Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost: If We're Gonna Find Out About You-Know-Who, It'll Be Tonight

Evangeline Lilly: "This is the linchpin episode for Kate this season. This is the episode where we understand why Kate made the decision to come back to the Island. The entire Kate story for season 5 is revealed here in this episode, so it's been very cathartic to finally reveal to everyone what's going on behind the mask for 11 episodes. What I always hope is that people would go back and re-watch episodes and think, 'Oh, so that's why she reacted like that in episode 5 of season 5!' There's so much more than meets the eye."

There are a couple of things to think about this week.

One: We know Cassidy's in this episode and it doesn't sound like she's too happy to see Kate (in flashback). One spoiler I read on Dark also suggested that Cassidy didn't remember Kate (from their Iowan adventures back when Kate was on the lam), but that's just crazy, right? I mean, this is an awesome opportunity for one of the characters to realize whoa--the island is special. Kate realizing that this woman from her past had been pregnant at the time with Sawyer's baby, that she had influenced James Ford's trip to prison, and that Sawyer wanted Kate to help her? Incredible.

Please don't cop out by having either of them not remember.

Two: Little Ben's in the OR, and from the looks of the sneaks, Jack's not willing to help. Kate shoots Jack a look of disbelief.

Three: We're going to get some Aaron answers tonight! Where is he? Why is he there? Could we also get a flashback to Jack and Kate's sexing in "316"?

Four: Lots of people--not just us--are speculating that Kate's pregnant.

Five: We know that Jack and Kate are going to be having some tense times for the rest of the season.

From the sounds of it, if we're going to find out about the Jaby that we have named Lucy Shephard, it'd be tonight.

I think the chances are looking good.

First of all, I think the Lost community in general is getting really good at speculation. I mean, the Ethan Rom/Other Man think got past me in season one, but now, we're all so good at reading between the lines that we figured out that Ellie=Eloise, that Daniel's mom=Ms. Hawking, and that Ajira 316 and Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sayid landed in two different times.

The fact that Kate's pregnancy feels "easy" doesn't make it impossible.

Next, it just fits into all of those other points.

Tonight, Kate's going to be dealing with lots of kids: Aaron, Little Ben, Clementine. It would be fitting for the episode to end with the revelation that she, herself, is pregnant.

Furthermore, the fact that Jack and Kate are going to be spending some time on the outs means, as we would expect, a baby for Jate doesn't mean Happy Family Time straight off the bat. Maybe Jack doesn't even find out about the baby for a while.

I also got an "I've been feeling sorta queasy, so I can't have you going around killing kids" vibe from Kate in that sneak peek.

This one is important. Mae and I have a theory that every character on television has an ultimate arc. One ultimate story that defines who that character is as a person. For John Locke, we might say this is something about destiny, leadership, and the island. For Shannon, it was about reclaiming her identity as an individual and moving past her abandonment issues. For Dana Scully, it was about accepting reality beyond what science can prove.

For Jack Shephard? I'm convinced it's going to be about fatherhood.

Introduced in "White Rabbit," solidified in "All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues," soldiering on through "Do No Harm," "Man of Science, Man of Faith," "A Tale of Two Cities," affirmed by "Something Nice Back Home," and hammered to death in "316," Jack's daddy issues are the crux of his character.

By the end of the series, Jack Shephard needs to be a father.

Until recently, I would have argued that Kate's story was about stability, about not running from one's problems, but after the Aaron story, there's no way that parenthood isn't an important theme for Kate, too.

With the way Lost tells stories (this season has so far covered less than a week of "time," whatever that means, for the Oceanic Six), for Baby Shephard to arrive by the time the show ends, they probably need to jump on that pretty soon.

Now sounds like as good a time as any.

2 Responses to “Lost: If We're Gonna Find Out About You-Know-Who, It'll Be Tonight”

mysticxf said...

You know I'm in complete agreement here and I'm literally TINGLY for tonight's episode (partly because, you know, Kate IS my favorite character).

I've always felt Kate's overall arch would be to have what she was denied in her childhood -- a stable relationship -- and to, in turn, give her child what she never had -- good parents. For that she would need to stop running, would need to stop lying and comit to someone, to a relationship.

To end this episode with Kate and the audience understanding that she is, indeed, pregnant, or her outright would be another step forward in her journey towards that, but I doubt there will be anything revealed until at least the finale. Possibly to Juliet (before she leaves or bites it).

And I have a feeling that the final season will play out in "real time", or our LAST flash will be to that future where Jack/Kate HAVE that stable family on this Eden and everyone else is either long gone, or are many years from arriving...

Phoebe said...

Poor Jack...feeling that Kate didn't like the Old him. She sure did a number on him, huh? Keeping Sawyer's favor a secret.(Never-mind sleeping with him back in season 3.)