Monday, May 18, 2009

Chaos in Stereo: This Is What You'd Call A Mixed Reaction

When we first discussed watching the Bones finale simultaneously while Skyping, I thought for sure this podcast would be one big squee session. Instead, it's a lot of confusion, excitement (for some of us), and anger (for some of us). No squee to be found here. What you will find is hilarity. We pick up in the middle of Mr. B and Bren's last scene together, and you get our genuine, first-time reactions to the shocking conclusion of Bones's season finale.

As a caveat--we usually try to censor ourselves when it comes to foul language, but we were a little too excited to do so the other night. If you're bothered by bad words or by certain unnamed individuals telling Emily Deschanel that she can "go suck it," this might not be the podcast for you.

3 Responses to “Chaos in Stereo: This Is What You'd Call A Mixed Reaction”

Lucid said...

Haha. I liked the "What did I tell you about Hart Hanson and David Shore." They were so looking at each others notes this season. What cheater pants they are.

Agreed on the whole "WTF!?" moment. I guess I will just stick around and see how HH "fixes" this mess.

Hannah said...

Hart Hanson and David Shore. I felt so bad for the Huddy people after Monday. And then Wednesday I understood just part of the disappointment they felt.

LOVE the comparison to the finales of the 2nd and 4th seasons of Alias. Those OMG WHAT JUST HAPPENED final moments. "Who are you?" and "My name isn't Michael Vaughn" may forever be some of the most dramatic season enders for me personally.

Nearly a week later with more information about season 5 and the finale, I've grown to like the finale. I think it will all depend on where they take this next season.

This is by far the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. Dude!