Thursday, March 26, 2009

House: Plot Bunny Sounds Like Wedding Bells

Word around the fandom lately is about (confirmed) information involving a bachelor party for one Dr. Robert Chase, a story for Chase that affects Cameron "in a major way," and the random IMDb finding that there's an Immigration Officer in episode 22, "A House Divided."

Add to that the fact that I've been predicting a Chase/Cameron engagement for over a month now, and specifically targeting episode 20 "Simple Explanation" for the likely proposal night, along with the title of episode 21 ("Saviors") that was listed as "Euthanasia" until a day or so ago.

Ready for spec? "Simple Explanation" is going to highlight many things about the Chase/Cameron relationship. Possibly even bring the proposal. "Saviors" is going to find Chase agreeing to euthanize someone (For real, this time! How many times will this spec thwart me?) Chase then gets in the kind of trouble that Cameron completely avoided when she did the very same thing years ago, and probably finds himself fired. Again. Or in legal trouble. Either way, INS ain't happy with him. Legal trouble or loss of employment tends to get one's work visa revoked. Enter the immigration officer. In order to stay in America, he must either find another job (ASAP) or... ya know, get married. To an American. Like that blonde one he's in love with.

And so they go the marriage route, thus the bachelor party.

Now, whether or not they actually get married is still up for speculation. But, really? If he's just going to end up instantly re-employed on House's team and the wedding isn't even necessary anymore to keep him in the country, what exactly is the point of spending time on that immigration arc (and the necessary wedding to end it) in the first place?

I'm thinking PPTH will find itself with not one, but two doctors named Chase by the time we open next season.

Excuse me whilst I go flail like the giddy fangirl that I am.

4 Responses to “House: Plot Bunny Sounds Like Wedding Bells”

Anonymous said...

But but... Aren't Chase and Cammeron engaged since season 4?

Mae Vaughan said...

Nah. What Wilson said in "The Right Stuff" about them being engaged was just a joke. He was messing with House's head and trying to freak him out. Cameron was having commitment issues about even allowing Chase to spend the night/take over drawer space in her place until about 12 episodes ago, so it's safe to say they are most definitely not engaged yet. It's coming, though - trust me :)

Anna said...

Oh, I so hope you're right!

Alex said...

I bet they won't get married and he will be rehired on House's team