Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Call Me Single-Minded

I could write an entire memoir on my history with fandom.

No, really, that's not an exaggeration. I'm Enigma, and I'm nothing if not eclectic in my obsessions.

It started when I was four years old and my parents took me to see a performance of Swan Lake by our local ballet company. I think they were hoping I would fall in love with dance; they wanted to get me started on extracurricular activities early, and I had absolutely no interest in sports. Instead, the romantic in me woke up, decided that the tragic ending was woefully inadequate, and proceeded to spend the next several years coming up with happier alternatives.

Between then and now, I've spent time in more than forty different fandoms, but I'll spare you the gory details and try to just hit the highlights.

When I was six, my dad decided that I should be introduced to Star Wars. I watched approximately the first ten minutes, until R2-D2 was stunned by the Jawas, and promptly decided it was too scary for me. Luckily, my dad tried again when I was eight, and from then on I was hooked into the world of SciFi. I wrote my first fanfic for one of the Star Wars spin off novels at the age of nine, and haven't stopped writing since.

From Star Wars, I moved on to Star Trek: Voyager, and started taking part in online fandom. I also learned what it was like for the evil Powers That Be to tell the fandom "of course we can't ever do what you want" and foil my ship in the series' last episode. (I mean, really, in what world does it make sense to drop what you've been developing for seven seasons and go somewhere entirely different? The Delta Quadrant, apparently.) Still, undeterred, I let my friends drag me into X-Files fandom, and gained a penname, my first online community, and an addiction to reviews for my first posted fic.

High school for me was a whirlwind tour through Rent, Wicked, and a number of other theatre fandoms. Those fandoms brought me my LJ, my introduction to role-playing, and the knowledge that it's generally a really bad idea to make a movie out of a musical.

After a brief stint with Bones, I've found myself going strong in House fandom for the past two years. That's how I met Mae, how I spent my first year of college going insane, and ultimately, how I got recruited to blog here.

What you should know about me is that when I'm in a fandom, it's all-consuming. I may have had a lot of different ones over the years, but never more than one at once. I'm the kind of girl who thinks about fandom 24/7. Everything reminds me of it. I'll get fic inspirations from just about every song I hear on the radio, or sit in organic chemistry learning about C-C bonding (carbon-carbon, that is) and wondering whether by some miracle Chase and Cameron might actually get a scene together this week.

So there you have it, in a few words short of a full-blown novella (I hope). I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say as we get closer to the season finale over the next few weeks, so for now I'll stop typing and go back to staring at the clock in anticipation of the next episode.

(21 hours, 38 minutes. Just in case you cared.)

One response to “Just Call Me Single-Minded”

With love for all theatre fandoms, *especially* Rent and Wicked. I always find it fun to see where people cross the line between simply liking a movie/book/show/play over to full-on fanning.

For me, it was Harry Potter and a bit of Moulin Rouge (I don't like tragic endings, either) that launched me into fanfiction and the rest, and though I ducked through Smallville (...) on my way to Broadway, I'm now firmly stuck in a few TV fandoms (thus my reading of this blog). Particularly the Buffyverse, which is bad, as that fixation's about a year and a half old and showing no signs of stopping despite the fact that the relevant shows are long gone. Bones does give a girl the requisite dose of David Boreanaz, though, so I'll be okay.