Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grey's: Please, Shonda?

For all of the great qualities that define Dr. Derek Shepherd -- every once in a while, McDreamy turns into McDouche.

In one of the first big Mer/Der scenes we've gotten in a while, Derek Shepherd resembled The Babe himself as he drunkenly swung at empty MGD cans. Of all the things I thought he would be doing at the end of that episode, beer can batting practice was not one of them. Mainly because, beer cans are not easy to hit. You know what else isn't easy? Hitting a family heirloom diamond ring in mid-air in the dark with a baseball bat after a six pack. In 1941, Ted Williams finished the season with a batting average of .406. Even HE wouldn't have been able to hit that ring. Come on. Personally, I think he should have been standing towards the edge of the property, hitting golf balls into the houses below. But? Whatever.

I'll admit, I've wanted someone to snap Meredith back into reality -- but the timing was just dreadful. Mainly because there was NO POINT in having Derek get all douchey and yell at her about her flaws and their role in the relationship. For once, relationship angst played no part in Derek being angry so why bring it up? Sure, he's pissed and ready to quit but the last time I checked, that had nothing to do with Meredith. You sorta F'd up Derek. Beer can make you forget that sometimes -- that's why I'm here to help.

But, Grey's has the potential to make me forget alllllll about that ridiculousness tonight if they follow through with what the following blurb is potentially setting up:

"Stand By Me" - After his fellow surgeons try and fail to bring Derek back to work, Meredith must summon the strength to convince him.

Now, here's where I got really excited...and really sad.

Picture it -- As a last ditch effort, after several failed attempts to get him to come back, she decides to take it upon herself and compile a list of all the people Derek has saved. She tells him to read through it and look at all the people who are here today because he didn't give up on them. He lazily scans through the list and at last you see his dreary face change, he takes a short breath, and reads the name, "...Meredith Grey." NOW! Before you laugh or say how corny it is and pick up a rock to throw at me, just visualize it. Because, honestly, it seemed almost a little over the top to me at first. Until I decided to daydream at work and picture it all happening. And it looks glorious -- and just corny enough. She moves closer, telling him, "You saved me, Derek -- and not just when you pulled me out of the water."

But if hearing how he saved his girlfriend and (hopefully) soon to be fiancee isn't enough, Caroline put together a list of some of the people Derek has saved over the years that really should be in bold on Meredith's list.

Mr. Levangie, Parkinson’s patient whose daughter wants him to walk her down the aisle: Come on. Sweet.

Jamie Hayes, three-year-old needing a hemispherectomy: Not sure where they found that ADORABLE little girl but Patrick ad-libbing with her was one of the most precious moments I've ever seen.

Richard Webber, brain tumor: Although all he does now is just bitch about being #12, he's kind of important.

Joe the Bartender, stand-still operation: He runs the bar. Any other questions?

Steve Murphy, Meredith’s one night stand: Ohhh the irony.

Ellis Grey, who was a candidate for a clinical trial: Saving girlfriend's mom is always important -- no matter how messed up the mother/daughter relationship is.

Mia, little girl who likes nanny more than mom: Again, cases with kids are always important.

Henry, internally paralyzed, first of his kind to survive: That's just awesome.

Michelle Tanner’s sassy black friend, first survivor of clinical trial AKA “The Shepherd Method”: Although this is important because of the significance with the trial, I just like the fact that Caroline always refers to her as Michelle Tanner's sassy black friend. Plus, this led to the candle blueprint. Woot.

Phil, “We made a man walk”: They made a man walk. Oh snap!

Tucker Jones, husband of one Miranda Bailey: Derek saved Tucker's life and his own with this one.

Meredith Grey, drowned: Yeah. She...yeah.

Why does talking about this beautiful scenario make me sad? Because we'll never see it. I can't imagine something like this coming out of the same writer's room that put George/Izzie together, thought we wanted to see dead!Denny/Izzie sex, added the character of Owen Hunt and has seemed afraid that they can't do Mer/Der justice so they don't even try. They may have written the epic "I've been in love with you for...ever," and "over there, that's the room where our kids could play," scenes which were ftw -- but lately, those have been few and far between.

Come on Shonda. Get a hand in there.

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