Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bones: Finale Spoiler Roundup!

By now, my beliefs about the finale are pretty much set. Hell, my beliefs about the season five finale are pretty much set. There are a couple things we know for certain, things that have been shoved down our throats since, oh, I don't know, last summer.

As we careen toward the season finale (less than three weeks now!), I'm going to check in a couple of times to keep the blog up to speed with the newest rumors and spoilers. I highly doubt my ultimate speculation will change, but the details are definitely up for grabs, and I'm going to let the cast and crew fill in the holes as we get closer and closer.

Here's the new information that's come out since we last talked about the finale.

1. We got spoiler photos for "Critic in the Cabernet." While the pictures themselves are killing me, it's the captions that are really telling. In the second photo, the caption reads "Booth (David Boreanaz, R) asks Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) to be in the operating room with him during surgery." And then, obviously, in the third picture, she's in scrubs, assumedly going into surgery with him.

What this means: A couple things. First, that a lot of the hospital stuff happens in "Critic." After reading the sides, it sure seemed like it was going to end with Booth passing out in the hallway. Now, we can see we're going to get a diagnosis and at least up to Booth going under in this episode. In my opinion, the most important implication of this is that they can "tie up" the baby story within "Critic." There's almost definitely going to be a scene--probably the one where she's in the scrubs--where they have their last conscious moment together before he goes to surgery. He's gonna want to clear a few things up with her, you know, just in case. Whether this is

(A) "Please use my sperm and have our baby if I die,"
(B) "I always imagined the next kid I had would be with the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with." "I understand." "Do you?",
(C) "I love you," or
(D) Some combination of the above,

I don't particularly care, because it'll be angsty and delicious. And then they tie up the baby story, you think it's over. Well, you won't think it's over, because you're smart. You know that a week later, they're going to have all the ingredients for an awesome baby, and when the season ends with Brennan turning that stick over, you're going to be, like, "Damn, I totally saw that coming." And so will I.

It also means, perhaps, that Booth is going to be conscious during his surgery. Why else would the doctors let her in the room? She'll be there to guide him through the process and hold his hand, helping the doctors to stimulate specific parts of his brain. It's not on Youtube, but there's an incident on ER that was similar. Mark Greene was having awake brain surgery in the season seven episode "Piece of Mind." He wanted his pregnant fiance in the room, to keep him company. Asked to constantly name words that start with "B," Mark held Elizabeth's hand and named words like "baby." Very sweet. So that would at least give her a reason to be there. And a reason in the season finale for him to crash, her to be forced out of the room, and that's when his dreamlucinations start getting really screwy, not to be righted again until he wakes up and she's there, holding his hand again.

2. Ausiello posted this little number yesterday.

Congratulations are in order! A major female character on a popular and highly rated hour-long drama series will learn that she's pregnant next month.

Come to think of it, hold off on the congratulations. This is far from a happy occasion. You see, the expectant mom will be none too thrilled to find herself with child. For starters, the timing couldn't be worse -- both professionally and personally. And then there's the baby daddy. He's been, um, going through some stuff lately. Personal stuff. The kind of stuff only a psychologist and/or a surgeon can fix. A kid is an extra dose of crazy he probably doesn't need right now either.

On the other hand, maybe a new life is exactly the kind of game-changing event these two do need. As the saying goes, good things come in initially small packages.

Of course, there's an added wrinkle I have yet to mention. The bun in her oven? It may have company.

What this means: Potentially nothing. It's a blind item, so it could refer to any number of shows, including Grey's Anatomy, where it could potentially apply to Cristina and Owen. (Personally, ick. Please no.) But it's hard not to speculate that this could totally refer to Booth and Bones's tiny ramification. Yes, the biggest contradiction is that Brennan by this point will have said specifically that she does want a baby. Except she wanted it in a non-complicated, sperm donor kind of way. I don't think Brennan's quite ready for a baby in a Bones=Mommy, Booth=Daddy kind of way. Faced with that, she's definitely going to have a little "what was I thinking?" moment. The babydaddy stuff also fits reallllly nicely with our Agent Booth. And, I don't know if Ausiello feels the same way that we do about the last few episodes of Bones, but game-changing sounds pretty good right about now.

The timing is just right on this, seeing as the episode went to post-production the day before Ausiello spilled this info. If his source is somebody in the editing room, the promo department, etc., it makes perfect sense that the spoiler would get leaked on that day.

I have no idea what that "company" business is about. If anything, it speaks to the blind item being about Grey's Anatomy, because a Cristina/Owen baby could have company in a Mer/Der baby if they decide to write Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy into the show. I'm totally expecting the Bones finale to end with the pregnancy reveal--way too early to know if there are twins in there.

3. Emily said some shit on a press conference call the other day.

MM, follow up: Will anything with regards to the way it happens, will that spawn a whole new question that people are going to bombard you with from now on?

ED: Um, yes, I’m sure. (laughs). But I can’t really talk about that part.
I think that Hart Hanson, the creator of the show, wanted to find a clever way to put them together…that wouldn’t forever taint everything on the show, and I think he found a nice way of doing it. Obviously, it affects things in the future but doesn’t completely ruin the chemistry that we have. So, I’m glad we waited this long. I don’t think we should have waited too much longer than this to have something happen, but I think he’s figured out a very clever way to do it.

Potentially a lot of ways that could be read, but this could definitely apply to my just-partners-with-a-baby theory.

Alice: Can you tell us what the audience might expect, or what will be a little different in the season finale?

ED: You’ll see a very softer Brennan. Well, I don’t know if it’s very softer, but you see her in a different situation, like you saw...there was an episode in the season, when they were undercover in the circus, and it’s similar in that you get to see these characters in a totally different environment at times, so you see different sides of a character. So we’ll see a bit of a softer side of Brennan. You know, I was trying to talk to Hart about it, again, the creator of the show, about what’s different about Brennan in the finale, and you know, it’s harder to put a finger on. I don’t know how to describe in words myself on how I chose to do the performance, but it’s definitely a different side to Brennan that you haven’t seen before. But it’s still the same Brennan, but it’s just a little bit different, in a different situation.


ED: (laughs) Well, it turns out Booth and Brennan have a little connection to Motley Crue. I guess they go back! Go way back (laughing)! And the Crue is actually playing in the lab, which was totally crazy. We totally transformed the lab so they could play there. I don’t want to reveal TOO much of the episode to say how that happens, but basically, turns out that Booth and Brennan know Motley Crue, randomly. Yeah.

And, finally--

MR: Now, with her request that Booth father her child, how do you see that panning out? Best case scenario? Over time will a serial killer grab the kid? Hold him hostage or her hostage?
ED: (laugh): Uh, yeah. No, that’s absolutely possible. I think that that is definitely a possibility. I think that, you know, just seeing Booth and Brennan with a baby in the future...we did this one baby episode last season (Baby in the Bough), and you saw Brennan interact with a child. She changed a lot during that episode... So we’ll see. You know, I don’t think Brennan (laughs)…if there IS a perfect mother, I don’t know that Brennan is anywhere near that.

What this means: Most importantly, that "The Lab" is definitely just the lab, dressed up like a nightclub. Basically, Emily confirmed that the finale takes place (at least in part) in Booth's dreamlucination. Score one for me.

Inside the dreamlucination, Brennan is, according to Emily, "softer." Leigh and I have been talking for weeks about what dreamlucination Brennan would be like, and we agreed that she would still be Brennan--but she's how Booth would imagine her in his brain. She's open to him, she's probably flirty, and she doesn't have hangups about believing in love. What would be great, though, is if, at the end of the day, he wants the real Bones back. Maybe he does get to get closer to this Brennan than real-life Brennan (at least up until this point, teehee), but it doesn't matter because she's not the woman he fell in love with.

I love how when it comes to the spoilery sections, Emily gets flustered and changes the subject. I think her awkward answer to the baby question speaks volumes about the reality of the situation.

Summary Speculation: The first forty-five minutes of the episode tag-team between what's happening in Booth's dreamlucination and what's happening at Booth's bedside. The two cross paths; ideally, when Brennan is lurched away from his bedside, dreamlucination Booth reacts to losing her touch. My ultimate fantasy for this situation is for dreamlucination Brennan to be the one to push Booth to wake up, promising him she'll be with him when he does. And then he opens his eyes, and she's right there, looking down at him in his hospital bed.

The last fifteen minutes are Booth's recovery. I see Booth waking up in the hospital, then we do a fly-over of nighttime DC as we push into his apartment. It's days later, and Brennan is letting them into his apartment. He's fine, recovered, just released from the hospital. He tells her a few things about what happened while he was under. Maybe at the end of "Critic," Booth starts to make a confession, and Brennan stops him, asking him to tell her later, like she doesn't want to hear just-in-case declarations. So here, at the end of "The End of the Beginning," Booth is in the clear and can make those declarations without the uncomfortable vibe of "I'm just telling you this because this might be the last time we ever speak."

What I think might happen is an implicit decision to allow themselves one night to spend together. Within the context of "What happens in Booth's bedroom stays in Booth's bedroom," they'll have sex and, who knows, they might even exchange "I love yous." ('Cause it still feels like they're really leading us to an ILY, right?) They wake up the next morning, tear themselves away from each other, and agree that they can't do it again. (Not sure WHY they would agree to this, what specifically they'll decide is keeping them apart, but whatever.)

Unfortunately, what happens in Booth's bedroom doesn't always stay in Booth's bedroom. Sometimes, it grows into a little person with an incredibly high IQ and the ability to use that intelligence effectively.

You wanna talk about two people occupying the same space, breaking the laws of science? There's your miracle, Booth.

Gah, I'm dead of excitement. Seriously, if this baby thing doesn't happen, you're going to have to scrape me off the ground.

4 Responses to “Bones: Finale Spoiler Roundup!”

Me said...

Wow! Just wow. I want this so much to happen. Exactly this. Two things I can't quite rectify: ED comments re:Booth's bro and the triangle. AND how the sex fits in. Even recovered out of the hospital I just can't imagine aggressive (per DB) sex. Also, I do not want to be shown Booth's brain with a skull flap open. Not sexy. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I love reading you posts but do not
think that booth and brennan are ready for a baby. its just too early.
I really don't want brennan to become pregnant just yet.

Hannah said...

I am really feeling optimistic about the season finale. If nothing else, it will make for wonderful icons and pics! By waiting four years for this, I don't think the writers take it lightly. They want to make it work, they want people to keep watching so they can keep their jobs!

Btw, watching Baby in the Bough now is just too much fun. Especially the part when Brennan calls Booth the "baby daddy". If she only knew... ;)

Anonymous said...

M, follow up: Will anything with regards to the way it happens, will that spawn a whole new question that people are going to bombard you with from now on?

ED: Um, yes, I’m sure. (laughs). But I can’t really talk about that part.
I think that Hart Hanson, the creator of the show, wanted to find a clever way to put them together…that wouldn’t forever taint everything on the show, and I think he found a nice way of doing it. Obviously, it affects things in the future but doesn’t completely ruin the chemistry that we have. So, I’m glad we waited this long. I don’t think we should have waited too much longer than this to have something happen, but I think he’s figured out a very clever way to do it.

To me it seems like the "clever" way to B&B together without changing everything like their chemistry, points to an AU scene :(
OMG just saw the tEitB stills (hoT-T) mostly from Booths hallucination/dream and B&B are married a own the club 'The Lab'!!!!!!!!! (ok since we've been told the sex isnt a dream or hallucination i dont see any time for additional AU bits so Im on board THE SEX IS REAL!!) Argh is it May yet?