officially be the most resilient person on the island. Also, this is a Lost finale. Do we really have time to deal with babies? And even if we did, how the hell’s Kate supposed to get confirmation out in the jungle?

Likelihood: I’ll say 40%.

Baby Brennan Booth (AKA “Ella”), Bones

As the half-logos, half-pathos child of Booth and Brennan, this little spitfire has the best characteristics of both of her parents--both in terms of her mental acuity and her undoubtedly unparalleled cuteness.

Buy Some Onesies Because: Hello, did you see “Critic in the Cabernet”? Not only did we establish that Brennan wants to be a mother (but only if she can have Booth’s sperm, apparently), we also got some serious foreshadowing from Angela when she suggested that “the right way” to do the pregnancy thing is to have happy naked fun sexy time. And guess who’s having a special evening this week? Baby Ella fits perfectly into a lot of what we’ve been hearing about the cliffhanger, specifically that the sex has huge ramifications that Booth and Brennan “won’t be able to walk away from.”

Don’t Hold Your Breath Because: It doesn’t fit with everything we’ve heard about the finale. Emily says it doesn’t make sense for them to travel at the beginning of next season, but it does at the end. This would make no sense in terms of the trajectory of a pregnancy, which would suggest the opposite timeline. Also, the popular theory right now is that the sex occurs in a flashforward, in which case, there’s no way they could get pregnant now from that future sexage. (This does leave open the possibility of the season ending with post-coital cuddling getting interrupted by Ella hollering over the baby monitor…)

Likelihood: I’ll say 70% (pretty high, right?), but only 35% that she’s gonna be conceived right now, in May 2009.

Baby Shepherd (AKA “Georgia”), Grey's Anatomy

This kiddo, the McBaby of Derek and Meredith, may have a genetic tendency to be dark and twisty, but we think a baby may just show how bright and shiny Meredith (and Derek!) can be.

Buy Some Onesies Because: Mom’s gonna get big no matter what. I mean, look. Ellen’s already showing. This is gonna be a hard one to hide, folks. Shonda hasn’t said anything about whether or not she’ll write in the pregnancy, which could be a hint that she’s saving it for a big surprise. Also, Patrick’s been on talk shows throwing the word “baby” around like it’s his job. Does he know something we don’t know? There’s really no reason NOT to write in the pregnancy.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Because: Mom and Dad already have a storyline in the season finale. In fact, this episode is so jam-packed we have no idea how they’d fit in a pregnancy reveal.

Likelihood: I’ll still say 60%. Ellen’s gonna get ginormous.

Baby Halpert, The Office

Let’s face it--a Jam baby is all about seeing John Krasinski holding a kid. I have a feeling Pam would be an awkward mom, but Jim Halpert--there’s a daughter daddy for you. Oh, God. No, seriously, of all the men on this list, the idea of Jim with a kid is the most appealing.

Buy Some Onesies Because: According to TV Guide, Pam breaks her ankle and is rushed to the ER. Why is this storyline interesting (read: season finale material), except for the fact that Jam’ll be alone in the hospital--and Pam’s gonna need x-rays. Could this mean Pam also needs a pregnancy test?

Don’t Hold Your Breath Because: Man, that’d be random.

We’ll say 10%. But I’m glad it’s out there that I recognized the possibility.

14 Responses to “Finale Week: The Possibility of Procreation”

Danielle said...

I am 99% sure that the Bones series finale will include a happy BB&Bee family, but I'm growing increasingly uncertain of her arrival in season 5.

Any thoughts behind the name suggestions, or are they just ideas that arrive fully formed? I don't follow Lost very much but somehow Lucy just seems to fit (crazy logic along the lines of, my best friend in middle school was called Lucy but her parents had wanted to call her Perdita but didn't because it means 'lost' hence Lucy is a great name for a Lost baby) but I'm not so keen on Ella.

Unknown said...

TONS of thoughts on the name suggestions. Georgia was Mae's idea because there's all this speculation about George's fate on Grey's, so a namesake from MerDer might be nice. Plus, Georgia just sounds like a name Shonda would pick.

We kept using "Elizabeth" for B&B's baby, but then I thought Booth would call her by a nickname (Bee!), but Brennan wouldn't. And a four-syllable name would just be too much of a mouthful for such a tiny precious thing all the time. So I think I spearheaded Ella.

And LUCY!!! Lucy has so much meaning behind it, related specifically to Lost:

There's Lucy Pevensie, the youngest of the kids in the Narnia books. Narnia has a ton of Lost connections already, but specifically the kids are "Daughters of Eve" and "Sons of Adam," which would correspond to the "Adam and Eve" skeletons that may/may not be Jack/Kate.

Lewis Carroll, who's been alluded to millions of times, specifically related to Jack/Kate, was raised by his aunt (just like Aaron was raised by Kate). That aunt's name was Lucy.

The song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" references "plasticine porters with looking glass ties." The flowery bizarre language of the song was inspired by Carroll's work.

The Lucy poems, by William Wordsworth, are elegies on the death of a woman he loved named Lucy. Pretty sad, actually, but the stories are very sweet.

Saint Lucy is the patron saint of eyes, decidedly a motif on Lost.

And we know Kate likes the name Lucy--she used it as an alias once.

So, yeah, the Lucy thing has reasons. The other ones are just cute.

I'm a nerd.

Anonymous said...

How can we get confirmation on "Lucy" in the jungle? Perhaps from Juliet? Remember that really random scene where Juliet is taking Kate's blood to donate it to Ben?

Unknown said...

I do remember that, vividly. Because at the time, I was leaping up and down going "Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!" And then I cried myself to sleep that night. Not really, but you get the idea.

I LOVE that idea. The only thing that doesn't work is--why wouldn't Juliet have told Kate already? When they were all holed up in the barracks trying to make a decision, why wouldn't she pull Kate aside? That's powerful information for Juliet to have, especially if she's keen on keeping Kate away from her man.

Unknown said...

These are very good analysis,and I totally love the name Ella for a BB kid *love*

Danielle said...

Thanks! :) Wow, so much meaning behind Lucy. I kind of lost track of Lost; I think I maybe need to fit going back to the beginning into my summer TV catch-up.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Juliet have already told her? Good question. Perhaps she just doesn't think its her business or assumes that Kate already knows.

Perhaps she just keeps the information to herself until she feels the most threatened by Kate, which she seems to be in the finale.

Anonymous said...

OMG, if we get a Jaby reveal in the finale...

amc815 said...

Hey, did you see the recent spoilers-ish on E! online?

Spoilers on others shows too, so be aware!

Breda said...

As an anthropology dork (partly why I love Bones and partly inspired by Bones: yes, I chose my major based on a TV show), I also love Lucy based on that whole "first human" thing. Especially with Jack and Kate stumbling across "Adam & Eve" back in season 1. (Full disclosure: I've fallen WAY behind on this season, so this may have been addressed somehow with the time-traveling. But it still makes me think of Lucy.)

Jim Halpert with a baby daughter is the most adorable possibility EVER. No reason for it to happen now, but OHHHH.

Unknown said...

@amc815 Yes, I saw those spoilers. Don't really know what to make of them (read: don't know if I believe it). But I'm going to the Glee premiere tonight and Kristin's gals are supposed to be there (and maybe Aus, too!). I'm way more excited to squeeze info out of those guys than potentially meeting the cast!

amc815 said...
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amc815 said...

hauauha C. Carter! Bring some new believable spoilers to us!!! ;)

Hannah said...

Caroline, you are so awesome for your random yet accurate prediction of the Jam baby.