Friday, May 8, 2009

Bones: "Something Nice" in the Season Finale?

Dear Mae,

It's probably not a good idea to start conversations about things on which we disagree at 3:00 in the morning. You're the best,


I was feeling really pessimistic about Bones last night, and Mae was either playing a really good devil's advocate or she's come back around to being a heavy-hitter for Booth, Brennan, and Hart Hanson. I'm having some frustration because I feel like my speculation is too much to ask for at this point, but I think anything less would be a copout. So I set myself up for disappointment.

But I may have just seen the way out of it.


Here's what we said (at 3:40 AM, mind you):

Caroline: "Their relationship hasn't changed arguably since "Pain in the Heart." Something needs to shake up their PERSONAL relationship. Not just their PROFESSIONAL relationship.

Mae: "But I feel like that's where this is leading with this finale twist."

Caroline: "If they can find something that shakes up the personal and isn't the kid, I'm fine. But if (a) the sex is fake and/or (b) sweets splits them up *professionally*, I think I'll be taking a break. If the cliffhanger is something unrelated to the baby but wildly related to their personal relationship, I'm good. Unbelievably confused, but good."

So, basically, we're looking for potential cliffhangers that are related to their personal relationship but that aren't pregnancy.

Something that delays the inevitable but gives fans what they want.

I think obrien_blue at 206 just figured it out.

And I'm PISSED I didn't think of this first. After all, as an expert on "Something Nice Back Home" (and someone who's been using SNBH to draw parallels, considering the surgery-watching, etc.) you'd really think I'd jump onto the word--


That would make "The End in the Beginning" make a whole hell of a lot of sense.

That would give the audience exactly what we want--but with a twist.

That MIGHT even sew up the baby story. Imagine their post-coital cuddling gets interrupted by crying. ("Do you want to get her or should I?") Or maybe in this future they're trying to get pregnant.

That would give us something to work toward for the rest of the series--but it doesn't have to happen right now.

That would make sense of Emily's quote about "it doesn't happen when you think it's gonna happen.

And, frankly, that would satisfy me.

7 Responses to “Bones: "Something Nice" in the Season Finale?”

Lucid said...

I have to say, what that person said does seem really plausible. And it fits in with almost everything. Normally I am opposed to hallucination/AU/cracked storylines but I am not sure how I feel yet about this one. Regardless, this is going to be one strange season finale.

amc815 said...

If that woman, who is taking off her shoes is Brennan, it's definitely not in the present of both of them.
The whole flashforward thing is very plausible, but would be a huge cliché... I have seem this in Lost, Desperate Housewives etc.

Sorry about any gramatical mistake! I'm brazilian, and I'm still learning english! ;)

Hell, "The West Wing" pulled it off neatly enough, and we got C.J. and Danny procreated, which warmed my little hopeless-shipper heart. And a) it would definitely make sense here while b) staying consistent with everything that's going on in "Bones."

As long as the flashforward includes some mostly-nude (or all the way, if FOX suddenly decides to ignore the FCC!) David Boreanaz.

Also, this is a sidenote, but why is Booth dressed *exactly* like Usnavi from the end of the musical "In The Heights"?

bluesun89 said...

Orion is a genius. I think my mind just exploded. I think you two are so very right.

I agree about the necessity of David nakedness, btw.

Goodness, I can't wait to share this theory with my mom and my sis. They're gonna freak.

Hannah said...

What about the serious ramifications?

Unknown said...

@Hannah: Yep. That's a problem. I thought of this myself yesterday morning and immediately was like "CURSES!!!"

Epilogues, by definition, have no serious ramifications. They aren't "something they can't walk away from." The stuff about the "dynamic" changing I could write off, because it *would* affect how D/E think about their characters, knowing that they'll end up together, but it's not like Booth and Brennan would know that.

It also doesn't account for what Stephen Nathan said when he suggested that the sex had to happen early enough in the episode because we still have to deal with the fact that Brennan wants a baby.

Plus, isn't hallucination/AU + flashforward a little much for one episode? Even Lost doesn't do them all in the same episode.

I have no idea what the deal is.

I'm frustrated that everything keeps coming back around to pregnancy, when that seems so impossible.


Me said...

I cannot imagine being happy with a FF at this point at all. I mean, we all KNOW BB are going to get together at some point in the future. To show us that it does happen is a bit redundant and, as you said, does NOTHING to affect their current dynamic. I would actually prefer a hallucination to a FF. At least a dream indicates current desires on the part of Booth rather than promising recognized desires at an undetermined point in the future.

Haven't we heard that the hookup is not about love?? I swear I've read that somewhere? Is still screaming making a baby to me and potentially Booth thinking he is hallucinating then waking to realize it was real.

I could see Brennan being the woman in heels because she is still "playing the part." I could also see the heels being an earlier part of the episode not related to the actual love scene. Blast HH for telling us about this damn sex scene like 9 month's ago! WAY too much time for us to ponder it.