Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chuck: How Chuck Bartowski Saved the Day

So here's what you need to know: Two years ago, Bryce Larson broke into a secret government facility and destroyed a super computer known as The Intersect, but before he did, he sent a copy to Chuck Bartowski – a guy he was best friends with until college, where he set Chuck up as having cheated, getting him expelled before apparently hooking up with Chuck's then-girlfriend, Jill – who opened the file and subsequently had this super computer uploaded into his brain.

Chuck, who lives with his sister Ellie and her boyfriend Devon (Captain Awesome) and works at a local Buymore (think Best Buy, complete with Nerd Herd in place of the Geek Squad), then becomes a quasi-government agent working with John Casey and Sarah… which isn't her real name, and he's totally head-over-heels in love with her… using the flashes of information triggered when he sees certain people, words or objects by the Intersect in his brain to solve crimes, usually caused by the bad guys – Fulcrum.

It's one part action, one part romance, and one very large part comedy.

Over the course of the past two years Chuck, Sarah and Casey have solved numerous cases, all the while trying to find a mysterious figure called Orion who could possibly hold the key to both creating a new intersect for the government (they WERE working on a second one, it kinda blew up) and removing the one from Chuck's head, giving him back the life he'd been living BEFORE he uploaded that file into his noggin.

Two weeks ago they found him, and it turns out Orion is Chuck's father, who ran out on Chuck and Ellie many years prior and who they'd always perceived to be a complete quack. But because this is Chuck, this insane revelation is… kind of awesome. Except that Fulcrum is developing its own intersect (a test version was uploaded into Chuck's brain as well… dude's got a big noggin) and in trying to go in and use it to remove the intersect from his own brain, Chuck ended up getting captured and his only saving grace is his father (who left to go into hiding FROM Fulcrum) went in after him and exchanged his knowledge for his son's life.

So Chuck's mission in life has become: Rescue my father. And that involved Chuck's ex, you know, the girl Bryce supposedly slept with in college. Turns out she's Fulcrum. Actually, it turns out that college was the perfect recruiting ground for all kinds of super secret spies and Chuck's cheating? Was to expel him to avoid him becoming an agent because Bryce knew his best friend wouldn't survive it. Chuck's ex went in with the team to a secret Fulcrum training location and obtained the information all Lost fans laughed at – Orion is being taken to the Black Rock.

Dark Territory indeed, since now the General in charge has decided Chuck should go into lockdown. Problem with the General's plan is Chuck isn't going down without a fight and, fortunately for him, neither is Sarah, the only person Chuck trusts. She's also the only person who seems to remember that Chuck never asked for any of this to begin with and that all he wants is to go back to his normal life, even if that means it's without Sarah. So she helps him ditch his locator watch and heads out on the run with him to find his dad.

That's not even mentioning the going's on at the Buymore where the current Supervisor has just succeeded in a coup d'├ętat over the Manager (Big Mike) with the help of an unsuspecting Morgan, son of Big Mike's girlfriend, and Chuck's best friend. Nor does it take into account Ellie and Awesome's impending nuptials, the reason for which Chuck went out to search for his father in the first place.

For a show about a 'dumb average guy' that isn't being taken seriously by any media outlet, it sure is a complex and wonderful little gem in NBC's Monday night lineup.

With Chuck and Sarah on the run, the Buymore under the management of a Nazi, and Ellie picking out the perfect flowers for her bouquet, they've now set up one of the most dramatic rundowns towards a finale on television and yet, my expectations aren't that high. Because this is CHUCK and I know as insane as it is, it will only get more insane and I will only cheer harder. It's something Heroes had in season one and lost along the way, that willingness to be strung along without question, because you're just having FUN.

3 Responses to “Chuck: How Chuck Bartowski Saved the Day”

Erin said...

Please, PLEASE, everyone watch Chuck. If only to prevent a complete mental breakdown on my part if this show is cancelled.

It's genius. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll swoon over the adorableness that is Sarah and Chuck.

Seriously, give this show a chance. Watch it live. Next week is going to be particularly awesome in the 'shipping department.

I'm so excited to see Chuck coverage here at CiG!

Me said...

Please do not convince me to connect with another TV show.... You peeps are evil over here!!! I won't do it. I swear I WILL NOT@!

(did someone mention there would be shipping involved?)

Erin said...

You know you want too.

Good 'shipping. Best of the series so far, I'd predict.