Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost: Consider This a Promise, Not a Threat

This is a Ben episode that's coming on in about an hour.

We assume we will get a flashback to Ben getting himself all cut up on the pier.

Many assume this has something to do with the Widmore-Hume family.

You know, I still have a sneaking suspicion that Benjamin Linus knows what's what, and that he's ultimately doing what's going to end up saving the island/world/time-space continuum. But let me just say one thing, and you can hold me to this--

If a hair on Charlie Hume or Penny Widmore's head is so much as touched, it will be 100% over between me and Ben.

Mae says she hopes Penny's the one who opened up a can of you-know-what on Ben. I'm right there with her, because seriously. That would be awesome. You do not mess with the mama bear.

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