Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grey's Anatomy: Okeeeee, Now What?

Derek and Meredith are engaged, y'all.

This is Big News. Not entirely unexpected news--but big news nonetheless.

As far as what comes next for McDreamy and his girl, now that's a whole other story.

Because I'm hearing a ton of conflicting reports. Read these quotes and then analyze with me:

Shonda Rhimes: "The only thing I'll tell you about the 100th [episode] is that it takes place on Meredith and Derek's wedding day."

Patrick Dempsey: "There will be a wedding at the end of this year."
Barbara Walters: "You're actually going to marry Meredith?"
Patrick Dempsey: "There will be a union between them, yes."

Ausiello: "The wedding taking place in the 100th episode on May 7? It's not Mer-Der after all! The plot thickens!"

Betsy Beers: "We're just gonna tell you, there's more than one wedding dress."

Okay, what gives?

The picture I'm getting from these quotes is that, although it's Derek and Meredith's wedding day, they don't actually get married.


Not only because ENOUGH WITH THE MESSING WITH DEREK AND MEREDITH, but also because, um, remember this situation?

You can't create a left-at-the-altar scenario again, Shonda.

When we first heard from Ausiello that the wedding wasn't Mer/Der's, our minds immediately jumped to Alex/Izzie, imagining that they'd make it official either because she's made it through the woods and all is wonderful or because she's on her deathbed.

But now Shonda says it's Derek and Meredith's wedding day, and I'm all confused again.


It's Derek and Meredith's wedding day. Everything's great, everyone's happy, until Izzie takes a turn. They decide, together, that they can't get married today, not when Izzie could die. It's just not a celebration kind of day.

At the hospital, Alex and Izzie get married. It's very sweet and very sad. Even though we're pretty sure she's not going to end up dead, I like this scenario. Because now, when she gets better, they're still married. They've just made this huge commitment under these less-than-awesome circumstances, and even though they love each other, that was a big ol' step they took, perhaps not thinking of what the consequences would be if she survived.

Derek and Meredith attend the wedding. This is also sweet and sad, because it was supposed to be their day, and now it's not.

This is the 100th episode, which is not the season finale. (There are one or two more after that--I'm not sure.)

Later, in privacy, either at the courthouse or on Derek's property, Derek and Meredith get married. It's intimate, quiet, and not at all sad.

While this scenario may seem far-fetched, it does fit the parameters of all these quotes. You tell me what you think.

2 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy: Okeeeee, Now What?”

The_Brain said...

This is interesting, I hope that your Izzie/Alex plot will become reality. It would surely be interesting to see the aftermath of such a move. As you said Izzie will start to feel unsure about their relationship. My guess is she will be more distant and they will start having little disagreements until they face the fact that they aren't really happy.

I'm also beginning to like Meredith again, she is becoming less whiny and she seems stronger these days.

Hannah said...

That is an awesome prediction Caroline. When I first heard it wasn't Derek and Meredith, I immediately thought Alex/Izzie. That would be so perfect and such a Grey's thing to do. I could definitely see it heading that way especially after Thursday's ep involving the babies.