Tuesday, April 7, 2009

House: Of Recent Spoilers and Why Ausiello is...Well, What His Name Suggests

If you're caught up on Mae's predictions, you know that all spoilers recently have suggested there's an engagement in Chase and Cameron's near future, if not an actual for-certain wedding.

Then, last night, our favorite Ausiello dropped this bomb on the fandom:

* Cameron and Chase are breaking up on House... but is there a twist?

The end of the world? I think not so much. In fact, I think there very much is a twist, and I think it's that Ausiello is trying to create a mess in our fandom so that he can look like the good guy when it all turns out to be okay after all. He even said as much. In the video accompanying that spoiler post, he says:

-"There's a twist that comes after the break up, and I'm not telling anyone because I want to get the fans all riled up. And they're not going to know. Kind of a bait and switch going on here."

Sounds to me like Ausiello knows we already have set leaks telling us about Chase and Cameron's upcoming greencard engagement. But instead of just confirming it, he decided to spill this bit and upset everyone first.

Now, how exactly are we going to go from broken up to engaged in just two episodes? Let me tell you.

First, allow me to remind you of this totally awesome interview with Jennifer Morrison, which was conducted during the filming of episode 21, Saviors. (The episode in which said "break up" must take place.) She said some pretty choice things about Chase and Cameron's relationship which now seem especially relevant:

-“No matter how much she wants a happy relationship, it’s hard for her to be vulnerable in a real way.”

-“Foreman tells Cameron that real commitment is when you know you could spend 30 years with somebody, make the sacrifices. It was a jarring thing for her to hear.”

-“And I think that’s a lot of what haunts her in trying to get close to Chase. If they keep getting closer, what does it mean? How long do they have to be close? How much of herself does she have to give up? This is uncharted territory for Cameron.”

-"Still working with House, although she really isn’t in love with him, she’s always going to be drawn to him. That will always make the relationship to Chase a little more complicated even if she won’t admit that to herself.”

Jennifer Morrison has always been a pretty big proponent of the House/Cameron relationship, so I see absolutely no reason for her to be lying about or exaggerating any of this. In fact, I think she must have gotten it from the Saviors script.

Now, we know it's Cameron's M.O. to push away the people she cares about when she gets afraid of losing them. And that's exactly what I saw in the funeral montage after Kutner's death in last night's episode. She was standing more than a foot away from Chase with her head down and her arms crossed. Total defensive posture. Because guess what? She's really in love with Chase, and that makes the prospect of suddenly losing him (the way they just lost Kutner) really, really scary. So her reaction to the unexpected suicide is going to be to close off and distance herself from Chase. Meanwhile, Chase will want to try to get closer to her, to "go home and hug someone" as David Shore said last night. (Oh my god, that statement mocks me. Please tell me they will hug at least once this season.) I'm willing to bet this vacation of theirs is Chase's way of trying to get Cameron to open up again after the recent tragedy.

Unfortunately, that will only freak Cameron out more. She'll either postpone the vacation or bail very early on, using the patient as an excuse. Chase will get upset, and there will be a fight. Either he'll break up with her ("can't keep chasing you forever") or she'll snap and dump him before she can lose him. Then Cameron will take the case to House and use it to be an avoiding avoider who avoids the real situation that's upsetting her. House will think she wants to be back on the team, hence making her do all the tests as the press release tells us. Cuddy will think it's because Cameron is still in love with House, as seen in last night's promo. (Jealous much, Cuddy? You don't need to be.)

Eventually, House will figure out what's actually happening, and tell Cameron that she's being a cowardly idiot as only he can do. The patient will help as well--this case is supposed to be all about making amends, so it's more than a perfect parallel. Cameron will realize that she needs to make things right with Chase, as she did in the end of The Itch.

Now, if the fandom gods are smiling upon us, this will all be broken and fixed within one episode, leaving 22 entirely open for immigration issues and bachelor partying. Of course, it is still a possibility that Chase and Cameron could end Saviors broken up, but that just seems like too much to cram into the next episode. (Or maybe I just don't want to think about having to deal with that over a two week break.)

Either way, I'm confident that this "twist" Ausiello refuses to tell us about is the greencard engagement we've already been spoiled for. Idiotic on his part? Oh, yes.

The end of the road for us? Not so much.

It's going to be a bumpy ride, but the angst whore in me thinks it might just be a really fun one.

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