Tuesday, March 3, 2009

News Catch-Up: There's a Truth in Every Joke

It was a good day, people.

Yesterday, I mentioned off-handedly to Leigh that I would really appreciate a Booth/Brennan TV Guide photoshoot. (Bones isn't quite big enough for EW, yet.) But the show's picking up ratings (unlike almost every single other show on television), the plot's definitely thickening (Booth as Brennan's babydaddy! Booth/Brennan sexing!), and, um, Demily is freaking hot and adorable.

I emailed an acquaintance I know who works at TV Guide, suggesting that she and her colleagues get to work on that one.

And then what do I wake up to this morning?

I sent a follow-up email: "Damn, that has to have been the fastest issue y'all have ever pulled together. Thanks!"


Look at them!

I hate feet, but for some reason, the last two photoshoots I've slobbered over have featured bare feet, and I like it.

The pictures are adorable (and a few other adjectives), but the quotes are what get me.

Interviewer: Do you know how naked you’ll be?
Boreanaz: I hate it when two people are going at it and they turn over and suddenly they’re covered up in blankets. I’m all in. I am not going to be wearing a sack.
Deschanel: What?! This is the first I’ve heard of it.
Interviewer: You’re going full monty?
Boreanaz: Of course not. I’d wear my underwear and have a pillow between my legs. I’d be respectful. I totally am a gentleman. You’ve got a delicate flower here. You can’t bruise the petals.


Deschanel: Hey, how'd you like a knuckle sandwich?
Boreanaz: This is good. Remember when I faked my death and you got really upset with me? I’d want a little aggression, and then we can rip each other’s clothes off.

I know Mae'd be okay with that.

They get into the babydaddy thing, and then they just run away with it.

Interviewer: Who’s going to stay home with the newborn?
Deschanel: According to Brennan, parents become irrelevant at a certain point in a child’s development. So I think it’ll be a balance.
Boreanaz: No, the woman has to take care of the child. The first six months, I can provide love and support, but I can’t feed the baby!

He also mentions that "the FBI has a great day-care program."

Interviewer: You two are like an old married couple. And since both characters are alpha, how will that work out in the sack?
Deschanel: Give and take. As long as they respect each other.
Boreanaz: [Grins] They’ll both have happy endings.

(If you've seen the sides for "The Girl in the Mask," which I imagine David and Emily got the script for around the time of this interview, you know what "happy endings" means. If you went to middle school, you know what "happy endings" means, but anyway. It means orgasms.)

Then there's the Demily stuff. Let's analyze the pronouns in the following paragraph, shall we?

Deschanel: We’ve already kissed, even though Brennan was blackmailed into it, and we enjoyed it a little more than we’d like to admit. Once they get together, their relationship will only be stronger.

Now, it always gets awkward when actors talk about their characters--do you use first-person or third-person? Clearly, Emily uses third-person here to refer to Booth and Brennan in the second sentence. And in the first, she uses "Brennan" to refer to her character. So I find it funny, then, that she also uses first person plural to refer to the kissing. It's odd, right? To go straight from "we" into "they," if she's specifically noting Booth and Brennan both times? Methinks Freud would argue that the "we"s are David and Emily.

Interviewer: Have you chosen your sides of the bed?
Deschanel: I always sleep on the right side of my bed or any bed I sleep in.
Boreanaz: And I sleep on the left.
Deschanel: Oh, my gosh, we are a perfect match!

Um, yes. We know you're joking, but as Mae's mom likes to say, "There's a truth in every joke."

But no! That was not the only exciting news of the day.

How about this, from Evangeline Lilly, for whom I would go gay:

The notion that she might come back to the island and start things up with Sawyer again after three years of being involved with Jack, I was very nervous that that would happen and warrant having to justify that. Because I’m the one who has to make that believable, and if you don’t believe it, then it’s hard to make other people believe it. But they didn’t do that.

First of all, thank you for acknowledging that she was involved with Jack for three years. I appreciate that. And thank you for making me feel a whole lot better about the next few episodes. I'd been getting a little nervous there. She elaborates:

So for all intents and purposes, Kate thinks he’s dead. She really is holding out a little measure of hope that he’s alive, but the skeptic and the realist within her is saying he’s dead. So to see him again, more than being intense and romantic, it’s just intense and shocking.

If I was a Skater, this is what I'd say:

"She says it's more than romantic. It's romantic-plus."

"She hopes he's alive because she wants to get back together with him."

Here's what I, the Jater, say:


Jimmy's a fanboy, and I love every time Losties pop up on his show. (His interview with Gillian Anderson was also freaking awesome.)

Jimmy: "Is Kate pregnant? ... Here's what happened. You had very forceful and sudden sex with Jack and it was like, 'What's going on here?' You actually seemed angry with him at the time, and in fact, you'd actually kind of lost or given your child away, I don't know what happened, but that seems like not the sort of thing that generally would put women in the mood.... So you could be carrying a baby, because the timing seemed like you wanted to carry a baby over to the island on the plane."

Evangeline agrees and says she, too, was confused by the Jex in "316." I think we all were, a little. (Hey, at least she didn't say she spat on the script and threw it to the ground.)

She also never gives an answer to the question, except to postulate that perhaps Kate's on birth control. (Jimmy disagrees.) Evangeline insists, saying that if in three years of sex with Jack, nothing has happened, she must be. God, I love interviews about Jack and prophylactics. And my quest for Lucy Shephard continues.

2 Responses to “News Catch-Up: There's a Truth in Every Joke”

Roseanna said...

Hey girl!
Nice this video! :)
Evie speaks a little too fast but i´m proud to say I gotta everything!
And you right, was really good to hear that she and jack were in a relationship for 3 years. Confirm that we were not dreaming!

And I felt she got really uncomfortable when Jimmy asked her if she was pregnant. after all, she can says these things right, way big spoiler, but it´s the truth so you can see she hesitating to answer!!

Lucy is probably more likely than people think! And you can happily say to everybody: I told you so. :D

See ya!

mysticxf said...

Ok, so yeah, you got me excited with your Twitter and as soon as I opened my mail box I just about had a happy ending right there in my driveway. It always makes me happy when the TRUE couples of shows make the cover of magazines, and this interview wasn't about "Bones", it was about "Booth and Brennan" so that made it all the more wonderful!

And LOL, I caught the kissing word-usage slip up there too, found that amusing... I'm so glad David and his wife have such an understanding relationship because I think if Evi slipped like that, Margo would be pounding her into the sand dunes.

And GUH, EVI! I love that she's being a lot more confident and happy with her answers about the triangle and, IMO, that means it's over and they've told her, "It's Jack, stupid."

Unfortunately I've already seen a Skater reaction to it on my flist on LJ. They basically 'give and take' in terms of what parts of the answers they like and don't like. So what they got from the Kimmel interview was "Forced Jex, Ha ha ha," and I'm like, "Dude, check my review, I thought it was weird as well, BUT..." it makes a whole hell of a lot more sense than what came in the scripts Evi threw and spat on. And Evi seemed pretty content with the jex after talking with TPTB, and yes, neglected to answer the pregnancy thing. Heeheehee. :)