Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it Possible...

That this May could be the biggest month for ships ever?

Patrick Dempsey was on The View yesterday, where he said that there will be a wedding between Derek and Meredith in the season finale. Um, whoa.

David Boreanaz was on a Fox affiliate yesterday morning, where he again said flat-out that Booth and Bones are going to have a "rip your clothes off, take you down kind of a thing." And lots of bloggers have come to the realization that I came to a month ago--that a "Bonesie," as Mystic calls Booth/Brennan offspring, seems to be coming down the pike.

I'm terrifyingly convinced that Jim and Pam are going to elope. Why? Because all signs point to it not happening this season. We're told they're going to set a date soon, but also that Pam's parents' divorce continues to be a source of stress for the couple. I want to see what I've been wanting to see from them since Jim showed us that ring last season: in a moment where everything else seems totally chaotic and unsure, they choose to focus on the one thing that they are sure about--and get married.

The season finale of Lost looks to involve flashbacks to when the characters were children. Specifically, some casting calls look suspiciously like Young Kate, Young Sawyer, and Young Juliet. Could this be a perfect opportunity to introduce the next generation of castaways? (Hello, Lucy!)

So, I don't know, but things are looking up for my people. And while May could turn out being a total let-down, I'm liking where my speccy brain is going for the time being.

One response to “Is it Possible...”

mysticxf said...

HA HA HA, I keep forgetting that "finale" time is usually when I want to run a hot poker through my brain because every show is like, "What's the SHITTIEST situation we could get our OTP into?!"

But yes, a Bonesie, an Elopement (I want a Jambie too), and a Jaby announcement would be nice.