Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost: ZOMG Look at Those Smiles!

I had a long day, and it's not over yet. But after a grueling conference that lasted all day (poor Freckles home all by herself!), I arrived home to find a nice little present. Pictures after the jump.

More...Promotional pictures for "The Variable" are available at Dark, and they include these awesome little gems.

Those smiles are adorable enough as it is, but you take them in the context of a third shot:

And it's obvious those smiles are meant for each other! Beside myself.

Now is not the time to mention that "The Variable" is also the episode which includes that mysterious "young girl" in the press release, who, in all likelihood, is almost certainly absolutely no one of importance. Except that she could totally be you-know-who who I refuse to mention.

5 Responses to “Lost: ZOMG Look at Those Smiles!”

mysticxf said...

LMAO, I'm kind of more interested in the fact that their jumpers are, you know, "dark/light"...

But seeing them all giggles (Whether they're 'set' photos of 'promo' photos) is nice... and they're in thrones next to each other... again, you know, if you wanna notice that kinda shit.

Me said...

I'm not one to ever think actors are hooking up IRL esp since Foxy is all "I've been married 200 years" and EL is like "the hobbit and I are in lurve" but these two really like-like each other. And I love that. Every set of outtakes we have seen of them from this season has at least one shot of them with sweet smiles as though they actually like working together.

I didn't know the girl who must not be named was showing up in Faraday's ep. I am now :(

Also, beating pregnant women = not cool so....

Sophie Shephard said...

Whoa.. I thought Li'l Alex last week had killed all of our dreams about little brown-haired girls. Then when I saw regular Alex in other episodes, I was trying to determine her eye color. 'Cause I thought I remembered her having blue eyes, but I couldn't tell.

Anyway. Glad to know there's still some hope.

Except now I'm all excited for next week's episode instead of tonight's.

Unknown said...

@Sophie--yeah, I always thought Little Alex might come back and bite my theory in the ass. Alex has green eyes--specifically green eyes. Tania Raymonde has brown eyes and wears green contacts to play Alex; in one shot of the palm tree massacre, you can see her contact slipping. (Look it up on Lostpedia.) I still don't understand why, if Little Alex did end up being this kid, why they specified eye color, when we never got that close to her. I guess we'll see in two weeks.

And @Kat--yeah the kid is in both episodes. Which is odd because it makes me think she's not a flashback/forward character. If she was just in Faraday's, I might write it off as a character from his childhood, especially since another character in that ep is "Young Daniel." But then why is she also in Jack's episode???? Oh, the intrigue.

Me said...

@Caroline - yeah the eye color is still such a weird issue. Why the specificity if it was going to be the wrong eye color (ie little Alex) or if it was random Dharma girl? Hmmm, so she is in both eps? Changes things a bit.