Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: Look Who Was Right! (Hint: It Was Me)

Suck it, Ausiello.

I'm sure one of the hardest parts of being an online spoiler source is that sometimes, you really do have good scoop, but you risk cutting off your source by exposing a huge mega secret. But then, when the secret comes out before you yourself can spill it, you just end up looking like an idiot.

Well, secret's out, and even though Ausiello was clearly leading toward the right answer, it was behind the scenes photos that showed the right answer. Those photos, as well as a recent BTS filming report, are behind the cut.

More...Photos that were taken yesterday show the cast dressed up for a wedding (from Dark).

Here's Patrick Dempsey, in a striking suit:

And here's Justin Chambers, clearly wearing a vest and, hence, dressed more formally than Patrick. (Nobody upstages the groom!)

Here's Ellen Pompeo, clearly in lavender, not white.

And here's Katherine Heigl, the only cast member *not* dressed, signifying perhaps that her outfit is more important than the others'.

From the looks of things, it's definitely the Alex/Izzie wedding I predicted weeks ago. This is corroborated by a filming report we got from one of Dark's sources:

One of my coworkers was in Los Angeles on business and when I called her and told her about Grey's filming the wedding scene she freaked and found the set. It was filmed at Immanuel Presbyterian Church and they of course were trying to be super secretive. There were a small gathering of fans that were there though hiding out back and my co-worker Karen was one of them. She didn't have her camera with her since she wasn't really expecting this, but she told me what she saw. She was there for the lunch break (which is the pics you posted on the site, she said there were two or three paps there too) but she said later Katherine Heighl was standing in the doorway with TRK and she was smoking *in a wedding dress*. She had a big jacket/robe thing over it, but she said there was no doubt it was a wedding dress. She said Katherine was only in the doorway a minute or two before they called her back in, but she has no doubt that it was a wedding dress.

First of all, I think this was the church that they used for Mark and Elizabeth's wedding on ER back in the day. Google it--very pretty.

Secondly, I'm so excited about this storyline. I still think this storyline will play out just like A Walk to Remember, only if Mandy Moore didn't die in the end and instead she had to figure out how to be married to Shane West.

My friend Lily thinks it might be too sappy; I say nothing's too sappy for Alex Karev. Good God, that's going to be murderously heartwrenching.

I'm excited to see how this plays out for Derek and Meredith. We know this was supposed to be *their* wedding day. Here's a prediction.

We know in the next episode that Izzie throws herself into planning Meredith's wedding. Meredith's not that into it, so she kind of lets Izzie take the reins. I bet there'll be a poignant moment at the end of the ep where Izzie, either overtly or subtly, admits that she's planning Meredith's wedding because she's probably never going to get her own.

She's giving all her good plans to Derek and Meredith.

So when the big day comes, and Izzie's prognosis isn't looking so great, Derek and Meredith are willing to give their wedding to her, basically. Hey, it was pretty much her wedding anyway, right?

And then Derek and Meredith can have a quiet wedding in the season finale (Leigh says like the end of Runaway Bride)--which is what they would have wanted anyway. Does Meredith Grey really seem like a big church wedding kind of a girl? Yeah, I didn't think so.

One response to “Grey's Anatomy: Look Who Was Right! (Hint: It Was Me)”

Hannah said...

No church wedding for them. Meredith and Derek need something more simple, yet epic since they're the main couple. A gorgeous church wedding is perfect for the Alex/Izzie storyline.

I like your idea of the Runaway Bride wedding kind of thing. We could have another non-cliffhanger ending for Meredith and Derek. The cliffhanger ending could be focused on George/Alex&Izzie.