Monday, April 13, 2009

The Office: Forget Ring!Watch '09 -- I'm on Paper!Watch!

Oh, my goodness! The picture at right doesn't give any Office plot details away, but open the cut for a picture of our favorite ex-receptionist and see what's going on!

More...There's Pam, doing three interesting things.

#1: She is clearly wearing the same outfit as Phyllis. I sense some good, ol'-fashioned PRANKING going on!

#2: She is sitting at a desk that currently does not exist, and from the angle (and the visible shoulder), it sure looks like that smile is meant for her fiance! Does this mean Pam's back at Dunder-Mifflin? Does it mean she's been promoted to salesman? Or is she just taking a break to take care of some personal business with the future Mr. Beesly? Speaking of which...

#3: She is holding a paper product that looks suspiciously like a reply card to a wedding invitation. Does this mean Jim and Pam are actually making wedding plans? Oh, man, so excited.

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