Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bones: A Major Finale Prediction

Hidden under cut b/c here be spoilers!


Okay, so we've seen the promo, we've read the interviews, now let's talk about the sex.

I thought after we saw the promo, we'd be able to discern whether or not the sex is in the hallucination or not. I can't. I still have no idea.

Now, half the evidence points to it does happen in the halluc, and the other half screams that it doesn't. If it does happen in the hallucination, I'm going to go batshit crazy, because they've been saying it's not a dream for months. I will disown Bones for SERIOUS if, come next Friday, Hart Hanson is, like, "I said it wasn't a dream, I never said it wasn't a coma-induced hallucination."

That's just not fair.

But then in this picture from the promo, Brennan doesn't look very Brennanish. The way she slips out of those heels, the way her hair's just doesn't feel like Brennan.

Now, whether or not this scene is indicative of this theory, I still think it'll stand:

In the dreamlucination, Booth and Brennan are engaged. This much we know for a fact. What would be awesome is if Booth and Dreamlucination!Brennan start hooking up, and then Booth stops it. This isn't right. This isn't what she's supposed to feel like. This isn't the way she's supposed to look and smell and, God help me, taste. That's the push he needs to wake up, and then he does and she's there, in his hospital room.

And he says, "There you are." And that's the Brennan he will eventually take home and bone.

Corroborating this theory? Emily's quote from Ausiello last week about how the sex doesn't happen when we think it'll happen.

That'd be freaking sweet.

5 Responses to “Bones: A Major Finale Prediction”

Hannah said...

That promo is amazing. I agree. It does seem like it's dreamcination Brennan in the last scene. The heels give it away. I hope you're right Caroline. I've believed that it's not a fakeout for so long.

I have no idea how they're going to fit Booth's surgery/recovery, Bones & baby, the case, and the sex....

Is it Wednesday yet??

Anonymous said...

For me this scene in the promo when she steps out of the heels looks like an episode beginning, I don't know why.
And I agree that "oh it wasn't a dream it was Booth fantazising during the op/after the op" would suck. However that's exactly what I am fearing.
I mean we know the club is called "the lab" and suddenly Caroline says they are all suspects. Why would they all go there together, especially because obviously you're not seeing it? Then Zac shows up to help although he should be locked away.
And what for me is really suspicious is that Booth just had a major head surgery and suddenly he is investigating a murder again, going into a fistfight with someone (promo) and doesn't even have a scar, less hair or anything else that says "surgery".
So my personal prediction is that the whole murder investigation is in Booths head while he has the surgery (or after). That would also explain why Jared suddenly shows up again, while he should be in India.
What would be interesting is if someone paid attention to Zacs hands in the promo. He couldn't use them before, did they look normal? That could be another hint that the whole thing isn't "real"

onebreath said...

And that's the Brennan he will eventually take home and bone.I am giggling WAY too much at that. Heeee.

Hannah said...

Now that we don't even know if we get a "real" sex scene, it just seems too crazy to even want a baby to come out of this.

It would help if we got sides...

Unknown said...

@Jessi That's a good prediction--because we know for a fact that it's true! We know the whole case takes place in Booth's mind...we just don't know how much takes place *outside* of Booth's mind.