Sunday, April 5, 2009

House: Of Parallels and the Poconos

Okay, so my recent speculations about the Chase/Cameron wedding bells have slightly changed. But only slightly. If anything, where I was unsure before about whether or not they'd actually end up saying vows, I am now entirely convinced that they will.

But we'll get to that in a minute.

There's been a minor shifting in the spoilery information that we in House fandom have come to know since I posted that last blog, so I'm here to remove my statement that I expect a Chase/Cameron engagement in "Simple Explanation." I no longer do. I do, however, expect the shocking and unexpected suicide of one Dr. Lawrence Kutner. See, that's kind of why I don't see the proposal happening tomorrow night after all - everyone will be kind of busy being shocked and completely knocked on their asses.

But there are a few gems I originally predicted about tomorrow night that will surely still fall in our laps. The parallel of Cameron:Dead!Husband::Charlotte:Eddie is something I'm disgustingly excited about, and it seems as though a lot of this episode is meant to lead to major Chase/Cameron happenings. There's a sneak peak in which Charlotte admits to Thirteen that she's positive Eddie has never really loved her on the same level that she's loved him, but that's okay with her because she's happy with him and just being with him is enough in the end. Yeah, say "hi" to Charlotte being the proxy for Chase, here. Because that is exactly how Chase has always felt about Cameron.

And the catch? Charlotte only thinks Eddie doesn't really love her as much as she loves him, but what ends up happening is that Eddie demands to be killed so that he can donate his liver to Charlotte and save her life. He loves her that much.

This speaks very highly for a moment down the line of Chase realizing he's totally underestimated Cameron's love for him. If she doesn't prove that to him in some way during "Simple Explanation" or "Saviors," the plot point is surely coming full-circle by "A House Divided" when she'll sacrifice everything to marry him and save him from deportation -- all because she loves him too much to let her fear stop them and allow him to be taken away.

Now, I'm not gonna lie - I still don't really have a clue how Chase ends up in trouble with the INS, but I still like the idea of it being caused by legal troubles due to euthanasia. I honestly think this may just be due to the fact that I don't yet want to believe Jesse Spencer fooled me with a fake spoiler once again, but nonetheless I can still fit this into the plot. I originally said it would probably happen in "Saviors," but I've changed my mind on that, too. I could see it possibly happening tomorrow night, in "Simple Explanation," because so much craziness is supposedly going down. And we already have a promo pic of Chase doing surgery, with a scrubbed-up lady who looks kind of like Cameron assisting him. It makes me wonder if he has anything to do with helping Eddie or Charlotte kill themselves in order to donate the necessary respective organ to their spouse. Eddie needs a heart, and Charlotte needs a liver. I suspect Charlotte's been trying to slowly kill herself for a while so that Eddie could end up getting her heart, but now Eddie wants to be the one who dies so that Charlotte can have his liver. It's sort of... incredibly precious, romantic and sweet. In a really morbid way.

But here's where I'm going: What if Chase (and maybe House) help Eddie take his own life via euthanasia, and then proceed to give Charlotte his liver? But Charlotte never wanted to live without Eddie in the first place, and there honestly is such thing as "broken heart syndrome." I think it would be incredibly shocking, but also sweet and sad, if Charlotte ends up dying anyway because she doesn't want to be without her husband.

[Note: Somewhere in the midst of all this, Kutner is going to start acting odd and House is going to say something really hateful to him, and then we're going to have dead (or brain-dead) Kutner. But that's neither here nor there in this particular blog.]

So, anyway, that's one possible way in which Chase could end up in trouble with the INS. Or not. I don't know. I really have no clue how this is going to come about, but I know that it is. The other option, in my mind, is that there's some kind of red flag when Chase & Cameron attempt to go on vacation. But I'm not really inclined to back that possibility, since I don't even think they're leaving the country. "Saviors" involves a PotW that collapses at an environmental rally protesting mining. Chase & Cameron's vacation gets postponed in order to deliver this case to House. I did my Googling, and there are no operational mines in New Jersey or New York. There is no way this PotW ends up at PPTH unless Chase and Cameron intercept him while on vacation.

There are, however, old mines in Pennsylvania that are currently undergoing reclamation. This would surely piss off the environmentalists, and one of these reclamation mines is in Pottsville, PA. Which is in the Poconos. Which is a lovely, romantic vacation destination. I'm just saying. Don't you love my thorough research skills? I do.

So, let's say I'm right and C/C are driving through PA on their way to their hotel in the Poconos (or maybe they're visiting their pals Jim and Pam in Scranton!), and they come across this protest rally that's blocking the road. There are state troopers everywhere. And then this guy collapses. OH WAIT, THERE ARE DOCTORS CONVENIENTLY ON THE SCENE. They postpone vacation, at Cameron's begging and Chase's reluctance, and House then spends all of "Saviors" harassing Cameron about how she surely ran away from the vacation because she's terrified Chase is about to propose. Or something equally commitment-heavy and scary in Cameronland.

But the PotW is perfectly suited to whip her into shape. He's a man who's spent his life focusing on work whilst ignoring his family, and now he wants to make amends and regrets all the time that's been lost. You think he may have a few lightbulb moments in store for the pretty blonde woman who just put off quality time with the boyfriend in order to "focus on work?" Because, ya know, I do.

This will either lead to the spontaneous Cameron proposal at the end of "Saviors," or we'll get some other adorable moment where she admits her feelings to Chase and proves to him that she's not running away from what they have. Again. I suspect she's going to propose, but even if she doesn't and it's just a precious fluff-filled moment it doesn't really matter, because... the next episode is "A House Divided" and that's when we bring on the INS, bitches.

Anyone who thinks this greencard wedding storyline is a death sentence, you can bite me. I'm so sick of everyone saying it'll be horrible because that means she's only marrying him to "keep him around" as opposed to marrying him for love. Why can it not be both? Who says she can't be desperately in love with him and ready to marry him someday, but also then comes to terms with the idea of having to marry him now so that they don't have to be apart? I'm not worried about it. Cameron is always full of awesome surprises when everyone else is expecting her to fail.

I can't wait. No, really, I can't.

Oh, and for the record? Stop assuming Chase can find another job in House's department and then the INS will get off his back, putting an end to this C/C wedding talk. I do my Googling, and you all really should do yours, too. Official American immigration law clearly states that marriage to a US citizen is the only way to appeal once the government has decided to deport you. The only way.

See? They're totally going to end up saying vows and being husband and wife by the end of the season. They have no other way out. And exploring the angst of insta-marriage next season is -- oh, what's that word? -- epic. Yeah, that's it.

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