Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost: Who Wants to Go on an A-Mission With Jack?

New promo pics came out yesterday, and they hint at something I've been waiting for all season long.

A good, old-fashioned, traipsing-through-the-jungle, getting caught by the Others A-Mission. With Jack and Kate.

Here's hoping it includes the classic elements:

1. Kate invites herself along.

2. The Others outsmart them, but they go to great lengths to protect/reassure each other.

3. The guns come in handy.

One response to “Lost: Who Wants to Go on an A-Mission With Jack?”

mysticxf said...

These photos made me incredibly giddy the other day. The whole 'Dharma' living thing is weird, as artificial as it felt the LAST time half of them were living there. It's about TIME Jack/Kate got back into the jungle (lol, it's weird thinking it's really only been about three episodes of them in Dharmaville, it feels like FOREVER... I guess it's all the City Stuff this past two seasons).