Sunday, April 12, 2009

House: Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

I’m the holder of a minority opinion around these parts, as I am a House/Cameron ‘shipper. A pretty big one. Now, I stopped watching new episodes of House a few months ago, for many, many reasons. But I still hang around a corner of the H/C fandom. So I hear things. And see things. Like the promo for the next episode.

Let’s ignore for a moment how this is, like, the fifth time they’ve played the “Cameron still wants to work for House” card and they need to either put up or shut up where that’s concerned. My question – and I say this as someone who would love nothing more than to see them get together – is why they keep bringing up the H/C romance angle if they have no intention of following through with it. I mean, TPTB won’t shut up about the House/Cuddy thing that’s coming down the pike. And Cameron and Chase are still… whatever. Yet a couple of times a season – this will make three this year – they still make a big show of bringing back the House/Cameron. What gives?

Let me digress for a second. I was a big fan of Friends. And just like everyone else, I loved Ross and Rachel. But, man, did that show screw around with that relationship. They were split up for much longer than they were together. And they managed to get married and have a baby without ever actually getting back together. It was frustrating as hell to watch.

To a degree, ‘shipping House and Cameron is kind of like that. Not that I’m suggesting that they’re the endgame or the same level of universal OTP. But think about it. H/C fans have gotten two dates, a kiss, even two ‘I love you’s from House and one ‘I love House’ from Cameron… all without them ever hooking up. It’s a tease. We get crumbs and no payoff.

Like last season, when Cameron wouldn’t answer whether or not she’d slept with House. I’m 99% sure that she didn’t. But why introduce doubt where there hadn’t been any before? It’s not necessary, especially if, like I said, they’re not going anywhere with their story. It’s just kind of mean.

But I’m weak. So of course this stuff will get to me and make me hopeful and tempt me to watch. Or at least find the clips on the internet the next day.

One response to “House: Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In”

Jenna said...

I'm also a big House/Cameron shipper. I just got fed up at having hope one minute and then having House/Cuddy thrown in my face the next. So, I stopped watching. I loved the post, and I might check out the next episode as well. We'll see.