Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost: Snippets Have Good...and Very, Very Bad News

Okay, this is the fastest post I'll ever do, because I have to be at a breakfast in 50 minutes across town.

Dark had some snippets about the rest of the season up this morning, available under the cut. Then we'll talk.


- Widmore captures Jack and Kate
- Juliet and Sawyer become Dharma prisoners
- Jack and Kate are beaten by the Others
- 3 of Juliet, Sawyer, Jack and Kate are given a "ticket" on the sub.
- Sayid is responsible for the other one not getting a place on the sub.
- Ben and Sun go boar hunting with Locke
- Team Locke go with Richard to the Drug Plane
- Locke takes his place as Leader of the others after a big speech.

From the spoiler pictures we've seen, I think I have a feeling about which three get sub tickets, and it makes me very nervous--yep, looks like Jack's staying behind. Although, these folks know better than anyone that just because you've got a sub ticket doesn't mean you're getting on the sub.

The other thing. I feel like I've seen everything at this point. Every spoiler, I find myself saying, "Oh, just like 'Triangle.'" "Oh, just like 'Arcadia.'" "Oh, just like 'Phase One.'"

Well, the spoiler line about Jack and Kate getting beaten by the Others? It immediately made me think of this scene, from Alias's third season. I'm totally stoked.

Nothing like a good beating to force you to confess feelings for each other.

3 Responses to “Lost: Snippets Have Good...and Very, Very Bad News”

mysticxf said...

Ok, so at work I can see the difference in colors you were talking about... LOL.

But Dude, I've never seen Alias and I try NOT to do the comparison thing (it's hard sometimes -- see your 'Castle' vs 'Bones' thing, which is probably spot on, I've never seen Castle so I can't say either way) and I can't see video at work, LOL... but I am SO FRIGGIN STOKED to see Jack/Kate get "beaten" by Others, although, I have a feeling it means Jack gets beaten and Kate says "I love him!" and means it, LOL.

As for the Sub, do you REALLY think they'll leave, LMAO. Daniel will probably show up, give them some interesting information that says they CAN'T leave (and you know Kate won't leave, she still has to A) rescue Jack and B) find Claire) And maybe Juliet/Sawyer give up their seats for Charlotte and her mother...

But just the fact that Jack/Kate are having interactions with The Others at ALL is making me incredibly giddy. hee.

Me said...

OMG - you had to use my favorite moment of Alias EVAH! So, so true and while I'm sure the Jate beating won't be nearly as poignant there's a part of me that is SO hoping it will be even better than Syd/Vaughn.

IT with Mystic ^^^ just knowing they are going to interact gives me a glimmer of hope. And I can't believe how freakin' happy I am to have my ship beaten up.

Unknown said...

@Mystic: Comparisons are important because these people just steal from each other. It's easier for me to speculate that way. Love the idea of Suliet giving up their seats. And you're right, they're not going to keep our characters ping-ponging btw island and mainland anymore. I think they're on the island to stay.

Somehow I think Claire must be part of "The Fork in the Outlet." Like, we haven't been thinking about her all season, and then BAM--there she is. I'm definitely feeling that.

And you've never seen Alias? That's just a travesty.