Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ER: Zero-Sum Shooting Pictures

This makes me happy:

This makes me want to poke someone with a hot poker:

I think you all know the only thing that could sweeten the last few episodes of ER for this team (it starts with M and ends with aura Tierney), and I'm still holding out hope that that's going to happen. They're showing her in the promos and I heard the word "cameo" the other day. While I hold no hope that Carter and Abby will be reunited, a girl can long for them to look at each other, consider how freaking unhappy they are with their terrible spouses, and think about how good things could have been, if only John Wells hadn't been such a tremendous moron.

One response to “ER: Zero-Sum Shooting Pictures”

Sophie Shephard said...

You have GOT to be kidding me.


I'm also barely holding back my 3,000th rant about Carter coming back to be the center of the universe after not even being on the show in years.