Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bones: The Fangirl in the Frenzy

When we first got the sides for "Critic in the Cabernet," there was much flailing to be done. It even warranted a podcast. Now, unlike the similar podcast we did upon reading the "Hero in the Hold" sides, having seen tonight's episode, I have to say that we pretty much nailed this one.

Sure, some scenes could have been weightier, some scenes could have been more in character, but overall, this episode was kind of the shit.

But if we hit the nail so succinctly on the head of this episode (not to toot my own horn, but the last scene contains word-for-word dialogue I specced), then why am I so scared that next week's finale may be my last episode of Bones ever?

Since January, I've been yammering on about how I think Booth and Brennan should have a baby. Shortly after I started speccing on the idea, and how it's actually a genius way to further their storyline without making them an official couple, more people (and mainstream TV media) really started talking about it. The consensus in the fandom, I think, is that this is a terrible idea, but it's one to which I have become quite attached.

Up until yesterday, I was convinced that this was going to be the cliffhanger: Booth and Brennan staring down the business end of a positive pregnancy test.

Now, I feel confident they're going in a different direction, one I'm not going to like nearly as much.

In tonight's episode, we deal with Brennan spontaneously deciding she wants a baby.

In some respects, the story is tied up nicely at the end of the episode. Booth tells her he wants her to use his "stuff" if he dies and promises, "You're gonna be a really good mom." (Then there's that moment where I die.)

Other things are left more open. Particularly, Sweets's growing frustration with Booth and Brennan's lack of ability to vocalize the depth of their connection.

Of all the characters in the stressfest of last night, Sweets was the one who was most unhinged. (And, yes, I'm counting Brennan's comments about how exciting it would be to expose her child to early pattern recognition.)

I feel, looking into next week, that the logical conclusion is not pregnancy, but rather Sweets terminating their partnership.

It is foreshadowed tonight in Sweets's bold voicing of his irritation with Booth and Brennan's communication. And it makes sense considering some of the quotes we've been hearing, particularly from Emily Deschanel.

"We're not traveling at the beginning of the season, but we may go away at the end of the season or the beginning of the next. The intention is to travel again. But the way the next season is going to begin it wouldn't make sense."

And she keeps using the word "dynamic." Their dynamic's going to change, they're going to have a new dynamic--I've been hoping this meant baby, but it could definitely mean being split up. And that quote about traveling makes 100% sense if they're separated at the beginning of the season and 0% sense if she's expecting a baby at the end of next season.

So with this knowledge, I feel there are three scenarios here that could play out in the finale.

#1. The Cliffhanger.

Booth and Brennan have all the sex, continue denying they have feelings for each other. Sweets separates them. "The End in the Beginning" makes a hell of a lot more sense.

What's wrong about this scenario: It's lame. It's really, really lame. This has no ramifications on their personal life. In this situation, they can continue hanging out after work like nothing has changed. We may get a few interesting cases based on this idea that they can't go into the field together. Brennan might try to secretly help Booth ID bodies, they might have secret meetings in parking garages, but there's nothing preventing them from staying friends. What's more--there's nothing to prevent them from staying more than friends. Something has to happen that keeps the sexual tension tense, to stop them from having sex. You sever their partnership, one of the biggest reasons they have for not being romantically involved, and you give them an all-clear, basically.

#2. The "Fight the Future" Scenario

Booth and Brennan get split up earlier in the episode. She goes to his house, they exchange platitudes about partnership and love. With nothing left to lose, one thing leads to another.

What's wrong about this scenario: It's definitely not lame, but it doesn't do a good job setting up next season. For starters, this makes the sex the cliffhanger. And we know that's not true. (More on that in a minute.) Again, it gives them no reason *not* to be together. Oh! The other thing that's wrong about this scenario is that another thing that keeps coming up in interviews is this concept that it's the sex that changes their dynamic. That the cliffhanger is a direct result of the sex. A baby is. A split is not.

#3. The Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too Scenario

Booth and Brennan have sex, discover pregnancy. They tell Sweets, he is in disbelief. (A) They had sex. (B) They created life. (C) They're acting like this is totally normal. He severs their partnership on the spot, effective until they can figure out their issues.

What's wrong about this scenario: It's too much! I imagine the first 45 minutes of the episode has to be inside the dreamlucination. This doesn't leave too much time for sexing, test-taking, Sweets-meeting. Also, the baby thing would be a WAY bigger reveal than the partnership problem, so it dilutes the cliffhanger.


The baby thing could still happen.

Let's not forget Stephen Nathan saying that B&B's sex happened early enough in the episode that we would still have time to deal with Brennan wanting a baby.

Let's not forget that Angela suggested to Brennan that the best way to make a baby is to "get naked together, devour each other in a passionate frenzy." (It is, by the way. I saw a study.)

Let's not forget that they definitely changed Booth's line from "If I can't be involved, I don't want her to have him" to "If I can't be involved, I don't want her to have the baby." That distinction was massively relevant to me, the co-developed of The X-Chromosome Factor and full-fledged believer in Booth-as-daughter-daddy, but irrelevant to the story unless the baby thing is going to continue to play a role.

Let's not forget that if the baby thing isn't related to the finale, if it plays no role in setting up for next season, then why in the world was this plotline introduced right now? They had a seriously weak February sweeps--this could have picked it right up.

And, you know, let's not forget that it's still on their minds. When he looked into her eyes and said, "You're gonna be a really good mom," his eyes spoke volumes about how badly he wants to see that happen. And although Booth's illness might delay her trying to conceive, he just sat there and told her she'd rock motherhood like it's her job. You think she's been dissuaded? No.

Considering these factors, I have to say--and Mae will back me up and tell you that I'm not one of those girls who just throws this out there at random--I'm really not interested in watching a season five of Bones that doesn't center around a B&B baby. I'm just not interested.

So I no longer harbor expectations that this baby is happening. But I maintain a slight hope--and the unabashed opinion that it's the right move for the show. We'll see who gets it right next week.

5 Responses to “Bones: The Fangirl in the Frenzy”

Why would this be your last episode?

Unknown said...

Sorry--was I a bad explainer? If there's no baby, I'm not saying that the show is doomed, or even that they've made the wrong decision--I'm just not interested in watching.

Anonymous said...

I was opposed to a baby at first. I could see this scenario working though. As for your potential last viewing of Bones if certain things don't work out: I sort of hit that point when Angela got hit in the face with a bouncing frozen turkey and then right after that, Booth and Brennan steal a body from a casket and Cam just shoves him through a window and he slumps against the wall. I mean, I don't mind humor. I just wish they would get some respect back for the dead.

Oh ok, got it! :-)

Yeah, the humor in some of the past episodes was soo insulting to so many different people. The respect for pretty much anyone has gone out the window.

I will continue to watch just because I am so damn addicted to Booth and Brennan. haha

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for the baby because I think the dynamic of Booth trying to balance Bones' strange/scientific child rearing practices ('dancing phalanges'?) with normal parenting behavior would be a hoot!

And I'm thinking it would be fun to switch up the BB dynamic. I think it MUST be Booth who struggles daily (especially after CitC - longing glances in the hospital) but it would be fun for that to switch to Brennan's daily struggle next season.

I'm hoping Booth's head issues cause him to lose his memory of their big event so that it is Brennan who is hooked emotionally but Booth is holding back somehow. Obviously, I haven't thought this through enough because I don't yet have a plausible way for him to do that without a major personality change. But, there you are ....